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The Capitalist Origins of the Oppression of African Women » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Matriarchy in ancient Africa was not a mirror image of patriarchy today, as it was not based on appropriation and violence. The rituals and culture of matriarchy did not celebrate violence; rather, they had a lot to do with fecundity, exchange and redistribution. Early man was unaware of the link between intercourse and birth, therefore […]

Facebook meme blames Great Society for large rise in African-American fatherlessness | PolitiFact

Douglas J. Besharov, a public policy professor at the University of Maryland, said the official data on black marriage from the early- to mid-20th century is unreliable. It was not uncommon, he said, for black mothers to tell survey-takers that they were separated, when in fact they had never been married, he said. The data […]

U.S. Prepares to Gas Russia Into Submission | Black Agenda Report

Even the Americans were not so stupid as to believe that their neo-Nazi friends in Kiev could somehow pry Russia from its naval base in Crimea. Such was never the plan. Rather, Moscow’s response to the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government was predictable, as was that of the Russian-speaking Crimean majority. Washington’s strategy is to […]

Rios: African Americans Are The Only Racists, Thanks To Obama | Right Wing Watch

“I think for the most part, the American Anglo-Saxon crew really has moved past racism, they did it quite a long time ago,” she added, citing President Obama’s election as proof of white people’s lack of racism. “But it seems to be raging, racism seems to be raging in the black community.”“I think what’s causing […]

The Souls of Black Boys | Black Agenda Report

The college counselor’s observation was the impetus for my starting the pilot in collaboration with Brandon Bell, a young, South L.A. community activist alum of King Drew Medical Magnet and Princeton University. In an educational climate where there were only forty eight black male students in the freshman class of internationally prestigious UCLA, the pilot […]

If Nelson Mandela really had won, he wouldnt be seen as a universal hero | Slavoj Žižek | Comment is free |

In the last two decades of his life, Nelson Mandela was celebrated as a model of how to liberate a country from the colonial yoke without succumbing to the temptation of dictatorial power and anti-capitalist posturing. In short, Mandela was not Robert Mugabe, and South Africa remained a multiparty democracy with a free press and […]

Breaking news: Guarani leader and film-star murdered – Survival International

A Guarani spokesman told Survival today, ‘Ambrósio fought hard against the sugar cane. He was one of our main leaders, always at the forefront of our struggle, so he was being threatened. He was an extremely important figure in the Guarani land campaign, and now, we’ve lost him’. The police are investigating the killing, and […]

Both Ron and his son Rand Paul have been vocal in their desire to do away with the Civil Rights Act and have argued that government guidelines should not compel private industry/business to hire or even service minorities if they choose not to. The far-right politics of the Paul family has excited White Supremacists who […]

Henry Louis Gates is Wrong about African Involvement in the Slave Trade | Dr. Molefi Kete Asante

It is not difficult at all. One only has to ask the questions, “Who traveled to Africa in search of captives?” “Who created an entire industry of shipbuilding, insurance, outfitting of crews and ships, and banking based on the slave trade?” “Who benefited enormously from the evil and vile project of human kidnapping?” “What countries […]

Tricking Texas: White Republican pretends he’s black – to win election — RT USA

Dave Wilson, an anti-gay activist and Republican, later joked about facing incredible odds in a district which was predominantly black and Democrat. \”Id always said it was a long shot,\” he told Texas’s K Houston TV channel. “No, I didn’t expect to win.” But he chose to run nonetheless, alluding to how fed up he […]

No, Martin Luther King Jr. Was Not A Republican — But Heres What He Had To Say About Them | ThinkProgress

“Most people don’t talk about the fact that Martin Luther King was a Republican.” That’s a quote from Ada Fisher, a Republican National Committeewoman from North Carolina, that was published without qualification or correction this week by ABC News. Fisher is wrong on two fronts. First, many people talk about the “fact” that King was a […]

Malala and Nabila: worlds apart – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

But where does Nabila fit into this picture? If extrajudicial killings, drone strikes and torture are in fact all part of a just-cause associated with the liberation of the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere, where is the sympathy or even simple recognition for the devastation this war has caused to countless little girls such […]

