The Strange Career of Dr. Lenora Fulani

Ron Daniels // The Strange Career of Dr. Lenora Fulani – [Dr. Lenora Fulani, former presidential candidate of the now defunct New Alliance Party, and “critic” of the two party monopoly on politics in this country, recently stunned many observers by endorsing Pat Buchanan’s campaign to become the Reform Party’s candidate for President in the 2000 election. In rationalizing her decision to endorse one of the most rabid, racist, sexist, homophobic, right wing political figures on the political scene today, Dr. Fulani suggested that Buchanan’s candidacy would be good for “independent” politics and the political fortunes of Black people. Indeed, Dr. Fulani promised to bring Pat Buchanan to the heart of Harlem, the Capital of Black America, to dine at Sylvia’s restaurant and speak at the House of Justice, the headquarter of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. How could Dr. Fulani who claims to be a Marxist and a champion of Black causes endorse an arch adversary of Black people? From my vantage point no one should be surprised that Dr. Fulani could commit such a deplorable act. For some time, at the direction of her mentor and master Dr. Fred Newman, it appears that Dr. Fulani’s services as a political operative have been for sale to the highest bidder.

As a veteran of the progressive independent political movement, when I ran for President in 1992, 1 did so in part to protect the Black community against political interlopers and pretenders like Dr. Lenora Fulani. A cursory examination of the principal Black independent political movements in the last quarter century reveal that Dr. Lenora Fulani was nowhere to be found in any of them. From the National Black Political Assembly, the National Black Independent Political Party to the National Black United Fund, there is no evidence that Dr. Fulani played any significant role in the independent Black political movement. So how did Dr. Lenora Fulani become a “prominent” Black political leader purporting to represent the interests of Black people? The Fulani phenomenon is but the latest example of a predominantly White organization utilizing a Black face, and in this instance a Black female face, to establish a base in the Black community to carry out its own political agenda. ]

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