Elizabeth Warren apologizes again…

ELANA SCHOR // Elizabeth Warren apologizes again for Native American heritage comments | 13newsnow.com – “I am not a tribal citizen. Tribes, and only tribes, determine citizenship,” Warren said, adding, “I have apologized for not being more sensitive to that distinction. It’s an important distinction.”

The episode threatens to undermine the progress Warren has made since she launched a presidential exploratory committee in December. She was well-received in Iowa, home to the nation’s first caucuses, last month. She’s also appealed to the Democratic base with arguments that wealthy politicians shouldn’t self-fund their campaigns and proposed an “ultra-millionaire tax.”

Pakalolo // Native American Protesters arrested after KXL vote. – I watched the vote on the XL pipeline yesterday on C-Span. After the final tally of 41-59 was announced signaling the failure of the “Protect Mary Landrieu Act” to break the 60 vote threshold. The audible singing from protesters in the gallery could be heard and warmed my heart. That traditional tribal tune came from Native American protesters that had gathered to protest the dire danger of this project on their lands and their people. As you can see from the above clip, Elizabeth Warren summoned the Sargent at Arms to restore order. Five of the protesters were removed from the gallery and had their hands cuffed with plastic zip-ties.

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