Rima Regas: How Not To Talk To White Children: Chelsea Clinton Edition | #BlackLivesMatter on Blog#42

How Not To Talk To White Children: Chelsea Clinton Edition | #BlackLivesMatter on Blog#42 | Blog #42 – To someone who is unaware of how Philando Castile died, Chelsea Clinton’s answer could easily imply that Castile died in his sleep. Moreover, Chelsea’s usage of her mother’s oft-used religious trope, God-given potential, was nonsensical and completely out of place. Philando Castile did live up to his hard-earned potential. He was a beloved teacher “nutrition services supervisor at an elementary school. Potential has nothing to do with safely driving while Black from point A to point B without being stopped and killed by police. Potential has nothing to do with living or dying, nor does it have anything to do with deserving opportunities or making use of them. Children deserve and need our honesty. They deserve to hear the unvarnished truth from adults, even if it is ugly and painful. This child, clearly, knew something bad happened to his beloved teacher and he is still grieving. Chelsea Clinton did her best to only use positive words to address a negative situation without making mention of any of the ugly details that make up the truth. Chelsea’s approach is emblematic of how America handles telling the truth: we whitewash it.

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