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We are Women Against Rape but we do not want Julian Assange extradited | Katrin Axelsson and Lisa Longstaff | Comment is free | The Guardian

In over 30 years working with thousands of rape victims who are seeking asylum from rape and other forms of torture, we have met nothing but obstruction from British governments. Time after time, they have accused women of lying and deported them with no concern for their safety. We are currently working with three women […]

I became a black woman in Spokane. But, Rachel Dolezal, I was a black girl first | Alicia Walters | Comment is free | The Guardian

Dolezal’s specious claims to black ancestry and faux black identity could not have been sustained and she would not have been able to pass if black womanhood were seen and understood as more than skin – or weave – deep. Wearing black womanhood was apparently even enough for Dolezal’s “fellow” black leaders in Spokane, Washington, […]

Jeffrey Sterling vs. the CIA: An Untold Story of Race and Retribution | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

As early as 2000, Sterling was reaching out toward Capitol Hill about his concerns. He received a positive response from House member Julian Dixon (D-Calif.), a former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, who expressed interest in pursuing the matter of racial discrimination at the CIA and contacted the agency about his case, Sterling says. […]

Malcolm X Matters: Icon’s Words Still Ring True | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Malcolm didn’t tiptoe around diagnosing the illness of white supremacy or pointing out its symptoms in the form of religious terrorism and police brutality. He boldly declared that systemic racism is not baseless conjecture; rather, it is a deeply embedded statement of fact that provides the framework for the United States of America. Malcolm X […]

Lynch the N Word

We are in a battle of ideologies in the black community. Ideological wars can be the longest most protracted and costly battles to be fought.Costly in time, energy and money, there effect on human beings and their quality of life.The war against the Nazis was a war of ideology, the cold war was a war […]

Message from Leonard Peltier 08/28/2014… – Friends of Peltier

The Constitution of the United states was a copy of Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy Law. Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin all wrote down as to where they got the ideas and inspiration from. The main premise of the constitution being, you have the freedom to do anything you want as long as you don’t […]

Ronald Jackson’s GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES NOW: Whites Are Superior: Highly Placed Media Racists at the New York Times, New Republic and Elsewhere

In 1994, when Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray published The Bell Curve, a book espousing the so-called “academic racist” theories that black people are inherently less intelligent and more prone to crime than whites or Asians, the New York Times Book Review 10/16/94 published a fawning, credulous review by Times science reporter Malcolm Browne.The Times […]

Conspiracy Theory In America, a book review by Larry Hancock and Jim DiEugenio for CTKA

Like many of us, deHaven-Smith was shocked that there was no criminal inquiry into this naked power play by the Bush family and their accessory Katherine Harris. Neither the Justice Department nor the MSM ever launched serious investigations into whether or not there was any kind of planned and concerted effort to preempt the democratic […]

canada ukraine and the ghosts of babi yar – j.b.gerald

Canadians are also protected from self recognition by the government’s acquiescence to U.S. policies which are war crimes. The Canadian legal community’s lack of challenge and countering the government’s crimes and deprivations of justice to citizen, shares the blame. While Canadian agencies are complicit in the war crime of torturing Canadian citizens, no Canadian government […]

Jamilah Stands – News & Views – EBONY

There have been nearly 20,000 tweets with the #StandwithJamilah hashtag following the events of last week. I do not have words to express the gratitude I have for the individuals who have raised their voices publicly and privately to ‘stand’ with me after I was attacked, or in Internet parlance, trolled following my exchange with […]

U.S. Prepares to Gas Russia Into Submission | Black Agenda Report

Even the Americans were not so stupid as to believe that their neo-Nazi friends in Kiev could somehow pry Russia from its naval base in Crimea. Such was never the plan. Rather, Moscow’s response to the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government was predictable, as was that of the Russian-speaking Crimean majority. Washington’s strategy is to […]

Black Bucks in Compton

02.02.2014 Editor’s Note: Frankly, the video short in question, in and of itself, is rather doltish. Some might find it comical, but I fail to see the humour in watching someone acting incredibly foolish in the name of candid camera ‘fun’ in areas like Compton, Ca. It simply isn’t smart. And generally, (at least in […]

Amiri Baraka and the black power movement deserve more credit | Daniel Matlin | Comment is free |

By 1968 he was Imamu Amiri Baraka, one of the most prominent black power leaders in the United States, whose \”Swahilized\” name was intended to signal a complete rejection of white culture. And from 1975, he was Chairman Amiri Baraka, this time the leader of the Revolutionary Communist League, a Maoist sect that rejected racial […]

Everyone Is a Criminal: On the Over-policing of America | The Nation

Even as simple a matter as getting yourself from point A to point B can quickly become a law enforcement matter as travel and public space are ever more aggressively policed. Waiting for a bus? Such loitering just got three Rochester youths arrested. Driving without a seat belt can easily escalate into an arrest, even […]

If Nelson Mandela really had won, he wouldnt be seen as a universal hero | Slavoj Žižek | Comment is free |

In the last two decades of his life, Nelson Mandela was celebrated as a model of how to liberate a country from the colonial yoke without succumbing to the temptation of dictatorial power and anti-capitalist posturing. In short, Mandela was not Robert Mugabe, and South Africa remained a multiparty democracy with a free press and […]

