True Lies, Necessary Illusions and Dangerous Coonery // Random (undated) Afro-Indigenist Notes Examining neo-Fascism in the Américas Written Over Morning Coffee


A. Kofi / @TheAngryindian


A democratic civilization will save itself only if it makes the language of the image into a stimulus for critical reflection; not an invitation for hypnosis.

– Umberto Eco

The Week in Right-Wing Terror Under Donald Trump

It first started with a mail-bomb hand-delivered to the home of prominent Jewish capitalist and left-wing philanthropist George Soros, an individual many hard-right conservatives have falsely demonised over the years as a secret funder of dangerous, anti-Christian/anti-White terror organisations dedicated to destroying the United States and the rest of western civilisation. In the following days, more explosives were discovered by the US Secret Service in mailed packages addressed to former President Bill Clinton and Ms. Hillary Clinton (separately); former US Vice President Joe Biden; former President Barack Obama; former US Attorney General Eric Holder; John Brennan a former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Congresswoman Maxine Waters; Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Senator Kamala Harris; Senator Cory Booker; former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and actor Robert De Niro. The broadcast facilities of CNN were also discovered to be a target after local law enforcement was called in to deal with an explosive device found there.

In time Cesar Altier Sayoc,1 a far-right, a registered Florida Republican and strong Trump supporter who claims a connection to the Seminole Nation, was taken into custody by federal authorities in suspicion of the mail-bomb attacks on the basis of a fingerprint (first reported as DNA evidence).2 Sayoc now faces up to 48 years in prison for carrying out the attacks and as of this writing, local and federal authorities, led in principle by the White House and Trump’s Twitter-feed, are still wavering in official statements to define this as an act of domestic terrorism. Instead, they spent their time, mental energy; taxpayer money and th public’s attention that should have gone towards the emergency response effort blaming their political and ideological opposition for the deadly outcome of their hateful rhetoric.3
Then without warning, Gregory Bush,4 a resident of Louisville, Kentucky attempted to carry out a gun attack against a predominantly Afro-American Christian church in Jeffersontown.5 Failing that, he then went to a nearby market, entered, and murdered Maurice Stallard in front of his 12-year-old grandson. After doing this Bush then exited the market, looked around and took aim at Vickie Lee Jones in the car park, shooting her down in cold-blood. It has been alleged that Ms. Jones was shot by Bush while she tried to alert police during the attack. And in spite of the sing-song rhetoric of the US gun-lobby, a ‘good’ White man with a gun decided not to stop a White terrorist with a gun after an exchange that culminated in the terrorist telling the good-guy: ‘Don’t shoot me, I won’t shoot you…Whites don’t kill Whites.’6
As this writer sat befuddled, struggling to make sense of all of this, other reports came through of yet another attack, this time against a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.7 And as I endeavour to jot this down, it is being reported that one Robert D. Bowers,8 (now in custody) entered the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill shouting, ‘All Jews must die,’ killing eleven people and severely wounding six others during a bris,9 including (four) law enforcement officers who responded to the crisis.10 It is also being reported that Bowers, a member of Gab;11 the alt-Right’s version of the Twitter social media platform under the pseudonym One Dingo (@onedingo),12 posted numerous Judeophobic comments and other warning signs of what was to come.13 A few hours after Bowers attacked the synagogue, his Gab account was deleted and Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba,14 as been hopping about online, blaming Jews because the entire website has now been shut down by its hosting service.15
In the meantime, President Donald Trump16 and the rest of the Republican Party;17 their pot-smoking, right-wing cousins the Libertarians18 and the far-right, conspiratorial neo-Nazis who make up his rabidly ignorant political base19 have been working overtime to false-frame this most recent week in neo-fascist domestic terrorism20 as a secret plot by (‘the Jew’) George Soros;21 the Democratic National Party (DNC); anti-fascist activists and the corporate-owned, mainstream newsmedia aimed squarely atmaking Trump look bad.’22 23
Never mind the fact that a Saudi journalist living (legally) in the United States and employed by the Washington Post, Mr. Jamal Khashoggi, was lured from the US to Turkey where he was killed by a professional Saudi wet-team with the full knowledge of the White House. President Trump consciously lied when he told the US press corps about rogue killers,24 as the public is now aware that the US National Security Agency25 (NSA) not only intercepted chatter between the assassins and their handlers, but dutifully informed the White House of Khashoggi’s dilemma.26
It is also clear now that despite President Trump’s back-and-forth excuses and bogus claims27 of a ‘deep financial loss’ if the leaders of the Saudi Arabian government are held accountable for the murder;28 Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,29 AKA, MBS, is directly responsible for ordering the assassination.30 And it is apparent that President Trump, evangelical Christian Vice-President Mike Pence and his chief advisers were fully conscious of both the plot and aided MBS in the subsequent cover-up.
Add to this devil’s brew his most recent moves to violate the Posse Comitatus Act31 – a law that prohibits the federal government’s ability to use military forces; equipment and/or personnel to perform policing duties on American soil – and his threats to use an executive order to dismantle the 14th Amendment32 and effectively end ‘Birthright Citizenship33 and you have an excellent recipe for fascist perdition that White Americans have always believed ‘(It) Can’t Happen Here.34

Indigenist Reflections From a Colonised Black Eye

I must confess to the reader here that my response to all of this, as with my other works on this subject, isn’t brief. Nor is it neutral. This commentary should be read as what it is: an Indignist examination of an ugly reality that stares us all in the face, day-after-day; year-after-year; election-to-election since First Contact. Yet, both the elite social order(s) as well as most of those within the victimised-class(es) deny – with emotion – that a problem actually exists. Another point I wish to make before I go any further: although what I am saying here is primarily directed towards discussion of racial terrorism in the United States, the problem itself is global. And I contend that if the discourse surrounding these issues is allowed to remain within a overtly simplistic black-and-white paradigm of comprehension, the subject will never be effectively dealt with. This is indisputable.