“After 500 years, I am what the system has created. And I’m trying to break that cycle within my son.” | Halifax Media Co-op

While the rest of the anti-shale gas activists at the site are tucked into their tents, Coady and the Warriors are up doing night patrol, walking the highway, scanning the treeline with a flashlight in hand. Either that or they’re helping to direct traffic, ensuring that kids stay off the recently opened lane of highway […]

Of Persian snake charmers: Racism and global hegemony – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

Where Roosevelt and Wilson inflicted the brunt of their violence on the peoples of Asia and on the “coloured” populations of their own nation, their modern heirs have in recent years directed their own state violence overwhelmingly against the peoples and nations of the Middle East. The neoconservative hawks who were the architects of Iraq‘s […]

Burning the Flag & the Main Stream Media | Idle No More Manitoba

Recently at an event, I held a flag, a Candian flag that was upside down. As we marched through downtown Winnipeg a few people told me to ‘turn that flag upside right, you’re being disrespectful’. My understanding of a flag being upside down is that it represents that a country is in distress. James Anaya, […]

Malala Yousafzai and the White Saviour Complex | Assed Baig

Malala\’s message is true, it is profound, it is something the world needs to take note of; education is a right of every child, but Malala has been used as a tool by the West. It allows countries like Britain to hide their sins in Afghanistan and Iraq. It allows journalists to report a feel […]

Colbert King: The tea party resurrects the spirit of the Old Confederacy – The Washington Post

The New Confederacy, as churlish toward President Obama as the Old Confederacy was to Lincoln, has accomplished what its predecessor could not: It has shut down the federal government, and without even firing a weapon or taking 620,000 lives, as did the Old Confederacy’s instigated Civil War.Not stopping there, however, the New Confederacy aims to […]

The World Needs Peace – But Not a Pax Americana | Black Agenda Report

The World Needs Peace – But Not a Pax Americana | Black Agenda Report. by Cynthia McKinney Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who last week completed a peace mission to Syria along with former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark and others, made the following remarks to the IBON IBON Conference on Democracy, Self-Determination and Liberation […]

4th World Radyo: Colonial Sociopolitics and Gender Democracy 09.12.2013 | APNS Public Radyo

Summary : TheAngryindian offers a personal stream of opinion on the issue of gender marginalisation and the intentional misuse of women and female eroticism in modern, martial-culture dominated capitalist mainstream media. This dispatch also presents the thoughts of Sexologist Dr. Gail Dames on the pornography industry and its exploitation of misogynist gender abuse and a […]

4th World Radyo: The Politics of Perception 08.22.2013 | APNS Public Radyo

Strong Language Warning – Summary: TheAngryindian looks the surrounding dynamics of the Chelsea Manning verdict and asks if the general public is actually considering the covert ‘Divide and Conquer’ social and political aspects of the modern and vacant intellectual norm. Listen/Download:  01:08:35  128Kbps mp3 (41MB) Stereo via 4th World Radyo: The Politics of Perception 08.22.2013 | […]

Kat Stevens: Are Mainstream Environmental Groups Keeping Racism Alive?

Some Americans who consider themselves “well-meaning,” “left-leaning,” “liberal,” “earth-friendly,” etc. recognize the corruption and get sad, upset, and restless. If not pacified, they could become a threat to the status quo. Enter the most powerful tool of the environmental movement: the big green non-governmental organization (NGO). Big green NGOs present an exciting semblance of resistance […]

Birthers and Birchers: Hiding Behind Stars and Stripes |

The John Birch Society has its roots in the 1950s when it opposed the U.S.’s affirming the human rights principles of the United Nations. It was used as a grassroots corollary to McCarthyism, insisting that imagined Communists were standing behind every light pole, ready to end the world as we know it. It still sees […]

Open season on black boys after a verdict like this | Gary Younge

Let it be noted that on this day, Saturday 13 July 2013, it was still deemed legal in the US to chase and then shoot dead an unarmed young black man on his way home from the store because you didn’t like the look of him. The killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year was […]