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Juan Conatz: For an anti-fascist, revolutionary unionism

For an anti-fascist, revolutionary unionism – Fascism needs to be defined for our context: right now this is a smaller element participating within a popular front of the right wing. Most notable of this multi-tendency white nationalist milieu is the alt-right, who believe in atrocities such as “white” ethnic cleansing, misogyny, violence against a perceived […]

Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka is a Fascist | Anti-Fascist News

Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka is a Fascist | Anti-Fascist News – On October 19, 2003 Tamás Molnár (later far-right Jobbik Party’s Vice Chairman) organized an event in the Hungarian city of Visegrád to discuss the future of “Hungarian National Radicalism,” a euphemism for the Hungarian neo-Nazi movement. Prominent far-right activists were invited […]

What was that the alt-Reich claimed about #Antifa being violent?

Couple charged with assault in shooting, melee during UW speech by Milo Yiannopoulos | The Seattle Times – Marc and Elizabeth Hokoana had armed themselves — him with pepper-spray and her with a Glock semi-automatic handgun in a holster under her coat — and went to the protest intending to goad demonstrators they knew would […]

#Brazil Holding First #GeneralStrike in Two Decades — Global #Justice Ecology Project

Today, Labor unions, progressive political parties and social movements across Brazil are engaged in a general strike of all workers to protest the neoliberal anti-worker policies imposed by right-wing politicians including the new president Michel Temer. Temer was… Read More The post Brazil Holding First General Strike in Two Decades appeared first on Global Justice… via […]

#PolyStyrene / #AfroPunk

My mum, the punk pioneer: Poly Styrene’s daughter remembers the X-Ray Spex leader | Music | The Guardian – When I was a young kid, in the late 80s, she was involved in the Hare Krishna movement. Through that she became friends with people such as Boy George and Chrissie Hynde. I assumed all this […]

Adam Simmons: Uncovering the #African Presence in #Medieval #Europe | The Public Medievalist

  Uncovering the African Presence in Medieval Europe | The Public Medievalist — Robert de Clari was a French knight who was part of the ill-fated Fourth Crusade. In his account of the Crusade, Conquest of Constantinople (which he wrote around 1216), he offers a tantalizing account of the presence of Africans in medieval Europe. […]

#BlackBritish Army Officer Walter Daniel John Tull

“His huge courage and inspirational leadership forced those around him to overcome their prejudice.” — Walter Tull: why the black footballing pioneer was denied a Military Cross | Football | The Guardian – His story was featured on the BBC’s Antiques Road Trip on Wednesday, which detailed his remarkable life in the Northamptonshire town of […]