Janaya Khan, Black Lives Matter Leader, Dismantles FBI’s Fraudulent ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Report – For those who aren’t aware, according to the FBI, BIEs are motivated by “perceived” cases of police brutality and a violent ideology that endangers the lives of upstanding law-enforcement officers around the country. Moreover, the FBI has “high confidence” in these […]

Roy Moore’s Foundation Received A $1,000 Donation From A Nazi Group In 2005 | HuffPost – The Foundation to Defend the First Amendment is one of several nonprofit groups Carto used to shuffle money around to his anti-Semitic and racist conspiracy publications, to fund Holocaust deniers, and, apparently, to donate to Moore’s nonprofit. The Carto-founded […]

Muñecas Afroféminas. Muñecas negras de trapo modernas – Afroféminas – El objetivo es mostrar muñecas negras, que normalicen la negritud sin insidir en prejuicios como el blanqueamiento o el colorismo cuyo camino nos conduce irremediablemente a la imposición de un canon hegemónico de belleza y a la exclusión. Además de mantener a la negritud y […]

SouthernGirl2 // Edit Post ‹ Modern AfroIndio Times — WordPress.com — Imagine being the president of the United States and not having the tact or sensitivity to properly address the pregnant widow of a soldier who died in service to the country you are currently running into the ground with your bullshit. For real, bruh? […]

— Echoing Slavery & Chain Gangs, Louisiana Sheriff Laments Release of Prisoners Who Work in Jails | Democracy Now! A Louisiana sheriff has sparked outrage after he lamented the scheduled release of nonviolent prisoners, using language that evoked slavery and the U.S.’s long history of imprisoning African Americans in order to serve as free or […]

– 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vikings And Muslim Civilisation | 1001 Inventions – Evidence pertaining to the Vikings converting to Islam includes a memoir recorded by the 16th century geographer from Muslim Civilisation, Amin Razi who is reported to have stated that: …They [the Vikings] highly valued pork. Even those who had converted […]

Photo @ SIPAZ On October 1st, in the municipality of Chicomuselo, a meeting was held in Grecia ejido to analyze the threats posed by the mining concessions for the towns of Chiapas. The following day, the pilgrimage called “Movement against Mining and the Depletion of the Earth”, called by the parishes San Pedro and San […] […]