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TIMOTHY JOHNSON // A Muslim community conservatives demonized for years was the target of a right-wing terror plot — again – On January 19, three men and a juvenile from East Rochester and Greece, NY, were arrested after local law enforcement uncovered a plot to attack nearby Islamberg. Authorities recovered three homemade bombs and 23 firearms during the investigation. Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan told reporters, “If they had carried out this plot, and we have every indication that was what they were going to do, people would have died.” Muslims of America (MOA), a group located in Islamberg, released a statement thanking law enforcement for foiling the plot, writing, “It is beyond tragic that our nation continues to fester with Islamophobia, hate and religious intolerance.”

Laura Ingraham: “Because you’re a minority, you get special standards, special treatment” – LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): This is what was referenced as minority privilege last week by yours truly. What do I mean by that? That because you’re a minority, you get special standards, special treatment in the eyes of some. And it’s not fair to other people.

[Nathan Phillips] a recovering alcoholic, which is good for him. But he — I mean, he’s a wild child.

So when I say minority privilege, that’s what I mean. Everyone should be held to the same standard.

An Analysis of Anarchist Resistance to the Trump Inauguration — Mpalothia – On January 20, anarchists took on the most powerful empire in the history of the solar system at the heart of the spectacle intended to legitimize its rule—at precisely the moment that a new administration sought to introduce an even more authoritarian model of governance. This was a profoundly courageous act. In retaliation, prosecutors attempted to set a legal precedent that would criminalize protest itself, in hopes of being able to inflict the full force of felony prosecution on anyone in proximity to any act of resistance. The ensuing legal battle lasted a year and a half.

The mass arrest that occurred on January 20, 2017 was not inevitable. It was the consequence of specific decisions that the organizers and participants in the march made; it could have turned out differently. Everyone who might one day be compelled to take part in high-risk street protest stands to benefit from an analysis of this action. It is an especially interesting case study in that it represents a worst-case scenario: 500 demonstrators without scouts, a communications network, or a solid plan taking on 28,000 security personnel at a pivotal historical moment.

Von Lars Wienand // Sie schwärmen auf Facebook vom germanischen Vaterland und von der Wehrmacht, in einem russischen Netzwerk posten sie Hitlerbilder und Hakenkreuze: hat Mitglieder des deutschen Ku-Klux-Klans aufgespürt.

Source: So präsentiert sich der Ku-Klux-Klan in Deutschland

Der erste Sprung: Rojava verteidigen – Die Krisen-AG der iL Berlin schlägt in ihrem Text »Nochmal Anlauf nehmen« vor, eine Kampagne des Zivilen Ungehorsams »gegen Waffenexporte, Aufrüstung und Abschottung« zu starten. Ziel einer solchen Kampagne wäre es, Krieg und Frieden wieder zu einem zentralen Thema der radikalen Linken in Deutschland zu machen. Ergebnis im besten Fall eine breite Antikriegsbewegung.

Dieser Vorschlag gewinnt Brisanz durch den Abzug der US-Truppen aus Syrien, der am 11. Januar begonnen hat. Dadurch gerät die Demokratische Föderation Nordsyrien, das freie Rojava in ernste Bedrängnis. Die türkische Diktatur setzt seit 2015 auf Machterhalt durch militärische Aggression gegen die kurdische Befreiungsbewegung, Erdoğan trommelt seit Wochen für einen Einmarsch nach Rojava. Spätestens seit der Besetzung Afrins ist klar, dass ein türkischer Einmarsch in Rojava kein Stein auf dem anderen lassen würde. Auch wenn es andere mögliche Entwicklungen gibt, beispielsweise ein erzwungener Kompromiss mit dem Assad-Regime: Ein türkischer Angriff ist momentan die Hauptgefahr für Rojava. Deshalb müssen wir 2019 zum Jahr der Verteidigung Rojavas machen.

VICE Brazil; translated by Rafa Lombardino // Suspects in Marielle Franco’s Murder Have Ties to Bolsonaro Family – Pereira is a Military Police Major within the state government who, according to the G1 report, also acted as the commander of the illegal, civilian-run militia that ruled the city’s Muzema favela. Such paramilitary groups—often consisting of former or current policemen, soldiers, or firefighters—are common in Rio de Janeiro. While they claim to combat drug gangs, the illegality of their operations ranges from racketeering, gambling, and the illegal sale of real estate and cable services, and they consolidate their power through violence. Pereira himself is believed to be a member of Escritorio do Crime, the group that has been linked to Franco’s assassination.

In 2004, Pereira was honored by senator-elect Flávio Bolsonaro, the son of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, whose far-right ideology and abysmal track record on women’s rights, LGBTQ individuals, and the country’s indigenous communities has garnered comparisons to Donald Trump. Less than a year before the commendation, Pereira was being investigated for his leading role in a slaughter that resulted in the death of five young people in Rio’s Baixada Fluminense district.

The second suspect at large, Nóbrega, is a former captain of BOPE (the Special Police Operations Battalion), an elite unit within Rio’s Military Police force. According to the national newspaper O Globo, Flávio had employed Nóbrega’s mother and wife in his office as state representative up until last year. Flávio also bestowed honors on Nóbrega, first in 2003 and again in 2004, for his service. In 2005, he nominated Nóbrega for the Tiradentes medal—the highest honor granted to an individual by the Legislative Assembly in the State of Rio de Janeiro—which he won.

Nigel Farage visits Ecuadorian Embassy, home of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange | // []

Polish nationalists march on Auschwitz to protest ‘non-inclusive’ International Holocaust Day – Europe – – Rybak later claimed the figure was meant to represent Jewish-Hungarian philanthropist George Soros, who advocated for an open European immigration policy.

Most of the 1.1 million people murdered by Nazi German forces at the camp during World War II were Jews. Other victims include Poles, Roma and Soviet prisoners of war.

Earlier in the day, former prisoners of Auschwitz placed flowers at an execution wall at the former Nazi German death camp on the 74th anniversary of the camp’s liberation and what is now International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Polish PM says Hitler’s Germany responsible for Holocaust, not Nazis – AFP/Oswiecim

Hitler’s Germany was responsible for the Holocaust, not the Nazis, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said yesterday, as Poland marked 74 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.
“Hitler’s Germany fed on fascist ideology … but all the evil came from this (German) state and we cannot forget that, because otherwise we relativise evil,” said Morawiecki at an official ceremony at Auschwitz.
“The Polish state acts as the guardian of the truth, which must not be relativised in any way,” he said.
“I want to make a promise here to (preserve) the complete truth about that era,” he added, in a speech in the southern city of Oswiecim to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.
Yesterday’s ceremony at Auschwitz was attended by a number of former prisoners at the camp.
Morawiecki’s speech comes after last year’s row over a Polish law that made it illegal to accuse the Polish nation or state of complicity in Nazi German crimes.

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