Italian antifascist partisan Irma Bandiera

Irmabandiera“Irma Bandiera was born in 1915 in a well-off Bolognese family; his father Angelo was a construction master builder, who got closer to anti-fascism during the dictatorship; the mother is Argentina Manferrati, and she has a sister, Nastia.[6]
Irma’s boyfriend, a soldier, is taken prisoner by the Germans in Crete after September 8, 1943, and remains missing after the ship on which he was embarked for the transfer to Germany was bombed and sunk off the port of Piraeus. His research remains unsuccessful.[6]
Irma Bandiera begins to help the disbanded Italian soldiers after the armistice and to take an interest in politics, by joining the Communist Party. In the village of Funo, where she used to visit relatives, she met a medical student, Dino Cipollani from Argelato, the partisan “Marco”.
Irma thus joined the Resistance, at the time very active in the Bolognese plain, with the name of battle “Mimma” in the VII GAP brigade Gianni Garibaldi of Bologna.[6]
On 5 August 1944 the partisans kill a German officer and a commander of the black brigades, which triggered the next day a reprisal in Funo. Three partisans are arrested and imprisoned in the schools of San Giorgio di Piano.[6]
On 7 August 1944 Irma Bandiera had been carrying weapons to the base of her group in Castel Maggiore.[7]
In the evening she is arrested at her uncle’s house, along with two other partisans. Also locked up in the schools of San Giorgio, but separated from her companions, she is then translated to Bologna, where the Fascists hoped to obtain further information on the Resistance from her.[6]” – <>

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