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Who I am affects who you are: Lets discuss “White privilege”

White privilege what causes white people to abandon their humanity and reason when faced with the truth of the atrocities against blacks and cling to their patriotism as a badge of honor instead of working to heal the state of things. It is why our young boys are shot dead in the streets by police […]

Where Is the Million Hoodie March for Renisha McBride?

Now that more evidence has surfaced, Wafer is claiming that he shot McBride in self-defense, even though the door to his home was locked and reports show that she was shot through this locked screen door and from a far enough distance that she didn’t pose an immediate threat. On Friday, Wafer was finally charged […]

Why I’m a Paranoid Black Man | J Prophet

If it’s not someone who looks like me, who has bought into the lie that we are all threats even to each other, who emulates white supremacist violence against black bodies; it’s a white civilian who finds me to be “suspicious.” If it’s not a white civilian who may very well get away with taking […]

What Ralph Ellison Can Teach Us about Trayvon Martin – The Feminist Wire | The Feminist Wire

By Dennis Tyler Jr.In light of the recent decision by the school board of education in Randolph County, North Carolina, to ban Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man from their libraries—partly because of a parent’s complaint that the book is not age-appropriate material for teenagers and partly because one board member claimed he could not “find any […]

Privileged white people are not the only ones concerned about war | Free Your Mind

Columnist David Sirota wrote a piece in comparing President Obama’s militaristic foreign policy to George Zimmerman’s vigilantism. He argued that both men saw themselves as above the law, believed they had the right to kill whoever they want, and racially-profiled and automatically assumed the guilt of their victims. Obama’s drones kill brown-skinned Muslims, while […]

County board bans ‘Invisible Man’ from school libraries | Courier Tribune, Asheboro

The action stems from a Randleman High School parent’s complaint about the book. Committees at both the school and district levels recommended it not be removed.Voting in favor of the ban were Board Chair Tommy McDonald and members Tracy Boyles, Gary Cook, Matthew Lambeth and Gary Mason. Voting against the action were Board Vice Chair […]

Reshard J. Alexander, Esq: Why African Americans Fail in Identity-Based Politics | Black Blue Dog

The crux lies in understanding that African-American leaders and think tanks should be formulating agendas that restore control of one’s destiny to the local neighborhoods and attempt to make whole segments of the population that had the economic rug pulled from under them. Additionally, we must understand that the changes African-Americans advocate for in our […]

What I learned from getting shot –

Penn got in trouble for touting the supposed merits of New York’s stop-and-frisk policy. To the objection that the policy disproportionately targets blacks and Latinos, he responded, “And who, sadly, commits & are victims of the most crimes?”But that’s a non sequitur. A false rationale. Take people’s fear out of the equation and the logical […]

POV: Why smartphones, tablets threaten the African culture | Neo-Griot

On an average day 10 years ago I would wake up and greet everyone I meet in the morning, share a tea break piled on a table with friends, do the same for lunch and then have an emotional set off home after wishing everyone a good night.Once home there would be a shared family […]

BBC News – George Lowen: From refugee to black rights champion

He was presumably unaware of the activity at the gates, the coming-and-going, the hum of satellite dishes as television reports were filed.Inside the Pretoria hospital, for almost three months he lay, an ailing Nelson Mandela who few expected to emerge.But he has to be cared for at home, still critical but, by all accounts, peaceful.Before […]

Leon Trotsky: What Is National Socialism? 1933

Leon Trotsky: What Is National Socialism? (1933) – The petty bourgeois is hostile to the idea of development, for development goes immutably against him; progress has brought him nothing except irredeemable debts. National Socialism rejects not only Marxism but Darwinism. The Nazis curse materialism because the victories of technology over nature have signified the triumph […]

‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ Inspired By Fugitive Slave, Professor Says

In his book, Jackson recalls the encounter with Stowe, mentioning her by name.”She took me in and fed me, and gave me some clothes and five dollars. She also inspected my back, which is covered with scars which I shall carry with me to the grave. She listened with great interest to my story,” he […]

When Your Brown Body is a White Wonderland | tressiemc

I then explained to him my long, storied, documented history of being accosted by drunk white men and women in atmospheres just like these. Women asking to feel my breasts in the ladies’ restroom. Men asking me for a threesome as his drunk girlfriend or wife looks on smiling. Frat boys offering me cash to […]

if God can Cook / you Know I can: Pedagogy of Those Opting-Out of Oppression – The Feminist Wire | The Feminist Wire

“Black people have been dying in America for a very long time.”We may not be starving.  Still, we are hungry for change.  We are not presently being battered but still bear the bruises of a too long struggle with injustice.  We’re weary in this battle for peace, in this battle for home, in this battle […]

Ida B. Wells

The murder of her friend drove Wells to research and document lynchings and their causes. She began investigative journalism, looking at the charges given for the murders. She officially started her anti-lynching campaign. She spoke on the issue at various black women’s clubs, and raised more than $500 to investigate lynchings and publish her results. […]

