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3 men, 16-year-old high school student charged in plot to attack Upstate New York Muslim community – The Rochester-area residents are accused of plotting to attack the small Muslim enclave west of the Catskills, according to court papers.

The timing of the attack was unknown. At the time of their weekend arrests, the men, three of whom were in Boy Scouts together, had access to 23 rifles and shotguns and three home-made explosives, Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan said at a press conference.

“I don’t know that there was a specific date. They had a plan in place,” Phelan said.

He did not rule out the possibility of additional arrests.

Charged with weapons possession and conspiracy were 20-year-old Brian Colaneri, 18-year-old Andrew Crysel and 19-year-old Vincent Vetromile. A 16-year-old student at Odyssey Academy in Greece was charged as an adolescent offender.

It was a lunchroom comment by the student during school Friday that launched the investigation.

“He looks like the next school shooter, doesn’t he?” the student allegedly said while showing students a picture of another boy on his phone, according to Phelan.

A student who heard the comment “did what we teach kids to do and told somebody,” the chief said.

Anarchists In Opposition to Venezuelan Coup — Mpalothia – The Trump regime’s declaration – in tandem with the Organization of American States, and several other state powers – that it will recognize the President of the National Assembly Juan Guaido as the rightful leader of Venezuela may be the first step to war. The fascist Brazilian government’s alliance with the Trump regime has emboldened the two states to act. The collapse of leftist governments in Latin America, and their tentative approach towards these far right regimes may prove decisive.

We watched Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador enter pragmatic dialogue with Trump and Evo Morales hand over the revolutionary fighter, Cesare Battisti, to Interpol in collusion with the fascist Brazilian state. Anarchists have had no illusions about the shortcomings of leftist states and these betrayals, once again, serve as proof.

With that in mind revolutionaries in the United States have an obligation to call a spade a spade, and take a stance on all matters of imperialism, white supremacy and militarism.

Jade Hutchinson // The Rise Of Radical Right Extremism In Trump’s America – Rantt – The United States of America has recently experienced concentrations of right-wing violent extremism particularly with an increase in violent radical right street groups. The US’ expanding catalog of radical right groups emphasizes the need to understand the dynamics of aggressive group mentality. Such as the elucidation of cognitive-psychology within a group, an individual’s engagement in strategic group action and how an individual alters their behavior to meet the changing demands of the group. To this end, the following discussion intends to better understand the inter-personal mechanisms and incentives that may drive the operation and violent escalation of certain radical right groups.

Bomb plot suspect released from jail on bond | – According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, 18-year-old Andrew Crysel is no longer at the Monroe County Jail.

Terms of his release are unknown at this time.

Greece Police arrested Crysel along with 20-year-old Bryan Colaneri, 19-year-old Vincent Vetromile, and an unidentified 16-year-old Odyssey Academy student and charged each of them with three counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of conspiracy.

Police say the suspects assembled an arsenal of over 20 firearms and multiple IEDs as part of a preparation for an attack against the Muslim community in Islamberg, New York.

Announcement for talk on Anarchism and Yiddishkayt-Moscow, 1918.pngJewish Currents | The Lost World of Yiddish AnarchistsOn Sunday, January 20, YIVO will host Yiddish Anarchism: New Scholarship on a Forgotten Tradition, a day-long conference. Claire Ehrlich sat down with scholars Kenyon Zimmer, Anna Elena Torres, and Tony Michels to discuss, among other topics, anarchism’s relationship to Jewish culture, religious practice, and Zionism; its erasure within Jewish scholarship; and why it’s so often dismissed as a political tendency. This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

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