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Jam City Antifa // Mobilizations Gain Steam As David Duke, Richard Spencer, and Identity Evropa Set to Gather in Tennessee – It’s Going Down – A call to join the growing mobilizations happening in Burns, Tennessee against two white nationalist conferences featuring speakers and groups who organized the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

On the weekend of Friday, May 17th – Sunday, May 19th, “American Renaissance” will be holding its 8th Conference in Montgomery Bell State Park located in Burns, Tennessee. Its founder and one of the world’s central figures in promoting “scientific racism,” Jared Taylor, has for years pushed racist and white nationalist ideas, helping the Alt-Right to grow into the current murderous and deadly movement that it is today.
By Stephen Dinan // Cody Michael Matousek, Aryan Brotherhood member, pleads guilty to immigrant smuggling in Texas – Washington Times – The novel approach appeared to be successful at first, as the tow truck carrying the Ford 500, which had the illegal immigrants in it, made it through the checkpoint.

But the driver, who was not in the know, returned to the checkpoint a few minutes later saying he felt something was fishy about the job he was hired to do.
Joe Concha // Shapiro rips Economist after it labels him alt-right | TheHill – After considerable blowback, the Economist changed the headline late Thursday morning. It now refers to Shapiro as a “radical conservative.”
“This article has been changed. A previous version mistakenly described Mr Shapiro as an ‘alt-right sage’ and ‘a pop idol of the alt right.’ In fact, he has been strongly critical of the alt-right movement. We apologise,” the publication wrote.
Patrol 36 – Wikipedia – Patrol 36 ( Hebrew : patrol 36 ,[patrol ʃloʃim ve ʃeʃ] , Russian : Patrol 36 ,[pɐˈtrʊlʲ ˈtrɪjt͡sɐtʲ ˈʂɛstʲ]) was an Israeli neo-Nazi organization, consisting of 8 teenagers, led by Eli Bonite (born Erik Bunyatov in 1988), alias “Ely the Nazi” (Hebrew: אלי הנאצי‎ Eli ha-Natsi, Russian: Нацист Эли Natsist Eli). The group’s members were Russian immigrants aged 16 to 21. According to The Daily Telegraph, the men’s families were allowed to settle in Israel under the Law of Return, meaning that they all had at least one grandparent with a Jewish mother, although none of them were Jewish according to the Jewish law.
Emily Kopp // Among the ‘Jewish groups’ Trump cites, one with neo-Nazi ties – Both groups are linked to members of Trump’s foreign policy team who favor military intervention in the Muslim world: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton. Omar is vocally skeptical of U.S. wars.

The letter was authored by the Endowment for Middle East Truth, which then circulated it among supporting organizations.

Asked to describe her criteria for selecting organizations to cosign, EMET founder and president Sarah Stern described the coalition as being made up of “hawks.”

“The groups that signed on to it are national security hawks and care about a strong and safe America and a strong and safe Israel,” Stern said.

Muslim and Jewish groups alike have questioned whether the push is motivated solely by rooting out anti-Semitism, or scaremongering against one of the first Muslim congresswomen ever elected.
David Schraub // Free speech ‘hero’ Ben Shapiro’s as alt-right as a Jew can get – Opinion – Israel News | – Shapiro’s views and tone are the closest a Jew can get to membership of the vicious alt-right whose media platform he helped build. He’s not worthy of being a free speech warrior-martyr – for liberals or conservatives
Jon Levine // Candace Owens Ripped for ‘LOL’ Reaction to New Zealand Massacre Suspect Naming Her Biggest Influence – “HAHA OMG you racist Leftists are taking your racism and crazy to a whole new level hahah. Black people don’t have to be Democrats” now means…mosque shootings in New Zealand?” she continued. “This clearly won’t stick but damn if I won’t grow #BLEXIT highlighting your sheer desperation. ????????”

The suspect in Friday’s mass shooting, who identified himself as 28-year-old Australian-born Brenton Tarrant, filmed the attack on social media and was taken into custody, according to the U.K.’s Telegraph.

In an online manifesto, Tarrant wrote, “The person who has influenced me above all was Candace Owens” — but Gawker co-founder Elizabeth Spiers noted many “sarcastic” passages in the document and suggested that Owens’ mention may have been “trolling.”

Still, commenters found Owens’ uses of LOL and HAHA and laughing emojis inappropriate. “Lol is never the right response to a mass shooting,” said Bulwark contributor Molly Jong-Fast.

