Lawyer Defending Baltimore PD Tied to White Supremacist Groups | Colorlines

Lawyer_Defending_Baltimore_PD_2016-08-18_17-17-13.jpgLawyer Defending Baltimore PD Tied to White Supremacist Groups | Colorlines – The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported yesterday (August 17) on Glen Keith Allen’s membership with the neo-Nazi group National Alliance. Allen works with Baltimore’s Litigation and Claims Practice Group and is defending the city and police department in a 2015 lawsuit filed by Sabien Burgess, a Black man who spent 19 years in jail for a murder of which he was ultimately exonerated. Burgess’ complaint argues that police withheld evidence that cast doubt on his conviction. “Baltimore’s Litigation and Claims Practice Group is arguably one of the most aggressive and successful defenders of police misconduct in the country,” said the SPLC. “The Burgess case is one of three cases against Baltimore currently before the courts that allege wrongful incarceration.” Documents featured in the SPLC’s report indicate that Allen paid dues to the National Alliance for years, subscribed to its publication and purchased one of the group’s DVDs about Holocaust denial. Records also reveal Allen’s contributions to and presumed leadership with the American Eagle Party, whose leader Merlin Miller spoke about 9/11 conspiracies on Iranian television. Allen also appeared in one of the party’s videos on the possible dangers of vaccines.

Lawyer hired to defend Baltimore cops was part of neo-Nazi group – NY Daily News – He said that he had continued some contact with the group and attended a 2007 Holocaust conference, but that his last known contact with the National Alliance was helping them find an attorney for a case in Canada several years ago. He said he is now “not comfortable with the strident, aggressive and categorical approach that the National Alliance takes to ethnic and political issues.” When asked whether he is a white supremacist, Allen said, “I do not think that supremacist is a proper characterization for people who take a degree of pride in their own separate histories.”

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