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Indianz.Com > Crystal Willcuts: NFL trickster speaks with a crooked tongue

In his letter to Washington Racists fans, Snyder announced the creation of his Washington R******s Original Americans Foundation, or OAF for short. A charity designed to aid Native Americans in their day to day hardships of being Indian. He speaks of going on a “goodwill tour” visiting tribes, speaking to real live Indian people, and […]

Fourth World Radyo: Deconstructing Popular Activism and Absolutism Within the New Left : 04.03.2014

Summary: Strong Language and Subject Matter Advisory — TheAngryindian presents his analysis of the #CancelColbert Internet scandal and the unintended consequences of Left-Wing political fallout as the original anti-Redskins mascot debate became instead centredaround US activist Suey Park and the newfangled zealotry of Obama-era progressive activism. American African clinical psychologist, Dr. Na’im Akbar, speaks on […]

Little-known Black History Figures: Tunis Campbell – The Hilltop – The Student Voice of Howard University

Tunis Campbell, “An American who wanted to create a true color-blind democracy,” was a prominent African American who brought change to the black community, according to Freedom’s Shore by Russell Duncan. Some students are unaware of this historical figure because of the lack of publicity in the average American textbook. At a young age, Campbell […]

NCAI: Snyder’s Foundation a Publicity Stunt Unless He Changes Team Name –

The NCAI’s comments about the new foundation: …This Foundation will only contribute to the problems in Indian Country if it does not also address the very real issue of how Native people are consistently stereotyped, caricaturized, and denigrated by mascot imagery and the use of the R-word slur. For Mr. Snyder and the Foundation to […]

Twitter Users Declare The Washington Redskins’ Latest PR Stunt A Disaster

[Read the public letter : about honoring Native Americans “through our words and on the field” rung hollow against his defense of the team’s nickname. And the use of the phrase “Original Americans” struck many as confusing.   via Twitter Users Declare The Washington Redskins’ Latest PR Stunt A Disaster.

Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador | Quebec sovereignty: First Nations will decide their future

Based on Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, our their status as Nations and applicable international laws, political parties should be aware that it is useless to talk about a referendum, sovereignty and independence while uncertainty about the place of Aboriginal peoples and their rights remain. “Let us be even more clear: Québec can decide what it […]

Herman Wallace and the Political Context of Black Self-Defense w Dhoruba bin-Wahad | I MiX What I Like!

Dhoruba bin-Wahad joins us again, and for those who don’t know, he is a former member of the Black Panther Party, co-founder of the Black Liberation Army, spent 19 years incarcerated as a political prisoner and remains one of the most important political theorists and analysts of our time.I began by asking bin-Wahad about the […]

International Women’s Day: Lucy Parsons’ Fight Against America’s Robber Barons and the Ku Klux Klan | Global Research

International Women’s Day: Lucy Parsons’ Fight Against America’s Robber Barons and the Ku Klux Klan | Global Research. via International Women’s Day: Lucy Parsons’ Fight Against America’s Robber Barons and the Ku Klux Klan | Global Research.

#RIP: Stuart McPhail Hall (3 February 1932 – 10 February 2014)

Stuart Hall was born in Kingston, Jamaica, into a middle-class Jamaican family of Indian, African and British descent.[5] In Jamaica he attended Jamaica College, receiving an education modelled after the British school system.[6] In an interview Hall describes himself as a “bright, promising scholar” in these years and his formal education as “a very ‘classical’ […]

29 Astounding Soviet Propaganda Images Promoting Racial Equality

In his conceptual project, Fiks collected hundreds of images of Africans and African-Americans in Soviet visual culture. He then asked contemporary artists and writers from Russia, the United States, and countries in Africa to respond to them in any form including artwork and to question today’s state of racial equality globally. via 29 Astounding Soviet […]

Fabrice Monteiro | Marron, A Beautiful Nightmare on Shackles & Slavery | Another Africa

Fabrice Monteiro | The first time I encountered images of slavery, I was about 9 years old. It was in a comic strip. I was shocked by the physical resemblance in those images to the people that surrounding me. It was only later, when I was older that my father told me about our family’s […]

San Francisco Bay View » Albert Woodfox: It’s time to free the last of the Angola 3

Woodfox has seen his original conviction overturned three times. Judges have cited racial discrimination, prosecutorial misconduct, inadequate defense and suppression of exculpatory evidence in past decisions to overturn his conviction. Each time the state of Louisiana has appealed the decisions.Outside the courtroom, those gathered presented a striking visual display, sporting yellow scarves and a large […]

Amiri Baraka and the black power movement deserve more credit | Daniel Matlin | Comment is free |

By 1968 he was Imamu Amiri Baraka, one of the most prominent black power leaders in the United States, whose \”Swahilized\” name was intended to signal a complete rejection of white culture. And from 1975, he was Chairman Amiri Baraka, this time the leader of the Revolutionary Communist League, a Maoist sect that rejected racial […]

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee: 26 December 1862: Largest mass execution in American history

Outraged and at the limits of their endurance, the Dakota Santee finally struck back, killing Anglo settlers and taking women as hostages. The initial efforts of the U.S. Army to stop the Santee warriors failed, and in a battle at Birch Coulee, Dakota Santee Sioux killed 13 American soldiers and wounded another 47 soldiers. However, […]

Are Hindu Attitudes Towards Race Skin-Deep? Views on caste race shudra untouchable varna jati prejudice racism black dark skin –

