CATHY YOUNG // The Trouble With Candace Owens

The Trouble With Candace Owens – The Bulwark – // After a Twitter drubbing, Owens released a short, rambling video in which she both defiantly stood by her comments (she claimed that media accounts distorted her real point, which was that Hitler wasn’t a nationalist) and tried to half-walk them back, clarifying that Hitler would have been okay if he hadn’t been a globalist and a “homicidal, psychotic maniac.” She also argued that Hitler was not a true nationalist since “he wasn’t about putting Germans first,” as evidenced by his persecution of German Jews—a rather bizarre argument, since Hitler’s nationalism specifically excluded Jews from the category of “Germans.”

A Twitter user has pointed out the resemblance between Owens’s original remarks and a Prager University video by Yoram Hazony, “Why You Should Be a Nationalist,” which also claims that nationalism has been unfairly linked to Nazism and that “Adolf Hitler was no nationalist.” One might assume that Owens was channeling the video; however, it was actually released several days after her London appearance. It’s hard to say whether Owens (herself a Prager University contributor) saw a preview or picked up the idea from Hazony elsewhere; that she would have independently come up with such an odd defense of nationalism is possible but unlikely.

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