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American Aboriginals and Pro-Colonialist Fascism

The Emergence of White Supremacy in Indian Country | The Modern [Afro-Indio] Times – Identifying himself as a “Nativenazi,” Weise found very little difference between 1930’s German eugenics and modern American as well as Native American racial prejudices. Anyone who doubts this should review the young man’s Internet postings on sites such as Spending […]

Walter Anthony Rodney (23 March 1942 – 13 June 1980)

WALTER RODNEY & WORKS | The Walter Rodney Foundation – Walter Anthony Rodney was born to Edward and Pauline Rodney in Georgetown, Guyana on March 23, 1942. He developed into an intellectual and scholar and is recognized as one of the Caribbean’s most brilliant minds. Rodney’s academic record is filled with awards, open scholarships and […]

Mozambique’s Dhaklama: I’ll come out of the bush when my safety is guaranteed

nsnbc : Alfonso Dhlakama, president of Mozambique’s opposition party – and insurgency – Renamo, said he’ll only leave his hiding place in the center of the country when there are guarantees for his security. Dhlakama has on numerous occasions promised he would “come out of the bush” and accused the governing Frelimo party of attempting… via […]

AntiFa: Marseille: antifascist militant attacked in front of his home.

The 20th of march, H, member of Antifa Marseille, arrived at his home, were two individuals were waiting for him. They attacked him with a knife and probably a baton. H. Was slashed two times and stabbed three times. Despite the attack, our comrade is in good health and his morale is fine. During the […]

The Steve King Style of American Politics – The New Yorker

The Steve King Style of American Politics – The New Yorker – For this and reasons like it, Congressman Steve King’s comments last weekend about the demographic future of the United States can’t be dismissed as the random Twitter ravings of a paranoiac—though admittedly we’ve gotten into the business of taking these types of statements […]

Jewish Center Bomb Threats Update: Israeli-American teen believed to be behind threats | Mic

Jewish Center Bomb Threats Update: Israeli-American teen believed to be behind threats | Mic: Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that Israeli police worked with the FBI for months before making the arrest, CNN reported. The teen, who reportedly holds dual Israeli and U.S. citizenship, is believed to have used “advanced camouflage technologies” while calling […]

Black Liberation: A Hemispheric Task By: George Ciccariello-Maher

Black Liberation: A Hemispheric Task | Opinion | teleSUR English – Between Black America and Latin America, political differences and distances are often overstated, fragmenting the unity of political struggles in the process. Too often, the legacies of chattel slavery, on the one hand, and settler colonialism, on the other, are considered radically distinct, the […]