Uncovering History: Was Susan B. Anthony Racist Or Frederick Douglass Sexist? – Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass met in Rochester through the abolitionist community. Pioneers of equal rights, they quickly became friends, united in the anti-slavery and pro-suffrage movements. Many of Anthony’s early speeches condemned slavery and any sort of racial prejudice; she even […]

Tragedy in Wrightsville: What really happened in 1959 | KATV – March 5th, 1959, 69 African American boys, ages 13 to 17, including Lawrence’s 15-year-old brother Lindsey Cross, were padlocked into their dormitory for the night at the Negro Boys Industrial School in Wrightsville. Around 4 a.m., a fire mysteriously ignited, forcing the boys to […]

Slavery, the 13th Amendment, and Mass Incarceration: A Response to Patrick Rael – AAIHS – And, this is not just a point made by politically imprisoned Black radical intellectuals. US jurisprudence has avowed the connection in no uncertain terms at many junctures – even after the moment that you say a clear line had been […]

Storytelling as medicine: Coming In documentary follows two-spirited people living in Sask. – Saskatchewan – CBC News – Before the arrival of Europeans and first contact, everyone had a place in the sharing circle, said Beaucage. Everyone had a gift and it was recognized within the confines of the community and the circle, she added. […]

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I’m Wearing Green Socks. Can You Dig It? Jean Genet One night Jean Genet took too many Nembutals and danced in a pink negligée for Hilliard and three other Panthers. A French male translator who was present was so sickened by the spectacle that he prefers not to be named, but Hilliard himself, according to […]

CNN.com – Transcripts (HEADLINES) HOWELL: In that interview with the CNN Philippines on Thursday, Mr. Duterte implied that he was just playing with the media with his claims about violence but a man who once said that he worked for the Philippine president insists that it is no joke. ALLEN: He says he was part […]