The Alt-Right Says It Has a New Strategy Against Journalists and Antifa: Suing Them // By It’s Going Down

“Over the last three years, the Alt-Right has attempted to form a variety of white nationalist formations made up groups of attorneys. First, there was Augustus Invictus’ “Based” Legal Support, which quickly fell apart. Then, there was the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, founded by Kyle Bristol in 2016, which was supposed to become the ACLU of the far-Right. In March of 2018, Bristol dissolved the organization in the midst of Richard Spencer’s failed Michigan event in March of 2018. Augustus Invictus, who has also had to deal with his own legal troubles, has also attempted to represent white nationalists and neo-Nazis being charged from Unite the Right in Charlottesville in 2017.While coming on Alt-Right podcasts and laying out a strategy of attacking community organizers and journalists may in the end come back to bite them, at the present moment, people should recognize the nature of the threat and the desire of the far-Right to attack our movements and prepare our defenses.Members of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) encourage people to contact them if they are legally threatened by the Alt-Right.” – <>

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