This reaction to skin color has its roots in the caste system and the degree to which it has insinuated itself into Hindu culture-which is, to a large extent, indistinguishable from Indian culture. The caste system can be attributed in part to a verse from the Rig Veda, an ancient Hindu scripture, which describes the […]

Remembering Mandela – Vijay Prashad – Vikalp

The most scandalous appropriation of Mandela comes from the Right. There is something unseemly about this seizure given that its main protagonists – the conservatives of Britain and their settler colonial allies the conservatives of the US, Canada and Australia – continued to ally with apartheid South Africa and consider Nelson Mandela as a terrorist […]

Cheikh Anta Diop – Wikipedia

One of Diop’s most controversial issues centers on the definition of who is a true Black person. Diop insisted on a broad interpretation similar to that used in classifying European populations as white. He accused his critics of having used the narrowest possible definition of “Blacks” in order to differentiate various African groups such as […]

10 Amazing Women Who Led Rebellions – Listverse

Nanny, featured on the Jamaican $500 bill, was the leader of a group of slaves who revolted against their British oppressors. Queen Nanny was born into slavery sometime during the 1680s, a child of the Gold Coast, which is now Ghana. At some point Nanny, reportedly of royal blood, was able to escape a British […]

Nelson Mandela: Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Blair – Tributes of Shameful Hypocrisy | Palestine Chronicle

Mandela, said the Presidential High Executioner, had: “… bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice.”Mandela, after nearly thirty years in jail 1964-1990 forgave his jailors and those who would have preferred to see him hung. Obama committed to closing Guantanamo, an election pledge, the prisoners still self-starve in desperation as their lives rot […]

Data shows San Francisco’s black students suspended at extremely high rates | Center for Public Integrity

Willful defiance is a vague, catchall category for disruptive student behavior that can range from arriving late to using foul language to refusing to obey instructions.The district’s black and Latino students are 10 percent and 23 percent, respectively, of the student population.Together, however, students of these ethnic backgrounds comprised 77 percent of all student suspensions […]

Harry Belafonte Was Right About Jay-Z | Our Legaci

For example, during the height of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Jay-Z decided to make a t-shirt line based on slogans from the movement. His plans changed, once Occupy Wall Street activists asked if he would share the profits. The idea of having to share the profits which would have helped provide much needed financial […]

Brothers in the struggle – The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and President Nelson Mandela of South Africa met in 1996 in Johannesburg at the African leader and former political prisoner’s home. The Minister and a Nation of Islam delegation was greeted by President Mandela during a stop of a 28-nation World Friendship Tour after the successful Million Man […]

If Nelson Mandela really had won, he wouldnt be seen as a universal hero | Slavoj Žižek | Comment is free |

In the last two decades of his life, Nelson Mandela was celebrated as a model of how to liberate a country from the colonial yoke without succumbing to the temptation of dictatorial power and anti-capitalist posturing. In short, Mandela was not Robert Mugabe, and South Africa remained a multiparty democracy with a free press and […]

Minister: Mandela received his first military training in Algeria – Al Arabiya News

Mandela was inspired by the Algerian rebels and they in turn encouraged him to pursue his fight for freedom. In his book, Mandela quoted the representative of the interim Algerian government in Morocco, Shawqi Mustafa\’I as saying: “Don’t neglect the political side of the war while organizing the armed forces, especially when international opinion is […]

Africans In Early Europe – Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima via Africans In Early Europe – Dr. Ivan Van Sertima. He published his They Came Before Columbus in 1976, as a Rutgers graduate student. The book deals mostly with his claims of African origin of Mesoamerican culture in the Western Hemisphere, but among other things also writing that the kings of […]

Breaking news: Guarani leader and film-star murdered – Survival International

A Guarani spokesman told Survival today, ‘Ambrósio fought hard against the sugar cane. He was one of our main leaders, always at the forefront of our struggle, so he was being threatened. He was an extremely important figure in the Guarani land campaign, and now, we’ve lost him’. The police are investigating the killing, and […]

POV: Racism as Style: The Return of Blackface | Neo-Griot

  To my mind it is very hard indeed to recognise any substantive distinction between these Akatre images and the images I cited in an earlier post on this topic, a number of which are reproduced here. Each image produces as its subject a kind of blackness that is ostensibly elemental, organic, rich in spiritual and physical vitality, […]

During the March of the Day of Black Consciousness in São Paulo, Movimento Negro black movement takes to the streets for policies to combat racism | Black Women of Brazil

  According to Douglas Belchior, member of the União de Núcleos de Educação Popular para Negras/os e Classe Trabalhadora Uneafro or Union of Centers of Popular Education for Blacks/ and the Working Class, one of the organizations that make up the march, blacks are still the main victims of violence in Brazil. “Our intention is […]

JFK’s Embrace of Third World Nationalists | Consortiumnews

The man Kennedy chose to be his ambassador to Congo was Edmund Gullion, who was the one who had altered Kennedy’s consciousness about Third World nationalism. There are some writers who would maintain that perhaps no other person had as much influence on the evolution of Kennedy’s foreign policy thinking as did Gullion. Yet, Gullion’s […]

Black History Heroes: Gaspar Yanga and Blacks in Mexico: 1570 African Slave Revolt in Veracruz

  Yangas early palenques would turn into decades-long resistance against colonial Spain. In 1609, Spains viceroy of New Spain the colonial name of Mexico was Luis de Velasco, Marquis of Salinas. That year, Velasco sent Captain Pedro González on a military expedition against the Yanga palenques. The battle came to a head at the Rio […]