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Killer of Malcolm X’s grandson sentenced but questions still remain about his death

According to media accounts, the 28-year-old was a victim of beating in a Mexico City bar on May 9, 2013. “The circumstances surrounding his death are still not clear, and it is now February 2015,” said Sabrina Green, a human rights activist with the Baltimore-based Free the Move 9 Mumia. New York magazine reported at […]

Civil rights movement history: The long tradition of black Americans taking up arms to defend themselves against racial violence.

In his new book, 1919, The Year of Racial Violence: How African Americans Fought Back, David F. Krugler, professor of history at the University of Wisconsin–Platteville, looks at the actions of people like Jones and Davis, who resisted white incursions against the black community through the press, the courts, and armed defensive action. The year […]

Queen Quet & De Gullah Cunneckshun Gwine tru SC! | Gullah/Geechee Nation

Queen Quet left a standing room only crowd at True Uhuru Books in North Charleston, SC on the first weekend in February to begin this week with residencies in South Carolina school districts. She has stopped at Johns Island’s Haut Gap Middle School and is currently presenting at several schools in the Florence County School […]

I’m tired of suppressing myself to get along with white people –

“What’s happening in Ferguson?” one of my white roommates asked. “I heard some kid got shot or something like that.” The words clamored in my ears. How could he not know? Weren’t his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds flooded with opinions and hashtags? I’m sure he meant nothing by his statement. We’re all ill-informed from […]

Selma: The Lessons of Ava DuVernay’s Film | The New Republic

What it comes down to is that Selma expresses at every turn the political perspective of the black middle class, which prefers to perceive the civil rights struggle through the lens of individual dignity and negotiation, as opposed to collective urgency and direct action. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, both currents were, and […]

Tasha Thomas, Girlfriend Of John Crawford III, Killed In Car Crash | Global Grind

Autopsies will be performed Friday on Thomas and Bailey, a coroner’s official said. Thomas was pronounced dead at the scene. Bailey was taken to Miami Valley Hospital, where he later died. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.   via Tasha Thomas, Girlfriend Of John Crawford III, Killed In Car Crash | Global Grind.

Former Black Panther patches together purpose in Africa exile | ANCESTRAL CONNECTIONS

When last he walked America’s streets, O’Neal was a magnetic young man possessed of bottomless anger. He was an ex-con who’d found a kind of religion in late-’60s black nationalism, a vain, violent street hustler reborn in a Black Panther uniform of dark sunglasses, beret and leather jacket. With pitiless, knife-sharp diction, he spoke of […]

What Whites Will Never Know • My Open Letter to White People or Why I Hate…

When I say ‘I hate White people’, I’m saying I hate that I have to be compared to you in order to get any recognition. I’m saying that I hate the fact that everything that I do is judged by your standard. I hate that no matter where I go, I will be scrutinized based […]

100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans: WHY there are seldom historical buildings and monuments in sub-Saharian Africa! |

Finally, in Timbuktu, Mali, there are about 700,000 surviving books. They are written in Mande, Suqi, Fulani, Timbuctu, and Sudani. The contents of the manuscripts include math, medicine, poetry, law and astronomy. This work was the first encyclopedia in the 14th century before the Europeans got the idea later in the 18th century, 4 centuries […]

Open letter to the UN: Police brutality in the Black community requires action | Green Left Weekly

The police brutality levied upon African/black people is systematic and is taking lives at an almost once a day rate. We have even seen young children being murdered, like Aiyana Stanley-Jones, who was murdered by a Detroit police officer in 2010. Her murderer, Joseph Weekly, is still a free man.African/black people within the United States […]

Carlota, leader of the 1843 slave rebellion in Triumvirato, Matanzas

Introduction In order to understand liberation processes in the Caribbean we have to take into account all occurrences which preceded our days and contributed to the formation of our collective consciousness. Cuba, in this sense, possesses an impressive historical legacy of which needs more discussion. Women in Cuba, generally speaking, played a very important role […]

Protest.Net: Did the CIA Poison Paul Robeson?

Paul Robeson, the black actor, singer, and political radical, may have been a victim of CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb’s MK-ULTRA program. We have previously noted Gottlieb’s death and outlined his career of infamy. In the spring of 1961, Robeson planned to visit Havana, Cuba to meet with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The trip never […]

COPA v. Pentagon on King Files – press release, 05/14/01

The original FOIA request for records, in 1998, specified a full range of Army Intelligence units that were reportedly involved in surveillance of Dr. King up to and including the day of his assassination. Early responses from the Department of Defense FOIA office indicated that there was not a single file in their records regarding […]

Alex Constantine’s Anti-Fascist Research Bin: Black Panthers: Omaha Two were Targets of a Secret Police Task Force Codenamed “Domino”

The secret files disclose that the Omaha FBI office Special-Agent-in-Charge, Paul Young, had been under orders from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to be “imaginative” in developing illegal tactics against the Panthers and that several plans were concocted and implemented under Operation COINTELPRO in the months before the bombing.Hoover’s hidden war on political activists he […]

Capitalism Plus Dope Equals Genocide

[By Michael Cetewayo Tabor – (Political Prisoner, NY 21) – Black Panther Party, USA ] Drug addiction in the colonized ghettos of America has constituted a major problem for over 15 years. Its use is so widespread that it can – without fear of exaggeration – be termed a “plague”. It has reached epidemic proportions, […]

Rise of the Black Pharaohs | PBS Programs | PBS

Rise of the Black Pharaohs premieres Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014.Rise of the Black PharaohsFull EpisodeLearn about the African Kushites who overthrew the ancient Egyptians.About the ProgramThe Egypt of the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings was an empire of indomitable might. Then, around 800 BC, the impossible happened. Kush, a subject […]

Co-Defendant Of Assata Shakur To Be Released On Parole | The Source

Clark Edward Squire, who is known to most of his supporters as Sundiata Acoli, was granted parole yesterday for the 1973 killing of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster. He was sentenced in ’74 to life plus 20-30 years and was denied parole 1993, 2004, and 2011.The appellate judges panel stated that the parole board […]

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree : Biological Warfare and the Value of Black Life « Why You Mad Son Entertainment

The revolution of the mind continues…We have been watching the Ebola case with a curious eye for awhile now And it has caused us to reflect on the horrid and heinous history Western and European countries have with biological warfare and human experimentation… And the nefarious practice of using the powerless as guinea pigs.Is a […]

Geronimo Pratt: ‘LAST MAN STANDING’

After two tours of duty in Vietnam and fifty-five combat jumps Soldiers Medal, Air Medal, Purple Heart, Pratt enrolled in a “high potential” program at UCLA. In his earliest months on campus, wholesale acts of police brutality and racial violence inspired him to join the Panthers. As he became more active, he found himself subjected […]