Wells Fargo Sponsorship of Black Lives Matter Panel Draws Scorn – [/theintercept.com] – Indiana-based writer Fredrik DeBoer drew attention to the event in a post on Facebook, writing, “this is why I drink.” Mckesson, who spoke on the panel with Ron Busby, the president and CEO of U.S. Black Chambers, tweeted in response: “I didn’t […]

WATCH: This completely racist ad for washing detergent just aired on Chinese TV and at cinemas: Shanghaiist — As any foreigner who has ever lived in China can attest, attitudes regarding race and skin color are often quite different here from back home. Still even with prior experience, sometimes this country can leave you completely and […]

Hedy Epstein 1924-2016 – Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, 91, died at her home in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, on May 26, 2016. An internationally renowned, respected and admired advocate for human and civil rights, Hedy was encircled by friends who lovingly cared for her at home. Born August 15, 1924, in the Bavarian region of […]

Summary: (Warning: Rough Language) As Western feminist attention is hopelessly drawn-in by the unnecessarily heady, intellectual brain-drain and capitalist-driven neo-Feminism romance between Beyoncé and her adoring fans, fellow Black female entertainer Azealia Banks has decided to wail herself into a ban on Twitter and an ejection from the roster of a UK music festival for […]

Koupe tèt, boule kay (Chop heads, burn down houses) -Ayisyen revolutionary slogan After a bit of back and forth with myself on whether or not it was worth it to respond to an article by Ross Wolfe*, in which a bumbling, academic attempt is made to paint my article Decolonization is not a Metaphor as […]

LiveLeak.com – Zimmerman Sold Gun To Help Stop Hillary Clinton From Becoming POTUS — George Zimmerman sat down for a lengthy half-hour interview with Las Vegas news station KTNV about the furor over his decision to auction off the gun he used to fatally shoot Trayvon Martin in self-defense. And boy, was this quite something […]

DNA Captured From 2,500-Year-Old Phoenician : Discovery News – The haplogroup is very rare in modern populations today. In Europe, it appears at levels of less than 1 percent. “Interestingly, our analysis showed that Ariche’s mitochondrial genetic makeup most closely matches that of the sequence of a particular modern-day individual from Portugal,” she added. On […]

The Problem With BeyHive Bottom Bitch Feminism | Real Colored Girls – To this we ask: Is a feminism sponsored by the corporate music industrial complex as big as we can dream? Is the end game a feminism in which the glass ceiling for black women’s representation only reaches as high as our booties? Can’t […]

Selling Apartheid: New book lays bare extent of South Africa’s propaganda war | Daily Maverick – To understand the scope of the propaganda war into which Nixon’s childhood magazine fitted, picture this scene: The setting is a boardroom in 1970s South Africa under the presidency of John Vorster. There, a group of bureaucrats have gathered […]

Tutu’s daughter loses South African church licence after gay marriage » TODAY.ng – Desmond Tutu’s daughter has been forced to give up her duties as a priest in South Africa’s Anglican church after she married a woman, she told AFP on Tuesday. Reverend Canon Mpho Tutu-van Furth can no longer preside at Holy Communion, weddings, […]

‘Seeds of fascism’ in Israeli politics – [http://cinemablaze.com] – With the new addition, the government’s parliamentary share from 61 to 67 seats in the 120-member parliament. Lieberman is one of Israel’s most polarizing politicians and is known for his fiery rhetoric toward the Palestinians, among others. “What has happened is a hostile takeover of the […]

Dear BJP, I Reject Your Hindutva, Your Fascism | Suchitra Krishnamoorthi – Even when vehicles were set ablaze due to Marathi Manoos prejudice and Biharis asked to return to their home state, we ignored them with the hope that sense would soon prevail. It didn’t. Sadly. Hindutva ideology had started to seep in. To even the most […]

Conservative Icon Ayn Rand Said ‘Savages’ Had No Right to Land – ICTMN.com — Native Americans did not have a right to their ancestral homeland, and white people were justified in committing genocide against them, Ayn Rand, the Russian-born conservative heroine and writer, said during a Q&A in 1974, Salon reported. “Americans didn’t conquer … […]

Changing America: Nat Turner’s Bible, 1831 | Newsdesk – It is thought that Nat Turner was holding this Bible when he was captured two months after the rebellion he led against slaveholders in Southampton County, Virginia. Turner worked both as an enslaved field hand and as a minister. A man of remarkable intellect, he was […]

Donald Trump Has Another White Power-Loving Delegate | Mother Jones – Donald Trump has another delegate with controversial views on matters of race. Meet Chicago mortgage banker Lori Gayne: “With all the racism going on today, I’m very proud to be white. Just like black people are proud to be black and now, as white […]

Trump Selects a White Nationalist Leader as a Delegate in California | Mother Jones – Johnson leads the American Freedom Party, a group that “exists to represent the political interests of White Americans” and aims to preserve “the customs and heritage of the European American people.” The AFP has never elected a candidate of its […]


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