— Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis II | Blackened Death // [https://blackeneddeath.bandcamp.com/album/worldwide-organization-of-metalheads-against-nazis-ii] — Laura Ingraham hosts leader of right-wing group responsible for violent Portland riots for softball interview – Laura Ingraham hosted Joey Gibson, the leader of violent right-wing group, Patriot Prayer, on her October 15th show and gave him a softball interview allowing […]

Stacey Abrams Runs to Become Georgia’s First Black Governor as Her Opponent Suppresses the Vote | Democracy Now! – With the midterm elections just three weeks away, voting rights advocates are accusing Republican officials in several states of orchestrating a campaign of voter suppression targeting people of color. In Georgia, the Democratic candidate for governor, […]

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren has released the results of a DNA test reportedly showing she does have Native American ancestry. Source: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Test Showing Native American Heritage — — Elizabeth Warren Acknowledges Listing Herself As Native American To Harvard, Penn | HuffPost – “At some point after I was hired by […]

– SUMMARY: This spoken-word dispatch of Intelligent Aboriginal Radyo was recorded remotely in the US state of Idaho by 4WR host @TheAngryindian and his Afro-Indigenous view on the widespread signs of AfroAmerican psychological and ideological damage being observed under the Trump administration and asks WHY so many Non-White celebrities are choosing to promote mindless far-right […]

Take action: End Trade with Illegal Israeli Settlements – Palestine Solidarity Campaign – We are calling on the Government to ban trade with Israel’s illegal settlements. Words of condemnation are not sufficient to prevent the colonisation of Palestine. Now is the time for action! For the last 50 years Israel has been expanding settlements in […]

28 oktober, Den Haag: stop de extreem-rechtse demonstratie in de Schilderswijk Op zondag 28 oktober willen de racisten en fascisten van Indentitair Verzet demonstreren door de Haagse Schilderswijk om zo hun verwerpelijke gedachtegoed te verspreiden en de buurt te provoceren. Laat Ze Niet Lopen, een initiatief tegen racisme en extreem-rechts roept op om in actie […]

Chilean Union Leader Found Dead One Day After Anti-Pollution Demo – The area of the incident is Puchuncavi-Quintero, but the region is better known as one of Chile’s four “sacrifice zones.” It earned this dubious title because several industries have been operating without public monitoring since 1964, dumping different types of toxic chemicals in unknown […]