It is very true that the US has always battled against itself when it comes to issues involving race; racial identity and how racialism relates to nationalism and how this in turn relates historically to national xenophobia as a political policy. There are very few cases I can think of in any country where fascist, or hard-rightist governments have come into power without first using street violence and later, the very electoral process they later do away with; after the courts are used to maliciously prosecute dissidents and their political enemies and rivals. The point here being that fascism almost always comes into political power by shouting about ‘law-and-order’ and the necessity of religion while breaking the those same civil laws and moral beliefs as a matter of standard practise.35
One cannot understand fascism without comprehending how it manipulates the social fabric surrounding it. The far-right, in each and every case, presents itself as a victimised class of disinherited, socially and politically marginalised waifs; uniquely deserving of a chance to help themselves in a world that wants nothing else from them but their total destruction. This is the extremist rhetoric behind the ‘White Genocide’ movement.36 A racialised, far-right media campaign designed to reconfigure the realm of human rights to include White Christian Males as an ‘endangered species’ that needs ‘special protection’ laws to protect them if (pure) Europeans will not be allowed to set-up their own, racially exclusive homelands currently denied to them due to a Jewish-led plot to control the whole world.37 (See: ‘The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion’)
The Trump administration has openly expressed its support for the movement.38 And important nationalist Republicans such as Steven Bannon39 and Representative Steve King40 have as of late travelled throughout Europe41 announcing Donald Trump’s tacit support for European White Power organisations.42 President Trump himself has expressed support for the French National Front leader Marine Le Pen;43 President Rodrigo Duterte and his genocidal drug-war in the Philippines44 (his own son and son-in-law are exempt from this civil-conflict);45 he and Desi politician Nikki Haley have vigorously supported the violent, Hindu-Power government of Narendra Modis Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Trump’s people have dispatched an ambassador to officially request that British neo-Nazi Tommy Robinson be released from prison.46 And it goes without saying that the GOP leadership is supporting all of this by saying absolutely nothing about it.

A Demon-Haunted, Western European World

When the late Afro-American Islamic activist, Bro. Min. Malcolm X was asked in 1963 by a phalanx of European-American reporters to offer a statement regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; his candid answer angered the mainstream as well as many political radicals within the Black community. He opined, coldly, that the murder was a matter of ‘…chickens coming home to roost.’ That in essence, the social and legal allowances made for traditional hatreds (Jim Crow Laws); the scourge of an ongoing anti-Indigenous genocide after First Contact (see: ‘Sterilization of Native American women’)47 and the unchecked, never-ending threat of anti-African racial terrorism following Reconstruction – and assassination attempts abroad48 – had paved the way for a domestic climate of political violence that would eventually come back to haunt its practitioners.49 (See: ‘Operation 40’)50
In this sense; the right-wing, racist ‘Christians’ and ‘Patriots’ who verbally and physically assaulted and killed Freedom Summer51 activists – notably the infamous triple-murder case of three Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) workers struggling to organise Black voters in rural Mississippi52 and the little-remembered, but vicious Ku Klux Klan killing of Viola Liuzzo 53 54 – were the same sort of Americans55 who would decide to kill their own president, a man they maliciously bad-jacketed as a ‘Nigger-Lover’56 and falsely as a ‘Communist.’ 57 i
Malcolm X too was later assassinated by agents and members of the Nation of Islam,58 the very same Black Power and Afro-American nationalist organisation that he helped lead throughout the contentious Civil Rights Era with the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. The current head of the organisation, Min. Louis (X) Farrakhan for his part has admitted to helping add to the climate of animosity that developed towards Malcolm X at the time without taking responsibility for any participation in any organised plots against his life. However, in 1995, Malcolm’s daughter Qubilah Bahiyah Shabazz was charged with attempting to find a ‘kill-for-hire’ operator59 willing to carry out a professional hit on the NOI leader, reportedly due to the belief among some within the Shabazz family that the NOI leader was directly involved in Malcolm’s 1965 assassination.60

All told, the fact remains that Malcolm X, like JFK before him, was killed as part of a larger, long simmering and interlinked far-right culture of Eurocentric-rooted xenophobia; false conspiracy theories and the glorification of political violence that has never gone away in the United States. His courage in bringing this confusing conundrum to light was seen – at the time – as a major slap in the face; but the sting was felt depending on where one stood politically as well as racially. In truth, White American anger towards Malcolm X over his JFK remark was based more on the temerity of a Black man being asked to comment on a White tragedy rather than what he actually said. And I still argue that most people at the time, both African and Caucasian, did not fully comprehend what the minster was really getting at. I can say this because the general responses since then to the very same circumstances, to be frank, have amounted to little more than emotionally-soothing, temporary remedies that do nothing more than offer the carrot of more inclusion to a (selected) few at the notable exclusion of the needy many.

