Book: Ayn Rand Was a Welfare Queen | The Nattering Nabobs – Rand, who passed away in 1982, has been enjoying something of a rebirth in recent years as conservative and libertarian politicians in the United States point to her work as a model for their vision of America. Paul Ryan, the vice presidential candidate […]

ANF | Father-daughter fighting on the same frontline in Shengal – One of the villages ISIS massacred Êzidî Kurds in on August 3, 2014 is Shengal’s Kocho village. YBŞ fighter Ibrahim Murad Hewîn (50) is one of the survivors. Hewîn took his place in the ranks of YBŞ, which he sees as the guarantee for […]

— Summary: With White-Supremacist terrorism becoming an everyday reality in North America, FWR host @TheAngryindian – via the medium of (AfroIndio) spoken word – offers a personal deconstructionist perspective based upon his own experiences growing-up within an ideological and intellectually-rich African-Resistance environment. Although his criticisms are not meant to insult or demean the modern African […]

Jewish Arabs and the birth of Israel’s Black Panthers – Wadi Salib was the earliest case of widespread internal insurrection within Israel. To many Mizrahim, the protests at Wadi Salib and across Israel marked a watershed moment, which contextualised the disparity between their own community, known as the Olim Hadashim [“new immigrants”] with that of […]

Ynetnews News – Protests erupt in Kiev against renaming main street after SS officer – In October 2009, the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko even gave Shukhevych the title of hero of Ukraine, even though he took part in an ethnic cleansing. The decision was passed by the city council on June 1 with a majority […]

Supreme Court: Yes, You Can Trademark Disparaging Racial Slurs Like R-Word – Indian Country Media Network – [Lynn Cordova • June 19, 2017 ] – Change The Mascot, a group of Natives and allies advocating for the repeal of the Washington NFL team’s name, said the ruling does not change the definition of the word […]

‘Wheel of Fortune’ issues statement after appearing to use slave background in “Southern Charm” week – In response to the controversy, series executive producer Harry Friedman has issued the following statement to Entertainment Weekly: “We regret the use of this background image, and we will be replacing it moving forward on any rebroadcast.” Photographer Joshua […]