Police release photos of woman wanted for questioning in connection with racist graffiti – Nazi references, including Swastika and the symbol 1488, as well as other racist remarks and comments against the LGBTQ community were spray-painted on the doors and the concrete outside the building.

“This is clearly all of the numerology and the sloganeering, and all the rest of it is neo-Nazi kind of attacks. It fits in that genre, but we don’t have a clue who did it,” said former Oklahoma Gov. David Walters.

Walkers is the owner of the building, and he said they will clean up the graffiti as soon as possible.

“Just shocking. You see this nationally, this kind of hate crimes, and you read about it in other places. So when it lands on your doorsteps literally, you are pretty shocked about it,” Walters said.
Aj Melillo // Extremism is the Issue: A Response to the New Zealand Massacre – The Montclarion – It seems like every week there is yet another report of something like this happening across the globe. Hatred seems to be brewing everywhere, and no community seems to be safe.

Not in New Zealand, though. This island has a population of about 4.8 million people and about 1.2 million firearms and has not had a mass shooting since 1997, until this past Friday.

This is because the country has intense background checks, and in order to obtain a gun license, applicants must pass it to be approved.

This shooter obtained his guns legally, but he also was found with homemade explosive devices in nearby cars, which proves the theory that the attacker would have carried out these crimes, guns or not. It seems clearer than ever that the true issue is extremism, on all sides.

The New Zealand shooter published a manifesto online. In it he attacked conservatives and liberals alike. He called himself an “eco-fascist” and “white supremacist.”
Lou Dobbs guest: Americans “are getting raped by all of the expense of” immigration – LOU DOBBS (HOST): He continues these rallies with the American people. For all the time that his base, his supporters have been put through holy hell by these ignorant, deceptive, politically corrupt radical Dems. It is time for payback, and — and his supporters deserve this, because it’s vindication.

BETSY MCCAUGHEY: And they are not being fooled by all this rhetoric, all this fake sympathy for the asylum scammers at the southern border either. Believe me, most Americans know they are getting raped by all of the expense of this, and they are glad this president is going to solve this problem, and he ought to close the border tomorrow.

DOBBS: You know, putting it in, you know, in future tense is not happy — is not —

MCCAUGHEY: Well, he ought to close the border. He ought to close it right away, because he has the leverage —
Aisha Down // The Balkan Ghosts Inspiring White Nationalist Terrorism – Which leads Bosnians and civil society leaders to ask: In what way is Karadzic’s ideology still baked into the region, how dangerous is it here, and indeed how dangerous is it for the rest of the world?
Murderous Islamophobia

Karadzic, president of the Republika Srpska during the Bosnian war, oversaw the murder of tens of thousands of people—mostly Muslim—in the course of the four-year siege of Sarajevo and massacres that took place around Bosnia. Montenegrin by birth in what was once Yugoslavia, he built the ideology of Serbian nationalism, framing it as a struggle between Orthodox Christianity and Islam.

He was sentenced to 40 years in prison for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in 2016. He appealed the verdict. Last week, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) said that 40 years was not commensurate with the gravity of his crimes, and gave him an increased sentence, life in prison. Since he is 73 years old, that may be a distinction with little difference, but the symbolism is important.
Jenna McLaughlin // The U.S. government’s counterterrorism center doesn’t track white supremacists. Some think it should. – While government officials are starting to talk more about white nationalism as a terrorist threat, the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), the U.S. government’s nerve center for threat information, isn’t allowed to track such attacks. But now some retired senior counterterrorism experts are proposing to change that.

In a recent article for the Lawfare blog, Joshua Geltzer, a former National Security Council official; Mary McCord, who worked at the Justice Department; and Nick Rasmussen, who retired in 2017 as director of NCTC, advocated for a possible expansion of NCTC’s purview “to include threat analysis, information sharing and strategic operational planning for the domestic terrorist threat.”

NCTC reports to both the National Security Council at the White House and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; it is designed to generate timely analysis of the threats posed by international terrorist groups like al-Qaida and the Islamic State using intelligence and information streams from across the government. While it has access to massive amounts of intelligence on terrorists, NCTC does not focus on threats that are purely domestic.

This is not the first time experts have argued the Office of the Director of National Intelligence be more involved in domestic terrorism. However, an expansion of the center’s mission would challenge existing norms, which dictate that NCTC covers foreign groups, while the FBI handles domestic threats, like white nationalism or ecoterrorists.

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