This is to say that in promoting ‘soft’ ideas of ‘allowing’ a limited number of lower-classed people into the mainstream as a panacea to racial strife instead of addressing racialism itself; the expectation rests upon the (assumed) wont among many ‘assimilated’ individuals who often choose to work within the mainstream to preserve their own advancement, thus, keeping the basic, methodological structure(s) of the Anglophone-racialist system functionally intact, while conversely and authoritatively dismissing the reality that a racialist caste-system exists at all.

The Stunting of Peaceful Social Change

How all this relates to Malcolm X is clear upon deconstruction: once he decided to speak openly about the secret Klan and ANP negotiations61 and other elements within the NOI (not just the prophet’s children) that were using the organisation’s nationwide business62 enterprise as a front for criminal activity,63 Malcolm’s days were essentially numbered. He threatened the aims of those who were profiting (or thought they would be) within the NOI and other sections of the Black community from dirty money through skimming; drug-dealing; prostitution and the NOI’s surreptitious alliance with the same neo-Nazis and Klansmen they habitually railed against every day and night.
For this crowd, Black racial supremacy be dammed in favour of the almighty US dollar and private, personal power. It is also very important to note at this juncture that following the assassination of Malcolm X in Harlem, NY; members of The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense across the nation faced exactly the same sort of physical threats as he did from other Afro-American liberation personalities and groups such as Maulana Karenga’s and Hakim Jamal’s64 United Slaves and Jeff Fort’s65 Blackstone Rangers. These two groups one among many with members who themselves were targeted by the FBI for covert, domestic counter-intelligence operations designed to psychologically confound Afro-American political dissidents; social radicals (Homosexuals) and members of the Communist Party USA, an organisation which could boast of a history of interracial, sociopolitical equality as a central creed of their political platform, decades before the Civil Rights movement began.
In the case of Black Liberation organisations, the goal was to encourage in-fighting and dissension among the participants. And truthfully, the fallible, sometimes thuggish nature66 of many African revolutionary leaders of the period made this task easy67 for the FBI’s clandestine ounter-Intelligence Program, commonly known by its internal acronym, COINTELPRO.

Hoover’s Legacy

The Bureau has a well-documented history of using intra-group peer-pressures to the fullest as a powerful subversive weapon against political dissidents.68 This was possible against Malcolm X because of his strong opposition to both the personal immoralities of the head of the organisation and its willingness to ‘make peace69 with the Ku Klux Klan70 and the American Nazi Party; provided that the NOI leadership received its promised share of a private land deal in the southern states of the should a White Christian revolution be successful. In the case of Dr. King, his family and community were against his marrying a German-immigrant he fell in love with before marrying Coretta Scott and his apparent racial tolerance towards White people.71 J. Edgar Hoover, the life-long head of the FBI, and his agents were fully aware of the Colourism and race-mixing tensions extant within the Afro-American community (at the time) and knowingly played upon these isms’, slowly building up a substrate of animosity towards them that had little, or next to nothing to do with their personal effectiveness as qualified and dedicated Black Rights advocates.
COINTELPRO,72 was an illegally operated, covert programme of extralegal counter-intelligence and disinformation73 measures controlled by J. Edgar Hoover that used standard ‘Black Propaganda’ and ‘Playback’ intelligence techniques aimed to spy on Communist Party USA members and sow conflict and division between Black Liberation organisations and leaders in the hope that in-fighting would lead to mutual-assured-destruction. The FBI knew that with enough prodding, the extremists within both the King and Malcolm X camps would act without their own hands getting dirty. They simply allowed the weight of Black-on-Black, right-wing political thuggery to do the job for them.
One does not need to be a political scientist to understand that the murders of Medgar Evers; Fred Hampton Sr. and Mark Clark;74 the Kennedy Brothers; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.;75 his mother76 77 and one of his brothers,78 Alfred Daniel (AD) Williams King79 were all connected to left-wing and progressive efforts to humanise American civil society. To be fair, there is a strong belief that the deaths of Lee Harvey Oswald and his killer, Jack Ruby80 – both strongly believed to be part of a vast, ‘Deep State81 conspiracy – capped-off what was an undeniably violent decade of political murder carried-out for right-wing political gain. On the fascist end of things, White-on-White crime is the order of the day with assassinations like George Lincoln Rockwells being the fault of other racist White Folk. So much for the Master Race.

Identifying Extremism Can Save Your Life

I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their colour

– Malcolm X

What Malcolm X had intelligently observed in his blunt remarks to the press in the mid-1960’s is still true: that the American far-right has always has been murderously intent on keeping social progress, and the movements dedicated to those ideals, at bay through the utilisation of false information; extralegal political action and the indiscriminate use of rightist terrorism. In this regard, Malcolm X’s major crime(s) as far as Eurosettler and Afro-American extremists were concerned was to actively object to the contradictory ideological relationship between the Black Muslims and the White racist terrorist underground.

