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Pacific Northwest Antifa News // #33456709

As Seen on Twiter: – — — — — Video — — — — Anshel Pfeffer // Netanyahu is risking Israel’s interests by riding the European nationalist tiger – Israel News – – Yet when reporters asked Salvini (also Italy’s interior minister) about the next day’s schedule, he immediately perked up and an almost-dreamy […]

Racist Gun Club That Won’t Admit Black Members Is Under Fire — News One

South Carolina’s Charleston Rifle Club lost the support of two major organizations as the besieged private club finds itself under fire for refusing to accept Black members. See Also: Black People Don’t Get To Be ‘Good Guys With Guns’ The March of Dimes, a charity focused on the health of mothers and infants, confirmed on… via […]

‘We’ll Kill You, Too!’ South African Activist Accused Of Calling For Violence Against White Farmers — News One

In July, South Africa announced that the country is moving forward with a constitutional amendment to recover land from white farmers without compensation. The BBC reports, “The country’s white minority is believed to have a disproportionate hold over land, with a few thousand white commercial farmers possessing the most fertile lands.” Whites own 72 percent… via […]

We Are Black Journos: we do exist! — Media Diversified

Hannah from We Are Black Journos shares photos from their launch night and discusses their mission to connect Black Journalists and create a new community. We Are Black Journos is a platform bringing together Black British journalists and broadcasters, and creating a safe networking space where we can connect and learn from each other, and […] […]

4thWorldRadyo // Mulled Politics: When the Personal Becomes a Political Crutch

– **SUMMARY**: 4thWorldRadyo host @TheAngryindian looks deeper at why African and Indigenous Peoples and European Leftists within North America may not organising politically and unifying against the institutionalism of White Nationalism and racialist terrorism developing inside the Anglophone World and the European Union. EXTRAS: The usual collection of pro-Progressive, anti-violence political PSAs; forgotten archived news […]

Woman’s Spine Broken For Kissing Another Woman On The Cheek — News One

Hate crimes are on the rise for Black people but and according to the Human Rights Campaign, LGBTQ people are “twice as likely to experience any physical violence, twice as likely to experience discrimination and 1.4 times more likely to experience threats and intimidation during acts of hate violence.” Sadly, a woman was subjected to this… […]

Pacific Northwest Antifa News // #33456708

as seen on Twitter: — — — — Video: — — — I found this very interesting passage in Robert A. Brady’s The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism (London: Victor Gollancz 1937). It’s about the Labour Front, or Deutschearbeitsfront to give it its German name. This was the Nazi organization which was set up […]