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Mark Lilla // Two Roads for the New French Right | by Mark Lilla | The New York Review of Books – Something new is happening on the European right, and it involves more than xenophobic populist outbursts. Ideas are being developed, and transnational networks for disseminating them are being established. Journalists have treated as a mere vanity project Steve Bannon’s efforts to bring European populist parties and thinkers together under the umbrella of what he calls The Movement. But his instincts, as in American politics, are in tune with the times. (Indeed, one month after Marion’s appearance at CPAC, Bannon addressed the annual convention of the National Front.) In countries as diverse as France, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Italy, efforts are underway to develop a coherent ideology that would mobilize Europeans angry about immigration, economic dislocation, the European Union, and social liberalization, and then use that ideology to govern. Now is the time to start paying attention to the ideas of what seems to be an evolving right-wing Popular Front. France is a good place to start.

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Wm. Steven Humphrey // Remembering 2018: Oregonian’s Not-So-Great Apology for Patriot Prayer Puff Piece – Blogtown – Portland Mercury – While opinion pages are designed to present an array of different viewpoints, the Oregonian has a responsibility to make sure that, at the very least, they are informed viewpoints backed up by facts. And they know this. Otherwise we’d be regularly reading Oregonian editorials with titles like, “Down is Up, and You’re an Idiot to Believe Otherwise,” or “Children Should Be Allowed to Hand Down Death Sentences, Because They’re Such Great Judges of Character.”

By the way, there’s a reason I’m not linking to either the original op-ed or the note from the Oregonian’s editorial board—because the desperate need for clicks is what pushed them to run these pieces in the first place. While the internet is great for many things, keeping journalism honest and ethical isn’t one of them. In the olden, pre-internet days, the primary ways to find out if readers were engaging with a newspaper came from circulation numbers, letters to the editor, and surveys—none of which were super reliable.

Becky Little// The ‘Black Pete’ Christmas character is dividing a country – The exaggerated appearance of Dutch Zwarte Piet costumes may have also been influenced by American blackface minstrel shows, which toured throughout Europe in the mid-19th century. “The Dutch tend to argue that Black Pete is a Dutch thing, and other people outside the Netherlands don’t understand our culture,” says Mitchell Esajas, co-founder of New Urban Collective and Kick Out Zwarte Piet. “But it is part of an international tradition of racial stereotyping.”

Pressure from activists like Esajas and Quinsy Gario, who started the project Zwarte Piet is Racisme (“Black Pete is racism”), has convinced some cities and many schools to phase blackface out of their celebrations. This year, McDonald’s banned employees from dressing as Piet, and the Dutch police announced it won’t allow Piet costumes at its holiday parties after 2020.

This Is America #48: Indigenous Resistance at the Border – It’s Going Down – Welcome, to This Is America, December 22nd, 2018.

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking to someone at the Somi Se’k Village Base Camp, which is an indigenous led resistance camp that is organizing along the Rio Grande in so-called Texas to mobilize against various resource extraction projects, threats to sacred sites, destruction of butterfly and other wildlife habitat, to provide direct aid to migrants, and also to fight border wall construction.

Brad Reed // Reports About Trump-Loving QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Make Them Look Deranged — And Now They Want to Sue | Alternet – “I’m sleeping on the couch again tonight because I had a flair up,” wrote a QAnon believer who calls himself “Covpepe1776.” “I hope this turns out to all be truer than true. My wife wants to divorce me soon possibly because she thinks I’m in a cult group for reading this stuff. It sucks. I’m do sick over it.”

“My daughter and brother will not speak to me,” wrote another believer. “Since my mom and dad are dead, I have none of my original family.”
For the uninitiated, QAnon is a conspiracy theory that posits that all presidents elected before Trump were part of a secret global ring of pedophiles that the president is now currently working behind the scenes to expose. The theory also claims that special counsel Robert Mueller is not actually investigating Trump, but is rather doing the president’s work of investigating the purported pedophile ring.

Ofer Aderet // Finland investigating involvement of 1,400 citizens in SS war crimes – Israel News –

ANF | YPJ International: Turkey and DAESH different faces of same enemy – YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) International has released a statement on the Turkish state’s genocidal war and recently increased attacks against Kurds and Kurdistan.

Full text of the statement by YPJ International reads as follows;

“Erdogan and the AKP- MHP fascists have shown with the recent bombings of already displaced people in the camp in Maxmur and Yazidis in Şengal their will to invade also Rojava/Northern Syria and introduce fascism all over Kurdistan and beyond.

For a long time the Turkish state has kept a strong connection with Daesh/IS. For us it is clear that they are different faces of the same enemy.