Secondly, and most importantly; professional propagandists from both the White and Black extremist camps led and fed into the false, mainstream outrage that the national corporate newsmedia consciously created (by reporting his statements purposely out of context) over Malcolm’s statements by presenting themselves as credible, ‘Rational Racists’, balancing their own negative ideas against the public’s collective, misunderstood and manufactured social animosity82 towards both Malcolm X and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Era.
In order to comprehend what I am saying here, one must go back in time a bit and remember (and accept the fact) that anti-racism activists – even Dr. King Jr. – did not have widespread support from many people, Black or White, during this crucial period. The accepted, sanitized legend of MLK Jr. occurred in hindsight,83 with the reality of the man and the movement itself buried under a cloak of dishonest, post-modernist bollocks.
Many people, Afro-American included, incorrectly assume today that MLK and Malcolm X were diametrically opposed to each other ideologically when in fact, they were not.84 We now know that they had worked-out a covert strategy to address the crisis facing Black People in the United States by using both approaches; nonviolent agitation and logical self-defence where the physical safety of Black Americans was under a direct threat of racial terrorism. We are also falsely led to believe today that the entire Afro-American community and most White Liberals (as a bloc) were behind MLK and the peaceful, inclusionary goals of the Civil Rights movement. This is simply not true. Thought was very divided, and still is, on what direction, if any, the Black community should take in terms of authentic Black Liberation, much less what ideas to support. Divisions were, and still are, largely drawn between Black conservatives such as Booker T. Washington who rejected activism of any kind, favouring the traditional practise of laying-low in separate communities and developing an alternative Afro-economy within a White racialist social system and others more interested in fighting Eurocentric Racialism full-on. But even within that respective milieu, ideas vary wildly on what is to be done, how and by whom.

Chaos Will Only Fill-in the Empty Spaces

Many still believe that by simply ignoring the rest of the country, Black communities can thrive and operate independently if they do not challenge the established racial status quo. The problems inherent in such views can be seen through the historical looking-glass of the mass-destruction in the race-riots that took place in the predominantly Afro-American communities of Atlanta, Georgia (1906); Duluth, Minnesota85 (1920); Tulsa, Oklahoma86 (1921); Rosewood, Florida (1923) and following the Jack Johnson heavyweight title win against the ‘Great White Hope,’ Jim Jeffries, Black men, women and children were beaten, raped and murdered in the streets.87 White Folk in the US didn’t seem very happy about Joe Louis’s second fight with Adolf Hitler’s Aryan-Warrior, pugilist Max Schmeling either, (many were angered that Louis had actually fractured the German’s spine). But in hindsight, the bout utterly dismantled the false boast of White male physical power and thusly represented race relations in the US as they were in 1910 as it still does today. Others, understandably, simply wanted no part in a movement that could get them chucked from their jobs; lynched in front of their children, or the chance of a cross being burned on the front lawn.

The Mania is Real and it is Multi-Ethnic

Accomplices listen with respect for the range of cultural practices and dynamics that exist within various indigenous communities. Accomplices aren’t motivated by personal guilt or shame; they may have their own agenda, but they are explicit. Accomplices are realized through mutual consent and build trust. They don’t just have our backs; they are at our side, or in their own spaces confronting and unsettling colonialism. As accomplices, we are compelled to become accountable and responsible to each other; that is the nature of trust.

– Indigenous Action Media

It is common for far-rightists to defend themselves as fighting an uphill battle to preserve traditional values and freedoms. This is a lie of course. But what helps to make their falsehoods stick is short-sightedness within the political left where it concerns conservative and far-right violations of their own rhetoric and simple common-sense. It is very easy in the western world to point to the early days of the Russian and Cuban Revolutions and find zealotry amongst those entering power while ignoring what European colonialism; religious expansionism and rampant capitalism have done to the world.88 Many of these charges have validity and a right to the argument that basic human and political rights were indeed violated. But none of it means anything if conservative institutions such as the Catholic Church can exist after centuries of horrible conduct from the top-down with full social and international government support.

That is just one solid example. The same can be said for the rise of fascism. Although its history is much more extensive; international and involved than I have space to deal with here, (see: ‘F is For Fascism’) it is sufficient to say that it took Germany’s decision to attack the security of the continental Imperial Powers following the Great War before anyone paid serious attention to what was happening around them.

The Spanish Civil War (1936 to 1939) was the first anti-fascist conflict in Europe and was followed by the Second World War. British and American industrialists not only approved of89 Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco and their political views, but did what they could to publicise fascist ideas as a way forward for the United States. (See: Henry Ford, ‘The International Jew’) In one famous case, a retired Marine Corps Major General, Smedley Darlington Butler (author of, ‘War Is a Racketpublished in 1935)90 claimed in 1933 that he was approached by representatives of a group of right-wing businessmen seeking to build an American version of François de la Rocque’s the Croix-de-Feu, (a precursor to the Parti Social Français) a popular nationalist party active in France at the time.91 However, despite Butler’s efforts to call attention to the plot and a special government committee formed to investigate the allegations discover evidence of a right-wing conspiracy, nothing was done about it and no one faced treason charges.92
To roughly paraphrase George Santayana, the past is repeating itself here. Early in the term of Donald J. Trump’s admittedly nationalist presidency, three ‘home-grown’ and racialised right-wing terrorists acting in the hope of stirring other like-minded neo-fascists to commit more acts of ‘White Resistance93 across the continental US and Canada and the president essentially blames the victims.94
If this sort of behaviour does not come across as eerily fascistic to you, I suggest that perhaps you are a part of the problem. This is fair to say since a vocal number of Progressives;95 Black Radicals and others interested in acquiescence populating the US Left are demanding that the antifascist movement ‘tone it down.96 To this crowd, anti-racist and antifascist activism in North America is the real problem. Worse, they agree with the far-right that they must be stopped – through violence if necessary – in order to preserve the social order. And to be perfectly frank with the reader; I am of the mind that people who harbour such mindsets, regardless of their racial/ethnic/national orientation are, psychologically-speaking, seeking to uphold a sociopolitical world-view that is (perhaps erroneously, perhaps not) associated with Europocentric modes of stability.

