The complicated history of black gun ownership – Texas is an open-carry state, and licensed gun owners can carry their firearms in plain sight. So, do black gun owners have equal protection under the Second Amendment? In theory, sure. The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms, but blacks have a complicated history with […]

Colonial Canada Had Slavery For More Than 200 Years. And Yes, It Still Matters Today – Unlike our American cousins, Canada did not itself end its slavery — in fact, in 1777 slaves began fleeing Canada for Vermont, which had just abolished slavery. It took Britain to finally outlaw the practice across their entire empire […]

AfD-Distanz von rechts: Eine Aschermittwochsrede spaltet die Neue Rechte | Belltower News – Poggenburg hatte in Pirna die Mitglieder der Türkischen Gemeinde in Deutschland (TGD) als “Kümmelhändler” und “Kameltreiber” bezeichnet, die sich “hinter den Bosporus zu ihren Lehmhütten, Ziegen und vielen Weibern scheren” sollten. Die Türkische Gemeinde bereitet gerade eine Anzeige wegen Volksverhetzung vor. Eine […]

HuffPost has acquired the 17-page document in its entirety, as well as transcripts from an IRC channel where the document was shared in an effort to recruit new writers. It’s more than a style guide for writing internet-friendly neo-Nazi prose; it’s a playbook for the alt-right.  The style guide, according to Vox Day, was a set […]

How Americans Became Vulnerable to Russian Disinformation by Kent Harrington – Project Syndicate – Last week, Congress unveiled legislation that would force Facebook, Google, and other social media giants to disclose who buys online advertising, thereby closing a loophole that Russia exploited during the election. But making amends through technical fixes and public promises to […]

The FBI’s War on Black Bookstores – The Atlantic – In a one-page directive, Hoover noted with alarm a recent “increase in the establishment of black extremist bookstores which represent propaganda outlets for revolutionary and hate publications and culture centers for extremism.” The director ordered each Bureau office to “locate and identify black extremist and/or […]

India’s War on Science by Shashi Tharoor – Project Syndicate – And it is not only politicians who, encouraged by the BJP’s Hindutva ideology, are propagating pseudoscience in India. Modi associates – such as the yoga teacher and Ayurveda entrepreneur Baba Ramdev, who sells remedies to “cure” homosexuality – are regular offenders. This has provided […]