#Africans and the Americas // #Pseudohistory and the #Olmecs

Silent View News: NEW – THE OLMECS WERE AMERINDIANS NOT AFRICANS – AND THE AFRICAN MALIANS & NATIVE IGNERIS CREATED THE GARIFUNA – A NEW CARIBBEAN PEOPLE! – A lot of Afrocentrists have a cherished THEORY that the entire Olmec civilization was an African one – just because of Colossal heads that resemble African warriors – so let me give the benefit of the doubt that they WERE representations of Africans who reached the Americas – but I can more prove 700 years ago – whereas you can only offer conjecture for 3200 years ago to cover your fairy tale idea that the ‘Olmec Civilization was a Negroid one’….This is a simple fact overlooked when one WANTS to believe in something but CANNOT prove it, but they cannot explain either why 99% of ALL the OTHER Olmec artifacts (as you can see in the 3 videos below) DO NOT have anything that remotely hints at anything African Negroid – only the usual Amerindian culture of Meso-America, neither have DNA tests of Olmec descendants today revealed ANY genetic connection to Africa, only to Asia and the Mongoloid race.
Furthermore – you cannot carbon-date stone carvings so to say they show ‘proof’ that Africans reached Central America thousands of years ago at the time of the Olmec Civilization 3,200 years ago till 2,400 years ago – is just wishful thinking, for all we know these heads were carved 700 years ago when the Malian fleet reached the Caribbean Sea (a fact we CAN prove!)…humans still carve stone today, they did not stop thousands of years ago….and one would think that since no human remains of Olmec graves have even shown any DNA OTHER than Mongoloid – that these silly claims would stop by Afrocentrists. Logic should tell you that if the ENTIRE Olmec Civilization was Negroid – the scientifically tested human remains of the Olmecs would have to be of Negroid DNA….BUT THEY ARE NOT!

What bothers me, is that Afro-centrists feel greatly offended when Euro-centrists claim that ANY African achievement as their own ….yet they cannot see that they are doing the SAME thing (laying wholesale claim to Amerindian achievements) as their own as well…what you do not like done to yourself – do NOT do to others!

Why is it not good enough to celebrate the fact that African sailors reached the Americas 181 years before Columbus did which we can PROVE by documentation and genetic affinities between Malians and Garifuna from Saint Vincent Island (Originally, then shipped by the British to Central America)…Why do you need to infer some sense of racial superiority and theorize (because you have no CONCRETE proof) that ‘Africans arrived in the Americas thousands of years ago, and conquered and educated the Amerindian natives – and built ALL the great civilizations in the Americas’ (Andean, Meso-American and Mid-West and South East America)….you honestly believe this and do NOT consider yourselves to be just as racist as the Europeans who claimed ‘Egypt was so great it could only have been created by white people’…because that is EXACTLY what you are saying to every Amerindian person when you espouse these extremist Afro-centric views of the history of the Western Hemisphere…that ‘Amerindians were too stupid to achieve all these wonders themselves – so we Africans had to teach them’.


They Came Before Columbus…and what?!? – Indigenous Caribbean Network – From a Native perspective, this book is the same garbage that the Europeans have been dishing out since they got here. Not once does the author consider the possibility that maybe the indigenous folks from over here went to Africa to school them, instead. I mean, considering the world’s oldest mummy is Chinchorro, from Chile, and the mummification processes are similar- including the removal of the internal organs and the placing of a mask over the face- the thought that this technology came from Egypt to the Americas doesn’t make sense. The oldest known Egyptian mummy was dated around 3500 B.C. while the Chinchorro mummy was dated at 6000 B.C. Do the math!

It is also interesting to note that although the Mayan pyramids are younger than those in Egypt, there have been pyramids found under Japanese waters that date 5000 years (at least) earlier than the oldest Egyptian pyramid, the Saqqara. This makes one wonder about who went where, especially since genetics are now showing that the Native American came from Asia to the American continent- maybe some just continued the journey all the way to Africa and taught them how to make pyramids also. And what of the megalithic Bolivian structures of Pumapunku and Teotihuacan, that are estimated to be 17,000 years old, yet their design makes the Saqqara look like child’s play! These ruins baffle scientists not only because the blocks used to build it weighed in at over 100 tons a piece; the cuts and fittings between them are so precise that their very creation is a mystery. And the materials the blocks are made of, dolomite, can only be cut by diamond tipped cutting tools!

The fact that there are pyramids all over the world is used by afrocentrists to prove that the technology was introduced by Black people. Yet this “evidence” is also used by those who say that extraterrestrials were the creators of these pyramids, because human beings- particularly ancient, indigenous human beings, could not have figured out how to make these huge structures all on their own. Especially when modern architects say they can’t make them with the tools available at that time themselves!

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