Furthermore, I think it is fair to ask the reader this as well: is it possible, that within the deepest recesses of the Globalist, modern human mind – that a lingering, end-result of decades of intentionally misleading, pro-Western propaganda has left us all with an assumption that the average White Person can (and will) save us from ourselves, if we only let them.

This was Kanye West’s mission when he acted as he did for Trump’s staged press shout-out to the (undecided) Black Community that he had ‘Elite Negro’ support from the ‘I’m a Nigger’ lobby.97
I, for one, have been strongly critiqued by a number of reactionary non-Europeans (of all ethnic/religious backgrounds) for according White Folk ‘too much credit,’ a charge I find bewildering and honestly, stupid. It is an accusation coming from a position of simple anger and wilful ignorance and it is generally lobbed as a distraction when I raise questions about why Afro-Americans are refusing to boycott the NFL following the racialised fall-out of the Colin KaepernickTake-a-Knee’ protest; or when I argue that it is clear evidence of psychological damage via colonialism that so many Black Americans argue that they are ‘Niggers’ rather than Africans in the United States.98 Or worse, the idea that ‘The Ghetto’ truly and exclusively represents the Black Experience more so than the generations-long fight to dismantle African servitude; marginalisation and genocide in the Américas since the slavery-era.

It should go without saying that the actual political-currency of such a perspective is, from a practical point of view, a fraction more than zero unless of course, you are a neo-fascist. Because believe or not, accept it or not, but the folks in thesave the White Race from extinctionlot are watching this and as they always do, are creating their own White Ghetto defensive-argument to counter-protest (legitimate) allegations of traditional White racialism in a new, more confusing Third Positionist form of a catch-as-catch-can approach towards a broadly acceptable form of far-right politic.

The Myth of Ethnic, Religious or National Neutrality

In a logical universe it would seem obvious that a reasonably functioning country would perceive the viciousness in all of this as a result of Trump’s ‘America First,’ Nativist bullying and act accordingly to put an effective end to it. The fact that this has not happened in spite of all that has occurred from the moment he announced his presidency says a great deal about the United States, its civilian population and the psychological environment and culture of a major nuclear power that allowed a President Trump to be possible in a post-World War Two world.

It isn’t as if there isn’t an established legal and sociopolitical framework within the US to address such concerns; the result of a bloody civil war we are told was fought to free African slaves and a violence-soaked, popular movement struggling to secure the human and civil rights of all peoples – regardless of ethnicity or national origin – within the United States. This is why at first glance, White Supremacist violence in the US comes across as a cultural-shock. Because violent racialism, much less xenophobia of any kind – if you listen to the accepted rhetoric of the general population – is virtually impossible.

The idea that we live within a strictly Eurocentric sociopolitical paradigm within the Anglophone World, which is demonstrably true, is frowned upon in favour of false and purposefully misleading platitudes that only serve to make people feel better about the direness of their situation. This is a common and debilitating rationalisation found within colonial-states and populations. And this is the psychological fulcrum of social domination in all such supposedly ‘post-colonialist’ societies, not just the Black-and-White issue as it is understood in the Américas or where European nations mapped their respective empires.

Simply saying that the problems around racism began with Europeans invading the twin continents isn’t saying enough. In fact, it is limiting and counter-productive to even suggest that only Europeans engage in such practices. The Rwandan Genocide is one solid case that needs no further explanation, as is the breakup of Yugoslavia or Saudi Arabia’s racist attempt at ethnocide in Yemen.99 And I would be remiss if I forgot to mention the war independent Kurds are fighting against Turkey, Syria and Daesh/ISIS at the same time without much in the way of help from the democratic western powers.100 What little that has been accorded to the Kurdish forces101 has been done in return for proxy-combatants, not a territorial resolution to their respective problems as (officially) landless peoples.

Republicans and Right-Wing Extremism

If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States. There are probably several hundred thousand if we narrow the definition to include only those who in their search for money and power are ruthless and deceitful. … They are patriotic in time of war because it is to their interest to be so, but in time of peace they follow power and the dollar wherever they may lead.

