Cyril Josh Barker // Killing of two Black men by group of whites sparks outrage but little media coverage

The brutal deaths of two young Black men in Oklahoma at the hands of a group of white men have received little national news coverage. After the men had been missing for several days, both of the men’s bodies were found dismembered in water not far from where they were killed. The Black 21-year-old victims, Alize Ramon Smith and Jarron Keonte Moreland, were last seen alive April 14. The two arranged to meet to sell a firearm Moreland posted on Craigslist to their attackers in Moore, Okl. The two met the white buyers at a grocery store parking lot. The three white suspects told police that when they met Smith and Moreland, the two went into the backseat of their van and the white suspects heard the click of a gun, believing the two were about to shoot them. Witnesses said that they saw the white men open fire on Smith and Moreland. The white suspects, Kevin Garcia-Boettler, 22, Johnny Shane Barker, 43, and Garcia-Boettler’s 16-year-old brother, then took the bodies, allegedly dismembered them and threw them in a pond near their home.
Killing of two Black men by group of whites sparks outrage but little media coverage | New York Amsterdam News: The new Black view


When people talk about modern lynchings, R. Kelly and Bill Cosby are not legitimate examples. Ramon Smith and Jarron Moreland, both 21, are two men who were lynched in 2018. On April 18, police found the dismembered bodies of the young men in a pond outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Three white men and one white woman have been arrested for the crime.

According to, “Police arrested 22-year-old Kevin Garcia-Boettler, 43-year-old Johnny Shane Barker and the 16-year-old brother of Garcia-Boettler, who police say is the suspected shooter. Their mother, Crystal Rachelle Boettler, 40, has also been charged with accessory after the fact.” According to court records, “on April 14, Garcia-Boettler drove his brother to meet the two victims because he believed his brother was going to purchase a gun from Moreland. The sale was arranged through Craigslist and the two parties agreed to meet in a nearby grocery store parking lot. Garcia-Boettler told police that Moreland got out of a sedan and into the back seat of his van. He claims that he heard a gun ‘rack’ and told police he witnessed his brother open fire killing the two men.”

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