Activists pushing effort to stop rash of baby killings

Activists pushing effort to stop rash of baby killings – [] “We have a rash of baby killings in this city. I can barely talk about it without shedding tears. It is unacceptable. The abnormal has become normal,” Shabazz said. “If we as a community are not talking about this and doing something to stop it, then we are half dead as a city.” In the last two years the city has seen an unbelievable wave of gun violence against innocent children. Often when these killings occur, Shabazz and other activists will mobilize the community to march in the neighborhood where the crime took place. But these expressions of outrage are small when compared to the outrage that commands the headlines when the incidents involve police officers. “If the police kill one today and we kill 30 on the same day, we have to deal with them all. Black lives should matter all the time,” Shabazz said. “I’m against police brutality as one of the co-founders of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality. But this is an outrage when the victims and the perpetrators are black.”

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