US Vice President Henry A. Wallace (1941-1945)

The day that (then) Governor Ronald Reagan appeared at the 1980 Neshoba County Fair102 at the behest of Republican Trent Lott (a strong supporter of southern segregationist and hypocrite, the late Senator Strom Thurmond)103 to give a speech on the merit ofstates’ rights’, very near the location where the three Civil Rights workers (Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner respectively) were caught and murdered by members of the Ku Klux Klan and local police officers openly sympathetic to the Klan. This was followed by a very public state visit to West Germany that resulted in an executive US official honouring the Waffen SS buried there. Despite this, Reagan stayed in office with the full support of his political party and its rank-and-file. Even after the revelations of Iran-Contra104 and his administration’s support for the Islamo-fascist, Mujahideen in Afghanistan, (see: ‘Operation Cyclone’) American conservatives stayed the course, going along with the Republican Party’s doctrine of Pax Americana as stated in the neoconservative white paper: Project for the New American Century.105

Since Reagan’s time in office, the Republican Party has incrementally moved beyond the ‘Southern Strategy played with fire by stoking fear and mistrust among their base. They’ve perpetuated conspiracy theories involving murder and have portrayed their opponents as tyrants capable of coups and treason. It was a delicate dance, these appeals, but all delicacy disappeared when they anointed Donald J. Trump as their standard bearer.

And in the worst sense of taste, President Donald Trump has made it clear to his followers and anyone else paying attention to his maddening utterances during this crisis that he is a nationalist.106 The claimed ambiguity of the US right-wing is now over.
Mr. Trump is flying a clearly understood ideological flag of ‘White Resistance’ as a signal to the racialist far-right among his supporters at home and around the world that he is on their side. Even when they commit acts of domestic terrorism, such as what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia when James Fields Jr.107 murdered anti-racist/antifascist activist108 Heather Heyer and severely wounded several others. President Trump defended the neo-Nazis109 who carried out that attack and numerous other acts of fascist terrorism during that event as ‘Some Very Fine People’ like Robert Rundo, recently taken into custody due to his violent activity during the White Power rally in Charlottesville and other alt-Reich marches in California state.110

América Besieged, Round One

In those days, the Cubans thought of the Americans in what I call the ‘John Wayne Syndrome,’

We thought the Americans worked the way John Wayne worked in the movies. Of course this was naive, but this was the way most of us felt. I mean: the Americans hated Communism and, like John Wayne, they never lost – ever’.111

– Rafael ‘Chi Chi’ Quintero, 05.31.1996

As Cristòffa Cónbo (The Bringer of Christ)112 went about accidentally locating, and later assuming, military command over the independent island-nation of Guanahaní and other territories within the Américas on the 12th of October 1492 CE; the admiral dutifully documented his observations regarding his voyages as well as the autochthonous populations he encountered in a series of reports addressed to his employer, the newly established Catholic kingdom of Isabel I de Castilla in post-Muslim, (al-Andalus) Iberia.113 Contemporary psycho-historical assumptions regarding Almirall Cónbo’s personal xenophobia(s) aside; it is a fact that among the list of his obligations to the crown, the expedition was legally mandated to accumulate any-and-all lands; precious metals and souls he ‘discovered’ for the material benefit and imperial glory of Castile (and for himself).114 Taking stock of what he found in the Caribbean Islands, Cónbo described the natives he and his men encountered thusly:
…The inhabitants of both sexes of this and of all the other island I have seen, or of which I have any knowledge, always go as naked as they came into the world, except that some of the women cover their private parts with leaves or branches, or a veil of cotton, which they prepare themselves for this purpose. They are all, as I said before, unprovided with any sort of iron, and they are destitute of arms, which are entirely unknown to them, and for which they are not adapted; not on account of any bodily deformity, for they are well made, but because they are timid and full of terror. They carry, however, canes dried in the sun in place of weapons, upon whose roots they fix a wooded shaft, dried and sharpened to a point. But they never dare to make use of these; for it has often happened, when I have sent two or three of my men to some of their villages to speak with the inhabitants, that a crowd of Indians has sallied forth; but when they saw our men approaching, they speedily took to flight, parents abandoning children, and children their parents.115
The Ligurian adventurer notes that the people he and his crewmen came into contact with – collectively (and possibly incorrectly) identified as the Taíno116 and Kalinago117 Peoples (there is dispute over the presence of Arawaks at first-contact118) – were attractive; affable; generous and by his own account, seemingly adverse to large-scale conflict. Despite these positive attributes, Cónbo ordered his men to take several Indios (another term in dispute)119 captive after realising that the islanders were using gold as a common material for crafting jewellery. On his orders, these individuals – the first of a series of hostages – were forced to lead an away-party towards sources of gold deposits along the island chain. During this tangent, Cónbo and his men remarked on the intelligence of the human beings they had just kidnapped as well as their rapid acquiescence and lack of visible resistance to intimidation. Impressed by this, the opportunist scribbled a suggestion to his queen on how the native population could be utilised by the state’s church, freely making use of ‘extraordinary rendition’ to provide samples for his benefactors:

They ought to make good and skilled servants, for they repeat very quickly whatever we say to them. I think they can very easily be made Christians, for they seem to have no religion. If it pleases our Lord, I will take six of them to Your Highnesses when I depart, in order that they may learn our language.

He further qualifies his ability to achieve this goal by stating:

…these people are very simple in war-like matters … I could conquer the whole of them with 50 men, and govern them as I pleased’.

