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Isabel Valdés // Rise of the far right in Spain: Thousands of women march across Spain against far-right party Vox | In English | EL PAÍS – Marching under the slogan “No step back in equality,” crowds demonstrated in Seville, the seat of the Andalusian parliament, but also in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Málaga and Santiago de Compostela. Around 100 municipalities in total held some form of protest against a party that has made scrapping gender violence laws a signature issue.

Natalie Cromb // //

In a court affidavit filed last June, Nina Kouprianova accused the white nationalist of assaulting her while she was pregnant

via Richard Spencer’s Wife Launches GoFundMe Page to Leave ‘Abusive Marriage’ — Array

Gregory J. Wallance // GOP can’t excommunicate King and ignore Trump playing to white supremacy and racism | TheHill
GOP can’t excommunicate King and ignore Trump playing to white supremacy and racism
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Hypocrisy, it is said, is the compliment that vice pays to virtue.

Republicans certainly proved that to be true by condemning and punishing Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) for his white supremacist remarks but failing to denounce Trump for using white supremacist messaging to build support for a wall at the southern border.

King asked last week, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilizationc—chow did that language become offensive?”

On Sunday, Trump tweeted a column lamenting the loss of white dominance of America written by Pat Buchanan, the former communications director for President Ronald Reagan. “America as we have known it is going to cease to exist . . . The Democratic Party is hostile to white men, because the smaller the share of the U.S. population that white men become, the sooner that Democrats inherit the national estate.”

Congressional Republicans, imitating Captain Louis Renault in the movie “Casablanca,” in effect responded: We are shocked — shocked — to find out that white supremacy and racism is going on in here. Just as Captain Renault ordered “round up the usual suspects,” the Republicans stripped King of his House committee assignments without condemning Trump’s Buchanan tweet.

Luke O’Brien // Far-Right Troll Chuck Johnson Tried Out for ‘Survivor.’ Here’s His Audition Tape. | HuffPost – Chuck Johnson — a far-right troll and occasional adviser to Trump’s administration who is famous for publishing the home addresses of reporters whose work he doesn’t like, suggesting an Amtrak crash was caused by the engineer’s sexuality, questioning how many Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust, and propagating a claim he pooped on the floor at his college — once made an audition tape for “Survivor.” We have obtained that tape, which you can watch above.

Spanish president speaks at European Parliament amid criticism over Catalonia – In his address on the future of the European Union, Sánchez made a call to fight Euroscepticism, far-right parties, and nationalism.

“Faced with the rhetoric of discriminatory identities, [we want] inclusive identities, identities that don’t discriminate,” said Sánchez.

Greens and People’s Party criticism over Catalonia for opposite reasons

Peter Montgomery // Steve King Slams GOP Leaders, Says Conservatives Privately Express Support for Him | Right Wing Watch – While many people have asked what took Republicans so long to move against King given his long track record of racist and nativist rhetoric, Martin and King complained about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who voted to strip King of his committee assignments, and Liz Cheney, who publicly called for King to resign from Congress. The Des Moines Register has also called on King to step down.

“The only thing worse than being the focus of the New York Times and the mainstream media’s attack is to have the Republican Party, that’s supposed to be the conservative party, join in,” complained Martin.

King described his life over the past few days as a bad dream: “When I wake up in the morning, the bad dream starts, when I go to sleep at night it’s like I woke up from a bad dream because the bad dream ends. That’s how perverse it is; it’s inside out and upside down.”

Allison Kaplan Sommer // Radical settler, ‘proud homophobe’ and wunderkind: Meet the new leader of Israel’s far right – Israel Election 2019 – – Bezazel Smotrich, the blue-eyed bearded settler who has become the country’s youthful face of unrepentant political and religious extremism and intolerance is ready for his close-up, after being elected leader…

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