The Banality of Pity: Aid, Africa and the White Saviour Complex | AFRiTORIAL

This racialisation of poverty, particularly, the licentious and unethical [re]presenations of African Children in the media, through, renowned Charities, International NGO’s – their promotional advertising, fundraising campaigns; and oh, one must not forget, to throw in for good measure, the obligatory Facebook cover, photographs and memes, of the ubiquitous /emaciated / malnutritioned/ African child, with […]

For Renisha McBride and Us by Raygine Diaquoi | NewBlackMan in Exile

In what would be the beginning of a series of acts fueling Dominican anti-Haitianism and anti-blackness, Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina, ordered soldiers to kill between 15,000 and 30,000 ethnic Haitians, who had been born and had lived in the Dominican Republic for generations, while they attempted to cross what is now known as […]

The Slaying of Renisha McBride Casts Another Ugly Glare on the Peril to Black Women | Earl Ofari Hutchinson

None of this initially happened in the McBride slaying. This then raises the always troubling suspicion the race played a role in her slaying. There\’s the horrid history of racial stereotyping, profiling if you will, that indelibly link crime and violence with African-Americans. This linkage isn\’t just confined to black men. There\’s the feminization of […]

Updated: The Black Hat: Hey Sisters, Feel Free to Pursue White Men; They Don’t Want You Anyway | EURweb

Petition Started Against EURweb Writer For Misogynist, Racist Rant Against Black Women | Son of Baldwin – A petition has been started against EURweb writer Cory A. Haywood, for his Nov. 3 misogynist, racist rant against Black women entitled, “The Black Hat: Hey Sister, Feel Free To Pursue White Men, They Don’t Want You Anyway.” […]

Dr. Boyce & Yvette: 8 Reasons Don Lemon Needs to Be Fired from CNN Right Now | Your Black World

by Dr. Boyce Watkins & Yvette CarnellHere’s the deal:  We have a serious problem with Don Lemon.  Not that he was ever all that likeable in the past, but to us, he was just fine as another talking head on TV.   But when he somehow decided to provide impromptu black social commentary, we became saddened […]

Book: President Obama Hates the Congressional Black Caucus Just as Much as Tea Party |

Authors of the new bombshell book, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, claim that Obama does not have patience for black professionals who he refers to as “professional blacks.” A White House adviser to Obama says the president despises the CBC just as much as the Tea Party.“Obama had little patience for the ‘professional left,’ and […]

A Black Man is Killed in the U.S. Every 28 Hours by Police |

Police officers, security guards, or self-appointed vigilantes extrajudicially killed at least 313 African-Americans in 2012, according to a recent study. This means a black person was killed by a security officer every 28 hours. The report notes that it’s possible that the real number could be much higher. The report, entitled “Operation Ghetto Storm,” was conducted by the Malcolm […]

Malala Yousafzai and the White Saviour Complex | Assed Baig

Malala\’s message is true, it is profound, it is something the world needs to take note of; education is a right of every child, but Malala has been used as a tool by the West. It allows countries like Britain to hide their sins in Afghanistan and Iraq. It allows journalists to report a feel […]

The World Needs Peace – But Not a Pax Americana | Black Agenda Report

The World Needs Peace – But Not a Pax Americana | Black Agenda Report. by Cynthia McKinney Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who last week completed a peace mission to Syria along with former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark and others, made the following remarks to the IBON IBON Conference on Democracy, Self-Determination and Liberation […]

Reshard J. Alexander, Esq: Why African Americans Fail in Identity-Based Politics | Black Blue Dog

The crux lies in understanding that African-American leaders and think tanks should be formulating agendas that restore control of one’s destiny to the local neighborhoods and attempt to make whole segments of the population that had the economic rug pulled from under them. Additionally, we must understand that the changes African-Americans advocate for in our […]

Poverty strains cognitive abilities, opening door for bad decision-making, new study finds

A video of Carter speaking those very words opens Argo’s trailer which is replete with sinister music, angry bearded mobs, clenched fists pumping the air, sounds of gunfire, glaring portraits of Ayatollah Khomeini and plenty of hand-wringing, hapless, innocent Americans and the concerned, humanitarian heroes of Tinsel Town and the Central Intelligence Agency who saved […]

Pre-blackness, blackness & post-blackness / 195,000 b.c. to Today » onlineJournal | The Liberator Magazine

The first recognizably black humans began appearing in Africa around 200,000 years ago. Some 50,000 years later, they began to engage in the more refined human behaviors including sophisticated tool and jewelry making, painting, sculpture, and the control of fire. About 5,000 years ago, Menes became the the planet’s first king of a nation-state that […]

Leon Trotsky: What Is National Socialism? 1933

Leon Trotsky: What Is National Socialism? (1933) – The petty bourgeois is hostile to the idea of development, for development goes immutably against him; progress has brought him nothing except irredeemable debts. National Socialism rejects not only Marxism but Darwinism. The Nazis curse materialism because the victories of technology over nature have signified the triumph […]

Oppose Racial Discrimmination By US Imperialism

The speedy development of the struggle of the American Negroes is a manifestation of the constant sharpening of class struggle and national struggle within the United States; it has been causing increasingly grave anxiety to the U.S. ruling clique. The Kennedy Administration has resorted to cunning two-faced tactics. On the one hand, it continues to […]

Colonialism in the nursery | Velociriot!

In short, the entire racial order in South Africa which sadly remained wholly intact until 1994 was predicated on this vision of significant parts of Africa within which indigenous populations were supposedly absent or minimal. From that idea of what Africa was like, the White population largely of British origin justified a number of misdeeds […]