RACE TRAITOR | Abolish the White Race The white race is a historically constructed social formation – historically constructed because (like royalty) it is a product of some people’s responses to historical circumstances; a social formation because it is a fact of society corresponding to no classification recognized by natural science. The white race cuts […]

Bristol cops use Taser on their race relations adviser – NY Daily News – Judah Adunbi, 63, was approached by officers while he was walking his dog near his home in the Easton area, the Guardian reported. Video footage recorded by a neighbor show police asking Adunbi to identify himself, which he refuses to do. […]

Seattle: Anti-fascist Activist Shot at Protest Against Neo-Nazi Milo Yiannopoulos | Democracy Now! – And in Seattle, an activist is in the hospital recovering after being critically shot during a protest against a speech by white nationalist Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos hosted at the University of Washington. The 32-year-old activist, who has not been […]

Book excerpt from “When Race Becomes Real” | Harvard Magazine – “The good news is that there are now a host of writers and a growing number of courses and workshops designed to enlighten white people as to the real benefits and the great cost of their property in whiteness,” writes former Harvard Law School […]

Richard Spencer’s clean-cut appearance conceals a radical white separatist whose goal is the establishment of a white ethno-state in North America. His writings and speeches portray this as a reasonable defense of Caucasians and Eurocentric culture. In Spencer’s myopic worldview, white people have been “dispossessed” by a combination of rising minority birth rates, immigration, and […]

White nationalist Richard Spencer punched during interview – CNNPolitics.com – Spencer was answering questions on whether he was a neo-Nazi. He said he was not, and was then asked what the “Pepe the Frog” pin he was wearing signified. “Pepe the Frog” is an internet meme so often used by racists and anti-Semites it was […]

Alt-Right Podcaster ‘Understands’ He Can’t Be a Leader After Revelation He Married Jewish Woman – The Daily Beast -“My wife is Jewish, OK, that’s the fact of the matter,” Peinovich said in a segment which aired on Wednesday. “There’s no hiding from it. Everybody knows now. And I understand that there’s people who can’t have […]