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Transgenerational memories passed down through DNA — Science of the Spirit —

According to the Telegraph, Dr Brian Dias, from the department of psychiatry at Emory University, said: “From a translational perspective, our results allow us to appreciate how the experiences of a parent, before even conceiving offspring, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations. “Such a phenomenon may contribute to […]

U.S. Prepares to Gas Russia Into Submission | Black Agenda Report

Even the Americans were not so stupid as to believe that their neo-Nazi friends in Kiev could somehow pry Russia from its naval base in Crimea. Such was never the plan. Rather, Moscow’s response to the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government was predictable, as was that of the Russian-speaking Crimean majority. Washington’s strategy is to […]

Russell Shoatz Speaks with Dhoruba bin-Wahad from Solitary

Important talk with Russell Maroon Shoatz.political prisoner. People need to see this to understand the reality of being in solitary confinement. via Russell Shoatz Speaks –

Herman Wallace and the Political Context of Black Self-Defense w Dhoruba bin-Wahad | I MiX What I Like!

Dhoruba bin-Wahad joins us again, and for those who don’t know, he is a former member of the Black Panther Party, co-founder of the Black Liberation Army, spent 19 years incarcerated as a political prisoner and remains one of the most important political theorists and analysts of our time.I began by asking bin-Wahad about the […]

International Women’s Day: Lucy Parsons’ Fight Against America’s Robber Barons and the Ku Klux Klan | Global Research

International Women’s Day: Lucy Parsons’ Fight Against America’s Robber Barons and the Ku Klux Klan | Global Research. via International Women’s Day: Lucy Parsons’ Fight Against America’s Robber Barons and the Ku Klux Klan | Global Research.

1st LD: China issues report on U.S. human rights –

The report calls the U.S. tapping program, code-named PRISM, which exercises long-term and vast surveillance both at home and abroad, “a blatant violation of international law” and it “seriously infringes on human rights.”The U.S. also faces rampant gun violence, according to the report. “In 2013, 137 people died in 30 mass killings, which caused four […]

Black Bucks in Compton

02.02.2014 Editor’s Note: Frankly, the video short in question, in and of itself, is rather doltish. Some might find it comical, but I fail to see the humour in watching someone acting incredibly foolish in the name of candid camera ‘fun’ in areas like Compton, Ca. It simply isn’t smart. And generally, (at least in […]

Freedom Rider: Modern Day Lynching | Black Agenda Report

In recent months, there has been a spate of killings and assaults on black people committed by white people whose actions are obviously based on race hatred. In West Virginia, Garrick Hopkins had the bad luck to purchase property next door to the ironically named Rodney Black, a white man with a cache of guns […]

Rios: African Americans Are The Only Racists, Thanks To Obama | Right Wing Watch

“I think for the most part, the American Anglo-Saxon crew really has moved past racism, they did it quite a long time ago,” she added, citing President Obama’s election as proof of white people’s lack of racism. “But it seems to be raging, racism seems to be raging in the black community.”“I think what’s causing […]

Rios: African Americans Are The Only Racists, Thanks To Obama | Right Wing Watch

Rios responded on her program by denying that white people in America are racist, and insisting that if they are, it’s the fault of black people. “I think the racist garbage coming from a lot of blacks right now who are just filled with bitterness and rage is just amazing to me,” Rios said. “It […]

Martin Luther King assassinated by US government: MLK civil trial decision – National Nonpartisan |

“For a quarter of a century, Bill Pepper conducted an independent investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. He opened his files to our family, encouraged us to speak with the witnesses, and represented our family in the civil trial against the conspirators. The jury affirmed his findings, providing our family with a […]

Whitenicious: Uproar in Nigeria and Cameroon as Famous Singer Encourages Skin Beaching | Healthy Black Woman

The product retails for $50-$150 depending on how much you get. The ads feature Dencia, scantily clad in bikinis, with noticeably lighter skin than her real color. The ad says that this is what it can do for your skin if you use it. In the press release about the product it states that the […]

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund Applauds DOJ and DOE s Acknowledgment That Racial Discrimination in School Discipline is a Serious Issue | NAACP LDF

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund Applauds DOJ and DOE’s Acknowledgment That Racial Discrimination in School Discipline is a Serious Issue | NAACP LDF – Today, for the first time, the United States Departments of Education and Justice jointly released guidance that outlines civil rights obligations regarding school discipline that schools and districts throughout the country […]

Remembering Mandela – Vijay Prashad – Vikalp

The most scandalous appropriation of Mandela comes from the Right. There is something unseemly about this seizure given that its main protagonists – the conservatives of Britain and their settler colonial allies the conservatives of the US, Canada and Australia – continued to ally with apartheid South Africa and consider Nelson Mandela as a terrorist […]

Nelson Mandela: Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Blair – Tributes of Shameful Hypocrisy | Palestine Chronicle

Mandela, said the Presidential High Executioner, had: “… bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice.”Mandela, after nearly thirty years in jail 1964-1990 forgave his jailors and those who would have preferred to see him hung. Obama committed to closing Guantanamo, an election pledge, the prisoners still self-starve in desperation as their lives rot […]

Data shows San Francisco’s black students suspended at extremely high rates | Center for Public Integrity

