FTP Movement: “Obama uses Jay Z to Trap Assata Shakur”

Dhoruba_Bin_Wahad_at_DuckDuckG2017-05-17_13-49-21“Obama uses Jay Z to Trap Assata Shakur”: Shades… | FTP Movement Info, News & Snippets. – Dhoruba Bin Wahad: Leading up to the Jay-Z jaunt to Cuba was the release of a major film, which Jay-Z reportedly co-financed along with Will Smith, entitled “Free Angela: And All political Prisoners”. Only a few activists perceived why such a film was produced now in the final term of the Obama administration. Those who viewed it say the movie whitewashes Angela’s relationship to the anti-Black nationalist and dogmatic Communist Party USA (that refused to support BPP/BLA political prisoners during the height of COINTELPRO repression). It was the CPUSA that made Angela an international symbol of racist repression while the Ruchel Mcgee’s marinate in California Dungeons. After her acquittal on conspiracy murder charges and a (CPUSA) whirl-wind international tour to thank followers for their support, Angela along with CPUSA members formed the National Committee Against Racist and Political Repression, and set up its main office in the CP’s New York Headquarters. It was from these opportunistic beginnings that legends, fact and myths around Angela gradually assumed lives of their own resulting in the blurring of the distinction between Black feminism and revolutionary Black women. But the purpose seems served, the rewriting of the history of Black resistance to institutional violence and Police murder is once more obscured in some respects by conventional anti-sexism. Many supporters of Assata have overlooked entirely the connections between recent notoriety around Assata’s exile and a series of seemingly unrelated events.

This is because, as one of Assata’s comrades says “few people know the auspices of Assata notoriety”. Assata emerged publicly from the armed front of the Black Liberation/Human Rights movement as a target of the FBI’s “Newkill” and CHESROB investigations. Not from the center or margins of Black feminism. She was never a COINTELPRO target as such, but one focus of the governments “anti-terrorist” response to the emergence of the BLA, FALN, Weather Underground in the early seventies following the split in the BPP according to leading authorities on COINTELPRO. Using the term “terrorist” to define Assata today is nothing new, the FBI/NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force, formed in 1970 to take up the slack left by the exposure of COINTELPRO clearly indicates this. Although the FBI is attempting to retroactively distance themselves from the state terrorism of its past, COINTELPRO actions are the major reason for identifying Assata now as a terrorist. It’s nonetheless clear that the FBI has little moral authority to label the historical targets of its illegal repression as terrorists!


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