Tell Congress: Stop the Native American land grab | CREDO Action

Tell Congress: Stop the Native American land grab | CREDO Action – It’s absolutely deplorable: Western-state Republicans are once again attempting to rip sovereign tribal land away from Native Americans in Utah and give it to the fossil fuel industry.1

After failed attempts in 2016 to strip lands from the Ute tribe, which more than 150,000 CREDO members opposed, Rep. Rob Bishop and Sen. Orrin Hatch are pushing hard for Congress to pass legislation once again to hand over Native reservation land to extractive industries during the lame-duck session just before Democrats take control of the House.

Their bill is not only a huge giveaway to the fossil fuel industry, it would also be the first Native American land grab in over 100 years. We must demand that Congress prevent this bill from ever getting a vote in Congress.

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