Willful defiance is a vague, catchall category for disruptive student behavior that can range from arriving late to using foul language to refusing to obey instructions.The district’s black and Latino students are 10 percent and 23 percent, respectively, of the student population.Together, however, students of these ethnic backgrounds comprised 77 percent of all student suspensions […]

The Souls of Black Boys | Black Agenda Report

The college counselor’s observation was the impetus for my starting the pilot in collaboration with Brandon Bell, a young, South L.A. community activist alum of King Drew Medical Magnet and Princeton University. In an educational climate where there were only forty eight black male students in the freshman class of internationally prestigious UCLA, the pilot […]

Harry Belafonte Was Right About Jay-Z | Our Legaci

For example, during the height of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Jay-Z decided to make a t-shirt line based on slogans from the movement. His plans changed, once Occupy Wall Street activists asked if he would share the profits. The idea of having to share the profits which would have helped provide much needed financial […]

If Nelson Mandela really had won, he wouldnt be seen as a universal hero | Slavoj Žižek | Comment is free |

In the last two decades of his life, Nelson Mandela was celebrated as a model of how to liberate a country from the colonial yoke without succumbing to the temptation of dictatorial power and anti-capitalist posturing. In short, Mandela was not Robert Mugabe, and South Africa remained a multiparty democracy with a free press and […]

This is What 21st Century Coonery Looks like…

\”I am the next Nelson Mandela,\” West responded. \”I\’m only 36 years old, and when I look at everything I\’ve accomplished, it\’s the only comparison that makes any sense. By the time I\’m 95, I\’m going to be a bigger hero than he ever was.\”Nelson Mandela did a lot of good work, don\’t get me […]

Breaking news: Guarani leader and film-star murdered – Survival International

A Guarani spokesman told Survival today, ‘Ambrósio fought hard against the sugar cane. He was one of our main leaders, always at the forefront of our struggle, so he was being threatened. He was an extremely important figure in the Guarani land campaign, and now, we’ve lost him’. The police are investigating the killing, and […]

Who I am affects who you are: Lets discuss “White privilege”

White privilege what causes white people to abandon their humanity and reason when faced with the truth of the atrocities against blacks and cling to their patriotism as a badge of honor instead of working to heal the state of things. It is why our young boys are shot dead in the streets by police […]

JFK’s Embrace of Third World Nationalists | Consortiumnews

The man Kennedy chose to be his ambassador to Congo was Edmund Gullion, who was the one who had altered Kennedy’s consciousness about Third World nationalism. There are some writers who would maintain that perhaps no other person had as much influence on the evolution of Kennedy’s foreign policy thinking as did Gullion. Yet, Gullion’s […]

Both Ron and his son Rand Paul have been vocal in their desire to do away with the Civil Rights Act and have argued that government guidelines should not compel private industry/business to hire or even service minorities if they choose not to. The far-right politics of the Paul family has excited White Supremacists who […]

The Banality of Pity: Aid, Africa and the White Saviour Complex | AFRiTORIAL

This racialisation of poverty, particularly, the licentious and unethical [re]presenations of African Children in the media, through, renowned Charities, International NGO’s – their promotional advertising, fundraising campaigns; and oh, one must not forget, to throw in for good measure, the obligatory Facebook cover, photographs and memes, of the ubiquitous /emaciated / malnutritioned/ African child, with […]

Spotlight: Clarence Thomas – Nation & World – The Hilltop – The Student Newspaper of Howard University

\”Clarence Thomas\’ life was formed in a situation in which he saw only parts of things, apparently, by going to Catholic schools. He grew up in a poor family, but being separated from his family in boarding schools or in other environments allowed him to see only some aspects and to think negatively of much […]

Tavis Smiley: ‘Black People Will Have Lost Ground in Every Single Economic Indicator’ Under Obama |

He added that President Obama should be “held responsible” for his failure to address the needs of the African-American community.Smiley went on to say that there are some things that President Obama is not responsible for, like the government shutdown.“But here’s the other side. I respect the president. I will protect the president. And I […]

Audio: 911 call made by Theodore Wafer after he shot Renisha McB – Fox 2 News Headlines

Wafer says: \”Uh yes… I just shot somebody on my front porch. with a shotgun, banging on my door.\” Wafer gives his address we deleted the address in our post and ends the call by saying \”thank you\” and hanging up, even as police dispatch continued.On Friday, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced charges against […]

The Slaying of Renisha McBride Casts Another Ugly Glare on the Peril to Black Women | Earl Ofari Hutchinson

None of this initially happened in the McBride slaying. This then raises the always troubling suspicion the race played a role in her slaying. There\’s the horrid history of racial stereotyping, profiling if you will, that indelibly link crime and violence with African-Americans. This linkage isn\’t just confined to black men. There\’s the feminization of […]

Tricking Texas: White Republican pretends he’s black – to win election — RT USA

Dave Wilson, an anti-gay activist and Republican, later joked about facing incredible odds in a district which was predominantly black and Democrat. \”Id always said it was a long shot,\” he told Texas’s K Houston TV channel. “No, I didn’t expect to win.” But he chose to run nonetheless, alluding to how fed up he […]