Suspected Nazi enthusiast & Fake Terror Expert – Sebastian Gorka’s degree probably fake – Democratic Underground – Two of the three referees did not even have a Ph.D. One was the US Defense Attaché at the American Embassy in Budapest at the time, while the other was employed at the UK’s Defence Academy and just […]

Le nouveau président du FN, Jean-François Jalkh, rattrapé par des déclarations négationnistes — Dans cet entretien, reproduit dans un article publié en 2005, Jean-François Jalkh émet des doutes sur la réalité des chambres à gaz – ravivant une rhétorique négationniste dont Marine Le Pen essaye de débarrasser son parti depuis son accession à la présidence, […]

Chiapas: Threats against Las Abejas Continue in Los Chorros, Chenalho Municipality | SIPAZ Blog – Las Abejas Civil Society reported that the Los Chorros authorities cut off the electricity and water supply to Jose Vasquez Entzin, Antonio Ramirez Perez and Juan Diego Perez Lopez, but the situation has been aggravated by the decision of those […]

I CARE – – News – Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe — By Julia Rampen 24/4/2017- “Après le #Brexit, le printemps des peuples est inévitable !” wrote the far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen, days after Brexit. Well, the blossom is on the trees, and Le Pen is through to the second round of […]

Families divided after Ottawa tells thousands they’re not indigenous | Toronto Star – His rejection came at the end of an unprecedented enrolment drive that saw 101,000 claiming Mi’kmaq ancestry and applying to join the Qalipu, a band made up of nearly a dozen Newfoundland indigenous communities. Applicants were judged on a points system developed […]

Between April 12th and 15th, the Critical Reflection Seminar “The Walls of Capital, the Cracks of the Left” was held at Cideci-Unitierra in San Cristobal de Las Casas. It included the participation of commanders of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and of several intellectuals of the country. Participations focused mainly on the neoliberal […] […]

African Leaders Are Masters At ‘Post-Truth’ Politics – — analysis By William Gumede “Post-truth” politics may have recently trended, but since independence from colonialism African leaders have been the most adroit exponents of manipulating the truth, distorting facts and fashioning alternative realities to cover-up their failures, to enrich themselves and stay in power.In fact, […]