Realising their good fortune, Almirall Cónbo and his men proceeded to slaughter and pillage their way across the Caribbean without resistance. Within months, the Castilians had successfully established a transcontinental programme of conquest and exploitation that would enrich Europe at the corporeal expense of Indigenous América as well to encourage the wholesale trade of human chattel from the African continent. Not to overstate the case; but this is the primary reason why the Almirall Cónbo expeditions are given credit over the earlier Norse effort: the Vikings lost their bid for domination. The Spanish won.

What is critical to note at this juncture is that what occurred in the Américas under Cónbo differed little from what was happening in Catholic Europe at the very same time. Several weeks before Cónbo and his convoy set sail from Palos (Andalusia), the Edict of Alhambra120 went into effect, legally stripping regional Jews – a protected minority (ahl al-dhimma)121 under Islamic rule122 despite brief outbreaks of Judeophobic persecution – of social and religious rights they had enjoyed since their immigration during the Roman era. Before this, the self-centred and traitorous Emirate of Granada (Boabdil)123 capitulated on the 2nd of January 1492 to the Catholic Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon, effectively ending operative (and progressive) Islamic influence in Western Europe.

Given the economic, political and theological imperatives involved, it is logical to regard Cónbo’s expedition abroad as a concious extension of the Reconquista in ideology as well as in practice. As documented by the ‘Admiral of the Ocean Sea’ himself, he and his men wittingly carried on with the racialist programmes of lebensraumpolitik that defined Catholic Europe following the violent expulsions and conversions of both African Moors and European Jews from the Iberian Peninsula.124

So it should come as no surprise that when Cónbo and his crew decided to indiscriminately murder; rape; enslave and forcibly convert thousands of Indigenous Americans to Christianity; they assumed they were acting in conformity with the sociopolitical current of their own cultural world-view. In this light, it may have indeed seemed beneficent to some of Cónbo’s party when selected numbers of healthy (mostly female) captives were shipped to Castile to be marketed by the crown treasury. In extending them this favour; they were theoretically sparing them an agonising, violence-prone death in the numerous Eurosettler outposts encroaching the entirety of the American Caribbean. To argue otherwise is as historically and ethically disingenuous as dismissing the European Holocaust; the African slave trade or more recently, the Sandy Hook Massacre. These things happened. And it is important to understand why and who has benefited from this history.

Make no mistake, the Columbian invasion – whether it landed in India (Bhārat) proper or the twin-continents of the Américas – was a planned event of predatory acquisition and expansionist, colonial enterprise. The concept of discovery for the sake of enlightenment was clearly of passing interest to Cónbo and his royal benefactors. As a group, they were all confirmedly more focused with the unrestrained attainment of new territories, untapped gold reserves and fresh repositories for slaves than with elemental exploration. And almost immediately, many thousands of Indios began to expire from the ravages of physical abuse, European diseases, depression and acts of suicide.

Questions of Occupation, National Identity and Territorial Ownership

In contrast to the Columbian Encounter, earlier cases of European colonialism, that which occurred in the northernmost regions of the Américas, took a different turn. To begin with, and in provable contradiction to traditional Eurosettler folklore – bands of independent and intrepid Scandinavians (Norsemen) were the first Europeans to actually step-foot on ‘New World’ soil. And they did so nearly 500 years before the famed Castilian expeditions ever took to sea.125
While this is notable in its own right, there is another important dynamic operating here. First, Viking attempts at colonising areas of North América, regardless of their intentions, were stymied – and eventually stopped cold – through direct action by the resident Indigenous population(s). We know this because Norse historians documented their attempts to dominate the area in the Vinland Sagas of Eiríks saga rauða‘ (Saga of Erik the Red) and theGrænlendingasögur‘ (Saga of the Greenlanders). By their own accounts, the Norse knew full well that the entire Arctic region was previously occupied and spoken for by autochthonous populations they described as Skrælings; established indigenous bands who lived and worked in settled communities, archaeologically evidenced to be variant subgroups of the early Thule and later Inuit Peoples.126 Although there is considerable scientific debate about exactly when first contact such as trade127 initiated between Northern Europeans and American indigenous peoples, it is incontrovertibly accepted that the Norse independents – largely fleeing prosecution for manslaughter and other acts of hostility in their own homelands – made a conscious decision to conquer North American lands by way of armed belligerence. This is evidenced by the historical records of the Norse which show individuals such as headman Thorvald Eirikssonr generally favouring the sword over diplomacy:

Then went they to the ship, and saw upon the sands within the promontory three elevations, and went thither, and saw there three skin boats (canoes), and three men under each. Then divided they their people, and caught them all, except one, who got away with his boat. They killed the other eight, and then went back to the cape.

– ‘The Norse Discovery of America‘; A.M. Reeves, N.L. Beamish and R.B. Anderson (1906)

According to their own chroniclers, first-contact with original inhabitants on the Américan continent began with Vikings murdering Aboriginal men as they slept peacefully – secure within their own environment. The Inuit were at home. The Norse were not. And for all accounts and purposes, this singular act of needless violence – as opposed to Almirall Cónbo’s homicidal plundering throughout the Caribbean – began the paradigm of anti-Aboriginal genocide still quite operative throughout the Américas into the present day through programmes of exclusionary attrition.

