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4thWorldRadyo // Normalising Internalised Repression: American Nativism and the Main-Streaming of Extrasensory non-European Self-Rejection

— Summary: For your listening pleasure, we present another raw, unscripted and uncensored spoken word dispatch from @TheAngryindian speaking on the psycho-social damage silently incurred by conscious folk of African descent in the United States of White America under the indubitably pro-racialist Donald Trump administration and a bevy of other nefarious subjects that weigh negatively […]

Republican Joe Walsh Tells His Followers ‘She [Myeshia Johnson, Widow of Sgt. La David Johnson] Should Be Attacked’

TRANSCRIPT // ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos spoke to Myeshia Johnson, who criticized Trump’s handling of the phone call, which started a firestorm of controversy. TRANSCRIPT: Fallen soldier’s widow speaks out — — Republican Rages at Widow of Fallen Soldier, Tells His Followers ‘She Should Be Attacked’ – Walsh accused Johnson of attacking Trump […]

Langston Hughes: Beaumont to Detroit (1943)

Langston Hughes: Beaumont to Detroit (1943) Looky here, America What you done done – Let things drift Until the riots come Now your policemen Let the mobs run free. I reckon you don’t care Nothing about me. You tell me that hitler Is a mighty bad man. I guess he took lessons From the ku […]

How Trump’s Presidency Is Fueling Right-Wing Nationalist & Anti-Immigration Movements Across Europe | Democracy Now!

How Trump’s Presidency Is Fueling Right-Wing Nationalist & Anti-Immigration Movements Across Europe | Democracy Now! – In Austria, conservative leader Sebastian Kurz has been tasked with forming a government after he won a slim majority in the snap elections earlier this month. His conservative party, which campaigned on an anti-immigration platform, is now weighing whether […]

Ruchira Gupta // India: examining the motivation for rape

India: examining the motivation for rape | openDemocracy – Ram Singh and his cohort have now been formally charged with abduction, gang-rape and murder, but he could so easily have been right. After all, the conviction rate for rape cases in India between 2001 and 2010, was 26 percent. And in Delhi, only one in […]

#Spain’s #farRight gains visibility in #Catalonia crisis

I CARE – – News – Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe – As Catalonia’s separatist challenge heats up, far-right groups are increasingly taking to the streets in their quest for Spanish unity, sparking fears they will grow stronger after decades on the margins, analysts say. 15/10/2017- In central Barcelona on Thursday, xenophobic group Hogar Social, […]

Killer of #NavajoNation girl gets life prison sentence — New York Post

A portrait of Ashlynne Mike on display at a memorial in 2016. APALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A man who pleaded guilty to the murder and sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl on the largest American Indian reservation was sentenced Friday to life in prison in a case that drew national attention over abducted Native American children. […] […]