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An armed #FarRight militia sets up in #Quebec (09/11/17)

  Une milice armée d’extrême droite s’implante au Québec | – La milice armée d’extrême droite du III % (milice du trois pour cent) s’implante actuellement dans plusieurs régions du Québec. Pour devenir membres du mouvement des « threepers », les aspirants doivent notamment détenir un permis de possession d’arme à feu. Un reportage […]

Sam Jones: Symbolic resolution approved to remove El Caudillo’s remains from mausoleum, but for some it is more than a little late

‘It’s shameful for Franco’s victims’: Spanish MPs vote to exhume dictator | World news | The Guardian – Although the memorial – partly built by captured republicans and political prisoners – is officially meant to commemorate the estimated 500,000 people killed during the conflict, Franco and Primo de Rivera rest in the only two visible […]

#Jasenovac – #Auschwitz of the #Balkans

Jasenovac – Auschwitz of the Balkans – Dinko Sakic was the commander of a “camp of horrors” known as Jasenovac. Torture, murder and genocide all took place under his supervision and approval. Thousands died at the hands of a vicious killer. His trial, while years after the fact, finally made public the murder of Jews, […]

4th World Radyo: Overstanding a Manufactured Hysteria: Or, Why Witnessing Afro-Revisionists Sip Nazi Kool-Aid is Ideologically Painful

Summary: This spoken word dispatch features FWR host @TheAngryindian addressing the prevalence of nonsensical conspiracy theories circulating within the American Afro-Urban community due to the dissemination of false information spread by misinformed, Afrocentrist extremists who routinely (and ignorantly) pluck their ‘research notes’ from the very same pro-European propaganda machine they habitually criticise. Unwittingly, many Black […]

The Steve King Style of American Politics – The New Yorker

The Steve King Style of American Politics – The New Yorker – For this and reasons like it, Congressman Steve King’s comments last weekend about the demographic future of the United States can’t be dismissed as the random Twitter ravings of a paranoiac—though admittedly we’ve gotten into the business of taking these types of statements […]


Published on Nov 14, 2014 Is the Middle East’s newest country a territory called “Rojava”? Out of the chaos of Syria’s civil war, mainly Kurdish leftists have forged an egalitarian, multi-ethnic mini-state run on communal lines. But with ISIS Jihadists attacking them at every opportunity — especially around the beleaguered city of Kobane, how long […] Purple Rain blog: Exposed: “White Genocide” Claims of Top UKIP Figure

Purple Rain blog: Exposed: “White Genocide” Claims of Top UKIP Figure – [] – White genocide is a term long-used in racist circles to refer to a deliberate campaign of mass immigration, integration and miscegenation conducted by sinister (and often Jewish) elites. Alongside this claim Fanning posted a video titled “’Diversity’ is a codeword for […]