The retreat of neoliberalism | Pambazuka News – For decades African countries have been forced by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to implement neoliberal policies, including opening their markets to foreign competition, reducing the role of the state in providing basic services and abolishing subsidies to the poor. However, an IMF internal paper […]

Britain’s New Foreign Secretary Says British Colonialism In Africa Wasn’t So Bad | ThinkProgress – In April, Johnson said President Barack Obama might have an ancestral dislike of Britain. Johnson didn’t attribute this to Obama’s feelings over U.S. independence in 1776, but to his Kenyan heritage. “Some said it was a symbol of the part-Kenyan […]

David Banner Speaks…Are Black People Aren’t Ready For A Race War? (via David Banner Speaks…Black People Aren’t Ready For A Race War? – YouTube)

Violent arrest of teacher caught on video; officers face… | – As King was being driven to jail, a separate police video recorded a conversation between King and officer Patrick Spradlin in which he said whites may be concerned about interacting with blacks because they can appear “intimidating.” The Austin Police Department issued the […]

White people think racism is getting worse. Against white people. – The Washington Post – But this purported agreement obscures the fact that black and white Americans see issues related to race very differently. Just one week after the widely publicized fatal police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota — and days after […]

Source:  Brian Tashman — Right Wing Watch: — He repeated his belief that Trump, who has notoriously shared the Twitter messages of white supremacists, include one with the handle @WhiteGenocideTM, has given white nationalists an opportunity to go “on the offensive.” I love what Trump’s doing. I think that Trump is a breath of fresh […]

As the Number of Black GOP Delegates Falls to Historic Low, Meet a Few of the Only Ones Left | Democracy Now! – The Washington Post is reporting there are likely fewer black delegates at this year’s Republican convention than at any point in at least a century. According to the Republican Party’s own data, […]

Slain Dallas police officer Lorne Ahrens was a proud, open white supremacist : socialism — The Undefeated on Twitter: “Montrell Jackson, an officer killed in #BatonRouge, posted this msg last week. Heartbreaking. RIP. (via @ladyhaja)” — What Is the Washitaw Nation, ‘Sovereign’ Group Baton Rouge Shooter Identified With? – NBC News — ‘Loner’ Dallas […]

A Brief History of Slavery and the Origins of American Policing | Police Studies Online – Policing was not the only social institution enmeshed in slavery. Slavery was fully institutionalized in the American economic and legal order with laws being enacted at both the state and national divisions of government. Virginia, for example, enacted more […]

Source: Anarchist People of Color / [ Editor’s Note: This short piece says it all about a major part of the Social Justice fight within the Anglophone World and does it far better than I could. — TheAngryindan ] This is becoming a common refrain amongst identity-obsessed liberals: the notion that white people who […]

White Nationalists at the RNC Don’t Think Trump Goes Far Enough – [] The Traditionalist Worker Party, Heimbach said, supports balkanization. “Every ethnic group should be able to opt out of multiculturalism if it wants to,” Heimbach said. “Multiculturalism leads to violence. Multiculturalism leads to disunity,” he continued. “Different cultures want to live differently.” “The […]

Rep. Stephen King, White People and ‘Civilization’ – There are lots of basic things wrong with King’s statement, even just starting with his category of ‘whiteness’. Whiteness is not ‘natural’– it is an invented category. Were Irish white? A lot of English didn’t think so. “Whites” rioted against Greek immigrants to the US. White supremacists […]

President Obama Pens Letter to Police: ‘We Have Your Backs’ – ABC News – President Barack Obama told to the law enforcement community that he fully supports them and promised, “We have your backs” in the wake of deadly attacks on cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge. The comments came in a letter penned to […]

Megyn Kelly Battles Ex-New Black Panthers Leader Who Says ‘Your Attitude’ Is the Problem | Mediaite – Kelly challenged Malik Shabazz for allegedly offering sympathetic words for a police shooter, which he denied. He brought up Ferguson and they started clashing as Kelly insisted that he’s completely rejecting the facts of what happened. Shabazz told […]

A GOP Congressman Just Made An Argument For White Supremacy On Live TV — King retorted that he was tired of efforts to blame “white people.” And then he took it a step further, as is the congressman’s wont: He suggested that white people are actually responsible for most of the good in the world. King: […]

I CARE – – News – Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe – One of the party’s registered officers is Jack Sen – the former West Lancs Ukip candidate who was suspended after his Twitter account was used, allegedly by a party activist, to send anti-Semitic messages to Wavertree MP Luciana Berger. He later defected to […]


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