(Updated) Can a Police Officer Who Believes in, Practises & Promotes White Supremacy Still Be An Unquestioned American Hero?

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Slain Dallas Cop Might’ve Been A White Supremacist: Still A Hero? – Ahrens was one of the five Dallas cops killed last week. While mainstream media presented him as a family man, gushed over his imposing size, his sense of humor, and otherwise went to great lengths to humanize and memorialize him as a hero, a band of international Internet sleuths came together to research something the press failed to notice: Ahrens’ affinity for imagery associated with white supremacists. Right in one of the main pictures journalists and editors were sharing with stories about Ahrens, is an Iron Cross tattooed on his finger. With this tipping them off, the Internet sleuths jumped into action and quickly turned up more evidence of Ahrens’ white supremacist leanings.


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Dallas officer’s wife: ‘He was a true warrior’ – CNN.com – Ahrens wasn’t the only one charmed by Lorne’s presence. Sgt. Anthony Gunn of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, who worked with Lorne, said, “He was the kind of guy that it made you happy when you got to work and saw he would be working the shift with you. You could count on him to do the right thing, the right way.” Lorne was a dedicated officer who would be proud of the way the Dallas Police Department and his chain of command rallied together, his wife said. When discussing the turmoil that took place Thursday night, Ahrens described her husband as a “fighter” and “true warrior.” He fought to take care of his own injuries at the scene, and “was able to help a citizen with the wounds that he had,” she said.


White Supremacists Talk Of ‘Race War’ After Dallas Police Shootings – Vocativ – Prior to the Dallas violence, Andrew Anglin, an infamous white supremacist who runs the notoriously racist Daily Stormer blog, published an article on Thursday with the headline “Another Good Boy Shot by Chinese Nazi Cop! Race War Imminent!” Since the shootings in Dallas, racists—and even a former congressman—have been fanning the flames of violence on social media. “This is now war,” former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh posted on Twitter shortly after the shooting. “Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you.” He later deleted the tweet. Others urged people to be “prepared” and discussed the importance of having ammunition. “3 Police officers shot dead and 10 wounded in Dallas today,” a self-described “proud white American” posted on Twitter. “Things are heating up, hope you’re all prepared.”

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