PPB communications logs show concern for alt-right leader Joey Gibson’s safety, little attention to threat posed by armed “patriots”

Written by Liam Knox
Edited by JPat Brown

On August 8th, 2018, the far-right “free speech” group Patriot Prayer organized a rally in Portland, Oregon alongside alt-right “fraternity” the Proud Boys, a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group. A coalition of counter-protesters, including local unions, immigrant rights advocates, and Rose City Antifa were also in attendance. It was the third such rally in the city last summer, and led to multiple arrests and injuries.

MuckRock user Brian Waters obtained communication logs from the Portland Police Bureau from the day of the rally. The logs show police frequently overlooking armed and violent demonstrators with Patriot Prayer or the Proud Boys, while explicitly targeting counter-protesters with anti-riot measures like flash grenades and pepper spray, injuring many.

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