Study: You Should Fear White Supremacists More Than Islamic Terrorists – Atlanta Blackstar – Study: You Should Fear White Supremacists More Than Islamic Terrorists June 26, 2015 | Posted by Tracy Tagged With: Al Qaeda White Supremacist, International Security Study, Mass Murders America, White Terror Groups vs ISIS white terrorBy David A. Love Which is […]

Don’t Be So Quick to Defend Woodrow Wilson | The Nation – Decades before President Richard Nixon bet his reelection on winning the Dixiecrat vote, Wilson worked out his own Southern Strategy. Even as he was moving the nation to war, Wilson re-segregated Washington and purged African-Americans from federal jobs. And it was Wilson who […]

A Chicago Police Officer Has Been Charged with First-Degree Murder in the Killing of a Black Teen – CityLab – Futterman is working with data provided by the Chicago Police Department via FOIA requests. The information is not complete and only covers the periods 2002 to 2008 and 2011 to 2015. A disclaimer on the […] – 4chan Users Bringing Gun to Protest: ‘We Are Locked and Loaded’ — A video of two self-described 4chan users bringing a gun to Minneapolis four days before five Black Lives Matter protesters were shot by alleged white supremacists has surfaced online. According to Gawker, the Minneapolis chapter of Black Lives Matter posted […]

CPD dash cam video shows police shooting Laquan McDonald | – The video obtained early was not edited, but the audio was removed because its source was unclear and Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said there was no audio on the official clip. Alvarez described the video following a court appearance by the […]

Video Shows Armed Men On Way To Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest Days Before The Shooting [HuffPo] – In the video, the two masked men refer to themselves with aliases. A man with glasses identified himself as “Saiga Marine,” and introduced his passenger as “Black Powder Ranger.” “We’re going to go see what these fucking […]

Jamar Clark: #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Shot In Minneapolis | HelloBeautiful Police took 20 minutes to respond. Upon arriving, they smiled and told protesters “isn’t this what you wanted?!”. They unleashed mace again on people for filming. Meanwhile, no police were out looking for the shooters. They don’t protect us. They are strategically working to kill us. […]

Chicago Activist: City’s Call for Peace over Laquan McDonald Video Does Not Extend to Police Dept. | Democracy Now! – As Chicago braces for protests ahead of the release of video footage of the police shooting of Laquan McDonald, we speak with Charlene Carruthers, the National Director of the Black Youth Project 100. Her organization […] – [Stig Hornshøj-Møller, Copenhagen, Denmark] But “Schindler’s List” describes the Holocaust solely from the perspective of the victims. Never from the perspective of the perpetrators. It gives no explanations to the morally vital question why the perpetrators acted the way they did, and it does not even give a hint of what made the […]

‘Mutiny’ screening | Institute of Race Relations November 27, 2015 A screening of ‘Mutiny’, a documentary on the British West Indies Regiment who mutinied in World War 1, followed by a Q&A session. Friday 27 November 2015, 7-9pm Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Town Hall Approach Road, London N15 4RX Q&A session:  Andrea Levy Gary Younge Tony T

Afro-Peruvian Woman Wins Landmark Discrimination Case | News | teleSUR English The Peruviancourtsentenced the two officials to prisonwhile the investigationcontinues and a fine of US$1,560 for discriminationagainst the victim of abuse, Azucena Asunción Algendones. According to Peruvian authorities, Algendones tried to address the discrimination through her workplace by going through the appropriate internal company procedures. […]

Words matter in ‘ISIS’ war, so use ‘Daesh’ – The Boston Globe – Whether referred to as ISIS, ISIL, or IS, all three names reflect aspirations that the United States and its allies unequivocally reject. Political and religious leaders all over the world have noted this. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said, “This is a […]

Donald Trump’s bigotry against Muslims has safety implications we can’t ignore | M Dove Kent | Comment is free | The Guardian – Asked in today’s interview whether he would support “registering Muslims in a database or giving them a form of special identification that noted their religion”, Trump told reporters that: “certain things will […]

There’s an Apartheid in France and the Paris Attacks Could Make It Worse | VICE | United States Nowhere can this prejudice be summed up more succinctly than by French rap group La Rumeur’s song “I Am An Ethnic Gang Myself Alone.” “Hooligan, fundamentalist, barbarian, rioter, terrorist, bastard, savage,” they spit, reeling off the labels […]

Bernie Sanders Defends Democratic Socialism | Al Jazeera America – Sanders, a senator from Vermont and the current runner-up to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential contest, argued that his vision of democratic socialism is consistent with hallowed liberal values. Distancing himself from the “radical” label often applied to self-described socialists in the United States, […]

Ben Carson Presidency Terrifies Carson Advisers — NYMag – Former CIA director Michael Hayden said on “Morning Joe,” “I had one lengthy phone call with Ben Carson two months ago, and his instincts are all right, but this is a database in which he’s very unfamiliar.” Okay, so Carson came into this campaign lacking basic […]


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