Who are the antifa? – The Washington Post – Antifascists argue that after the horrors of chattel slavery and the Holocaust, physical violence against white supremacists is both ethically justifiable and strategically effective. We should not, they argue, abstractly assess the ethical status of violence in the absence of the values and context behind it. […]

Hate Crime Extremists: The Contemporary Threat of Lone Wolf Terrorism | Department of Sociology – By Jon Garland April 2014 marked the fifteenth anniversary of the London nailbombings: three separate attacks that occurred over two weeks in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho in the spring of 1999. In total, three people were killed and over […]

Beware The Lone Wolf – The Phineas Priesthood – It is from this story that the modern-day Phineas Priesthood take their cue. Drawing lineage from Phineas through the ancient tale of St. George slaying the dragon (the dragon being a metaphor for evil) through colonization of the Americas (subjugation of the weak and non-Christian) to […]

LePage: Tearing down Confederate statues equivalent to taking down 9/11 memorials – CNNPolitics – Washington (CNN)Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage on Thursday condemned “both sides” of protesters in Charlottesville and equated the act of taking down Confederate statues to dismantling tributes to 9/11 victims. Speaking to Portland-based radio station WGAN, LePage angrily called both sides […]

Systemic racism needs to be addressed here at home, A Tribe Called Red’s Ian Campeau says By Brandi Morin, CBC News, August 15, 2017 The violent events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Va. on the weekend is a steady reality for Canada’s Indigenous community, a First Nations musician says. “It’s funny how everybody seems to ask […]

La CGT ante la barbarie en Barcelona – Conocer para transformar, sin verdades absolutas. – Secretariat Permanent del Comitè Confederal de la CGT de Catalunya Hoy nos ha tocado de cerca. Esta tarde en las Ramblas de Barcelona ha habido un ataque contra los y las peatones que ha provocado un número indeterminado de víctimas. […]

— On Fox & Friends, two black guests tearfully condemn Trump as the host insists there are “good people on both sides of this” — Previously: Echoing Fox News, Trump defends Charlottesville white supremacists, says they were not all Nazis​ White nationalists cheer Trump for assigning blame to “both sides” for Charlottesville violence CNN’s Jake […]