Luciana Paulino and Guilherme Soares Dias // BLACK, LGBTQI+ AND INDIGENOUS UNDER ATTACK IN BRAZIL

BLACK, LGBTQI+ AND INDIGENOUS UNDER ATTACK IN BRAZIL | AFROPUNK – The LGBTQI+ community will also be severely affected by this measure since it seems like Brazilians like to fuck the trans population as much as they kill them. According to a survey revealed by a famous pornography site, Brazil is the country that most watches porn videos featuring trans people. Ironically, according to Brazilian Association of Trans People (Antra), it’s also the deadliest nation in the world for trans people. Damn, we are so contradictory!

And Bolsonaro’s hatred of minorities seems to have no end. On the second day of his presidency, like a spoiled child, he signed a provisional measure that removes the LGBTQI+ population from the consideration of Human Rights guidelines. That measure changes the structure of the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, headed by Damares Alves, a minister who in her inaugural speech said that boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink. In that chaos, it has not been clear, however, which department will be responsible for LGBTQI+ citizens. Remember when humanity’s expectations for the year 2019 was that we’d be discussing flying cars and life beyond earth, not the gender-based colors of clothing that men and women should wear?

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