Fox News and its contributors are renowned for stretching the realms of reality, which was precisely the case when Lawrence Jones appeared on Fox & Friends on Monday morning to talk about Donald Trump and the Black vote. The editor-in-chief of Campus Reform who touts himself as a former Obama campaigner turned Republican supporter put… via […]

Watch Israeli soldiers laugh and cheer after one of them shoots a Palestinian protester in the village of Madama via OCCUPATIONAL FUN IN PALESTINE CAUGHT ON VIDEO — Desertpeace

Pacific Northwest Antifa Notes // #33456809 ///// As Seen on Twitter: — — — — // — // — — — — — // // Written by Liam Knox Edited by JPat Brown On August 8th, 2018, the far-right “free speech” group Patriot Prayer organized a rally in Portland, Oregon alongside alt-right “fraternity” the Proud […]

Last Wednesday Tony Greenstein, a veteran Jewish opponent of racism, Fascism and Zionism, put up on his blog a piece about how Zionists resort to anti-Semitic rhetoric when attacking their Jewish opponents. He made it very clear that this was because, in his view, anti-Semitism was at the very heart of Zionism. The Hate Mail […] […]

Originally posted on Nicholas Payton: We have reached a dangerous place in our society when we have to play nice and say things in such a way as to not to offend anyone. Yes, it’s important to be kind and sympathetic towards others, but not at the expense of our own health and wellbeing. As… via […]

“Over the last three years, the Alt-Right has attempted to form a variety of white nationalist formations made up groups of attorneys. First, there was Augustus Invictus’ “Based” Legal Support, which quickly fell apart. Then, there was the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, founded by Kyle Bristol in 2016, which was supposed to become […]

This comes from a portion of a paper that is currently being finished up by myself and a colleague that tackles, in essence, what we see as the LARP-like and hauntological nature of substantial portions of the left. This is a line of thinking that I have been wanting to explore for some time now, […] […]