#MAGA, #CovingtonCatholic and #Hoteps

Olivia Messer // Covington Catholic Teen on ‘Fox & Friends’: Blackface Is ‘School Spirit’ – Co-host Steve Doocy asked the Kentucky private-school senior Sam Schroder: “Five years ago, there was a pep rally where one of the members of the school body appeared to have blackface on. People have even asked you to explain that. How do you explain that?”

Schroder, wearing a white button-down shirt and a blue striped tie, said: “I just explain it as showing school spirit. We have many themes. Like nerd, business, whiteout, blueout, blackout—as you’ve seen in the video. Ever since I’ve gone to CovCath, we haven’t been able to wear black paint because of the video, but I know the kids meant nothing by it, it’s just showing school spirit.”

Robert Silverman // The History of the Covington MAGA Teens’ Racist ‘Tomahawk Chop’

In multiple videos, the students—some of whom, prior to gathering at the Lincoln Memorial, were allegedly howling “MAGA!” at random female passers-by—can be seen engaging in the familiar chant, bringing their arm downward as if wielding a tomahawk while belting out a crude version of traditional Native American songs. Fans of the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Florida State University, and numerous high schools with Native American mascots have been chopping away for decades. But make no mistake: The chant in and of itself is considered a slur by Native Americans and advocacy groups have plaintively asked sports teams to stop rubber-stamping this behavior since it first gained prominence.

The Daily Beast contacted representatives of three pro teams and FSU to see if they cared to comment now that the chant is openly being used to taunt and ridicule an indigenous person, or whether they intended to discourage their fans from doing so going forward. No American teams responded prior to publication. A spokesman for the Exeter Chiefs, an English pro rugby team that has adopted the Tomahawk Chop, said via email: “Exeter Rugby Club have no comment to make on this matter.”

Ben Feuerherd and Bruce Golding // This ‘Black Israelite’ from Brooklyn sparked the Covington controversy – During an interview in a Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment, Israel defended the outrageous insults he hurled at the students, whom he at one point called “a bunch of f—-ts made out of incest.”

Israel said the students tried in vain to shut him up by loudly reciting what Sandmann has called “school spirit chants.”

“They started doing their chants, so I was cutting into them. I called them dogs. They sounded like dogs,” he said.

Israel also said the Native American activists “were trying to stop everything” and “de-escalate the situation.”

“They actually interrupted what we was teaching,” he said.
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Video shows teen boys taunting Native American man at march
Video shows teen boys taunting Native American man at march

“At the time, the kids took a position. They was all on one knee like the offensive line and the defensive line. And it looked like they was going to rush us and that’s when [Phillips] came.”

“I wish he didn’t. We was still teaching. We had so much more to go,” he said.

Jennifer Smith // Kentucky Catholic high school from Lincoln Memorial clash allowed blackface at pep rallies | Daily Mail Online – The Kentucky Catholic high school whose students were filmed taunting a Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial last Friday have been called out for allowing other youngsters to wear black face at pep rallies in the last 10 years.

Covington Catholic High School has shuttered its website, Facebook page and disconnected its phone since a video of its students at the memorial went viral over the weekend.

It has not commented on the footage which it posted on its YouTube account last January.

It is titled ‘Compilation video of the Colonel Crazies from over the past decade. With a Spirit that Will Not Die!’

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