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Both Ron and his son Rand Paul have been vocal in their desire to do away with the Civil Rights Act and have argued that government guidelines should not compel private industry/business to hire or even service minorities if they choose not to. The far-right politics of the Paul family has excited White Supremacists who […]

Henry Louis Gates is Wrong about African Involvement in the Slave Trade | Dr. Molefi Kete Asante

It is not difficult at all. One only has to ask the questions, “Who traveled to Africa in search of captives?” “Who created an entire industry of shipbuilding, insurance, outfitting of crews and ships, and banking based on the slave trade?” “Who benefited enormously from the evil and vile project of human kidnapping?” “What countries […]

Tricking Texas: White Republican pretends he’s black – to win election — RT USA

Dave Wilson, an anti-gay activist and Republican, later joked about facing incredible odds in a district which was predominantly black and Democrat. \”Id always said it was a long shot,\” he told Texas’s K Houston TV channel. “No, I didn’t expect to win.” But he chose to run nonetheless, alluding to how fed up he […]

No, Martin Luther King Jr. Was Not A Republican — But Heres What He Had To Say About Them | ThinkProgress

“Most people don’t talk about the fact that Martin Luther King was a Republican.” That’s a quote from Ada Fisher, a Republican National Committeewoman from North Carolina, that was published without qualification or correction this week by ABC News. Fisher is wrong on two fronts. First, many people talk about the “fact” that King was a […]

Malala and Nabila: worlds apart – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

But where does Nabila fit into this picture? If extrajudicial killings, drone strikes and torture are in fact all part of a just-cause associated with the liberation of the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere, where is the sympathy or even simple recognition for the devastation this war has caused to countless little girls such […]

“After 500 years, I am what the system has created. And I’m trying to break that cycle within my son.” | Halifax Media Co-op

While the rest of the anti-shale gas activists at the site are tucked into their tents, Coady and the Warriors are up doing night patrol, walking the highway, scanning the treeline with a flashlight in hand. Either that or they’re helping to direct traffic, ensuring that kids stay off the recently opened lane of highway […]

Of Persian snake charmers: Racism and global hegemony – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

Where Roosevelt and Wilson inflicted the brunt of their violence on the peoples of Asia and on the “coloured” populations of their own nation, their modern heirs have in recent years directed their own state violence overwhelmingly against the peoples and nations of the Middle East. The neoconservative hawks who were the architects of Iraq‘s […]