University of Michigan rescinds invitation to Alice Walker | Inside Higher Ed

The University of Michigan apparently invited Walker because of her literary reputation, but she says she was disinvited because her politics offended donors.She had been invited to speak at an event marking the 50th anniversary of the universitys Center for the Education of Women. On her blog, Walker posted an e-mail from her agent telling […]

Langston Hughes showed me what it meant to be a black writer | Gary Younge | Comment is free | The Guardian

The whole point of having a black columnist, he thought, was to write about black issues. I had other ideas. I had no problem writing about race. It’s an important subject that deserves scrutiny to which I’ve given considerable thought and about which I’ve done a considerable amount of research. I have no problem being […]

The mixed race bastards of our colony {reading notes} » onlineJournal | The Liberator Magazine

Like the aforementioned works, co-authors Sibo Kanobana and Kathleen Ghequière aim to provide a free space for mostly unknown testimonies of two dozen mixed-race Congolese.From Kano: “They were all people born during colonization from one black and one white parent. Some of them grew up in their families but most of them weren’t recognized by […]

Roxane Gay: Last Day of a Young Black Man

Contemporary black film is something of a cultural desert, with little water to be found. When movies by a promising black writer-director, like Fruitvale Station—or even Peeples—premiere, black audiences wonder if finally their thirst might be quenched. Or maybe it’s just me. I am real damn thirsty. Broadly speaking, if contemporary black cinema were divided […]

Kiese Laymon: The Worst of White Folks

The worst of white folks, I understood, wasn’t some gang of rabid white people in crisp pillowcases and shaved heads. The worst of white folks was a pathetic, powerful “it.” It conveniently forgot that it came to this country on a boat, then reacted violently when anything or anyone suggested it share. The worst of […]

The Cancer of Racism Thrives in America | Chris Williams

As a young African-American man living in the south, it made me pause and realize that this ruling can give anyone the opportunity to take my life whenever they feel threatened because of my skin color or how I walk, talk or dress. What is a black life worth? The answer was already abundantly clear […]

Radical Black Reading: Summer 2013

The New York Times’ dismissive, error-strewn obituary of Una G. Mulzac, the late proprietor of Harlem’s now-closed Liberation Books, cast her as a cantankerous crank-pot holding anachronistic political beliefs. Yet for many people, folk like Mulzac were historians, vernacular archivists, and living repositories of pan-African memory. Places like Liberation Books – alongside San Francisco’s endangered […]

A Nigger Is Still A Nigger  –  John Harris III

We’ve seen wars on drugs and wars and on poverty, but what sense does it make to use tyranny as the way to treat a community hurt by issues of poverty and oppression? The same tax dollars we use to fund a military society implemented by police officers would be better used funding mentoring programs. […]

Kevin Alexander Gray: Why the Zimmerman Trial Made Me Ill | The Progressive

Like many others, I believe that Zimmerman is a liar, racist and a killer. I believe that Zimmerman profiled Martin. And I believe that Martin had every right, even a greater right, to fight for his life with all the strength he could muster. He lost the fight for his life because his killer had […]

Chris Williams: America Owes African-Americans More

The Declaration of Independence clearly states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” During the course of our country’s often turbulent history, this quote has applied to […]

Horace G. Campbell: Pambazuka – Contextualizing Obama’s visit to Africa

President Obama’s visit comes at a moment when the world is gripped with the spectacle of a young American, Edward Snowden, fleeing the United States because he was promoting information freedom, against the militaristic and police state in America. With all the problems facing him at home – sequestration, unemployment, drums for escalating wars in […]

OpEdNews – Article: Orwell Revisited: Privacy in the Age of Surveillance

As Orwell explains: The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All […]

Professor Martin Bernal, ‘Black Athena’ author, dies at 76 | Cornell Chronicle

Martin Gardiner Bernal, professor emeritus of government and Near Eastern studies at Cornell and author of the widely read and debated “Black Athena” books on classical civilization, died June 9 in Cambridge, England. He was 76. Bernal taught at Cornell from 1972 until his retirement in 2001. He began as an associate professor in the […]

ESSAY: LOVE AND LIBERATION: Sonia Sanchez’s Literary Uses of Personal Pain | Neo-Griot

Although a philosophical investigation of the relationship between suffering and art as illustrated by the work of Sonia Sanchez would be of major interest, my purpose here is much more specific. I intend to review Sonia Sanchez’s creative use of the personal pain which resulted from her attempts to actualize long term, intimate female/male relationships. […]

Noam Chomsky: Who Owns the World?

Within the last decade, for the first time in 500 years, since the Spanish and Portuguese conquest, Latin America has begun to deal with some of its problems. It’s begun to integrate. The countries were very separated from one another. Each one was oriented separately toward the West, first Europe and then the U.S. That […]