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Kat Stevens: Are Mainstream Environmental Groups Keeping Racism Alive?

Some Americans who consider themselves “well-meaning,” “left-leaning,” “liberal,” “earth-friendly,” etc. recognize the corruption and get sad, upset, and restless. If not pacified, they could become a threat to the status quo. Enter the most powerful tool of the environmental movement: the big green non-governmental organization (NGO). Big green NGOs present an exciting semblance of resistance […]

Fourth World Radyo: The Human Crisis in #Uttarakhand | APNS Public Radyo

Summary: TheAngryindian speaks with activist/author Sunny Singh (http://sunnysinghonline.blogspot.com/) about the human crisis that is Uttarakhand. Topics covered include the insistent apathy of both the Western and Eastern corporate-owned media paradigms and the failure of national politicians and military officials to react to the crisis. The role of vulture capitalism and climate warming is addressed as […]