This fascist unit of the Turkish state, its mercenaries and Daesh is being confronted by the comrades and the entire society here in Northern Syria and all Kurdistan. After the ongoing and brutal invasion of Afrin the NATO-member Turkish state threatens to attack again the liberated area of Northern Syria, where the revolution is advancing with women at its forefront.

At the time that our comrades are fighting Daesh in Deir ez-Zor, advancing to liberate Hajin, others still continuing to attack the invaders in Afrin, we are responding with a shout for freedom to the threats against this revolution. It has become our revolution, because we as internationalist have learned, seen and lived, that the people in Northern Syria are creating the grounds for a free and communal society based on gender equality, ecology and basic democracy.

Opposing fascism, feudalism, patriarchy and all the other forms of oppression unites us as women from different places, cultures and traditions. We came here to be confronted with what it means to build up a revolutionary process, to take part in constructing and developing everything that is needed for it and defend it by all means necessary.

It is not only a physical defense but it is also an ideological defense. This is a women’s revolution! The front against oppression is everywhere.

The economic and political relations that any organization or state maintains with Turkey are also responsible for this situation of a coming war. Just one example is the German state that is selling tanks to Turkey and keeping up a “good diplomacy” with the fascists. All of this helps Turkey in continuing its tradition of colonizing and massacring people.

As internationalists we are taking up weapons against the Turkish state also because of the collaboration of other states in this war. For this reason we oppose fascism even stronger to defend the revolution in Rojava. We share one struggle with the Kurdish, Arabic, Assyrian-Syriac, Turkmen and a huge diversity of people against patriarchy, the state system and capitalism. The seeds for a free life are already spreading everywhere in the world

We will evolve resistance everywhere. We need all people, comrades, to feel responsible, not just to wait for the war, but to stop it now! It is the time to stand up against fascism! Our places are many, as well are our methods in this battle. Silence means complicity, let’s point out our enemies as a target, make the situation visible, get organised, start to share and spread the beautiful ideas that are the basis of this revolution.

As internationalist fighters we believe that we become free women when we face the enemies’ attacks shoulder to shoulder. Remembering all the comrades that have fought for freedom until the end – among them thousands of women- our answer to these threats is unlimited resistance! Their courage and love for life is an example for us while following their footsteps.

We will succeed!

Long live the people’s struggle for freedom!

Long live the resistance of Rojava and Northern Syria!”

Warsaw ghetto uprising fighter Simcha Rotem dies at 94 | World news | The Guardian – Simcha Rotem, an Israeli Holocaust survivor who was among the last-known Jewish fighters from the 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising against the Nazis, has died. He was 94.

Rotem, who used the underground nickname Kazik, took part in the single greatest act of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. Though destined to fail, the Warsaw ghetto uprising symbolised a refusal to succumb to Nazi atrocities and inspired other resistance campaigns by Jews and non-Jews alike.

Rotem, who died on Saturday after a long illness, helped save the last survivors of the uprising by smuggling them out of the burning ghetto through sewers. The Jewish fighters fought for nearly a month, fortifying themselves in bunkers and managing to kill 16 Nazis and wound nearly 100.

Belgian soccer fans sing chant about burning Jews – Jewish Telegraphic Agency – (JTA) — Soccer fans in Belgium chanted about burning Jews during a match in the city of Bruges, Belgian media reported.

La Derniere Heure published footage from the Aug. 26 match on Wednesday. It shows dozens of fans celebrating their local team’s victory over Brussels’ Anderlecht team that day by singing in Flemish: “My father was in the commandos, my mother was in the SS, together they burned Jews ’cause Jews burn the best.”

The chant, whose use was first reported by the media in 2015, has proliferated in the Netherlands and Belgium in recent years. In some cases, fans chant it to taunt counterparts from rival teams that are seen as historically Jewish. Some fans say Anderlecht is such a team, although that soccer club is not famously associated with Jews.

Marcel Cartier // Trump reaffirms the U.S. war on Kurdistan  – The Region – This reality is that despite the ‘tactical’ military cooperation that has existed between the U.S. and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Washington remains – as it always has – in a state of actual war with the Kurdish Freedom Movement, namely Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), despite the American Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey admitting links between the U.S. local partner and PKK.

Therefore, when news headlines make reference to Trump abruptly deciding to pull the 2,000 U.S. troops out of Syria as a ‘betrayal’ to ‘the Kurds’, it obscures the fundamental truth that actually, such a betrayal was never possible.

It only would have been possible if the cooperation between the YPG/J-led SDF and the U.S. in the fight against the Islamic State wasn’t based on a temporary intersection of interests and instead on principles and a long-term vision. In other words, if the short-term military objectives extended to political ones. They never did.

Alice Walker endorses anti-Semitism. Marc Lamont Hill doesn’t. Was that so hard? – U.S. News – // []


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