But in the case of Vinland, (based at L’Anse aux Meadows) their traditionally belligerent methods backfired. The sole survivor of the first attack, having escaped, spread word of the incident to his compatriots who later returned to the scene of the unprovoked assault in force. In the days following this incident, the Norse found themselves battling armed packs of men who frequently drove them back to their ships. The Norse, not exactly shy when it came to fighting, did manage to build viable homesteads in several areas. But the Sagas attest that the skrælingar were organised and successfully challenged the Norse with a home-grown military insurgency that the settlers didn’t anticipate.

Constant warfare and other serious problems: failing farms; the spread of disease and personal rivalries convinced the colony’s leaders that a retreat to Scandinavia made more sense than staying. And in the war with the Inuit, there was no point in pursuing a conflict they were obviously losing. They might have started the war, but the natives would certainly finish it. The Vikings decided that their only option for survival was to go home. And consequently, the Norse colonial project on the North America mainland came to an abrupt, and convulsive end.

The Conscious Utilisation of Colonialist Violence

We don’t think you fight fire with fire best ; we think you fight fire with water best. We’re going to fight racism not with racism, but we’re going to fight with solidarity. We say we’re not going to fight capitalism with black capitalism, but we’re going to fight it with socialism. We’re stood up and said we’re not going to fight reactionary pigs and reactionary state’s attorneys like this and reactionary state’s attorneys like Hanrahan with any other reactions on our part. We’re going to fight their reactions with all of us people getting together and having an international proletarian revolution.

– Fred Hampton Sr.

All things being equal; self-determined, self-defined Europeans over the course of time came to claim the twin continents as their own, following a path to the Américas set by Cónbo from Andalusia to the Caribbean. What is important to notice here is that the Norse faced an impasse that the Catholics didn’t: a unified and prolonged, collective resistance to their colonial plan(s). Unlike what happened in the Caribbean; (and in other situations across the globe before and after this) the native population fought back against an armed incursion of their territory and managed to fend off aggression from the outside. It mattered little what the invaders looked like physiologically. Early attempts at hostile foreign invasions from Northern Europe were halted through intelligent resistance. Not silent acquiescence.

The point remains that indigenous solidarity and armed resistance saved uppermost North América from outside domination. At least for a few centuries. In South and Central América the situation, due to a wide variety of divergent factors was radically different. In the Caribbean of the 15th century, indigenous passivity and acquiescence to European intimidation; aggravated the ‘divide and conquer’ intrigues and outright treason by self-serving individuals helped advance the cause of European colonialism and in the end, forward their own destruction.

In regard to the first example, (the Norse invasion) was stopped by an organised and logically sustained resistance. In the lower Américas, the military success of the Castilian expeditions conquered the established Indigenous sociopolitical order (which had its own internal contradictions) in large part due to the passive cultural nature of first, the gentle (by the accounts of the Spaniards themselves) Caribbean Peoples they abused. And later, the greedy, self-centred South American ‘Kings’ who made their historically fateful decisions based primarily on their ability to maintain personal wealth and privilege – even under the full-on pressure of a violent foreign occupation.

This history relates directly to contemporary hard realities. To paraphrase an oft-quoted axiom: politics can often make for strange bedfellows. And sometimes: isolated, emotionally-unstable people for reasons of their own are willing – if not eager – to betray their own, often without understanding why or without even the benefit of material or social restitution for their sort of community-treason.

The Rules of the Game

From pre-historical tribal circles to ‘advanced’, landed associations with defined boundaries, a mainstream social current and often ostracised (and exploitable) subculture(s) – the peculiar social ingredients we understand as culture; tradition and ethnic identity are directly related to the dynamics of individual; group and state power in relation to a larger, authoritative polity, generally referred to as ‘The System’. These factors impact the decisions we make as individuals in relation to our circumstances; our needs; our personal desires as well as our personal fears and paranoias.

Additionally, all human beings require certain basics in order to exist: food; water; clothing and shelter. This is indisputable and it is illogical to not comprehend that the history of human society is based, broadly speaking, on conflict(s) between sets of human groups competing which each other (and internally) over access and ownership of land; waterways; animals and ultimately, the territories to be claimed by tight-knit, co-operative groups with a defined res publica, and an accepted understanding of themselves, socially, as a distinct ‘people’.

Religious differences, ethnic rivalries and other petty hatreds, we now identify as xenophobia, therefore are little more than (negative) developments that have arisen from the conceptual ideas I have mentioned above. These justifications that have been created to organise societies and to explain why certain peoples can be exploited; neglected and /or abused-at-will and others individuals/groups are elevated to an elite status of either management of the public order or, those of the landed gentry/equestrian-classes who as a rule, live off of their inherited and/or acquired investments.

Further, I also contend that as individuals we (unconsciously) make decisions based upon what we are personally most comfortable with and what we are willing to endure, in relation to the above concerns – as balanced against our personal desires. I find it ludicrous that the (often) narrow and transitory social trends all societies eventually develop and thus require that all individuals within the (respective) res publica respect – ultimately amount to a mob-rule demand for social cohesion – and therefore, social conformity – as a necessary contingent to personal survival.

Choosing to disregard these factors is foolish, especially when discussing political differences; social conflict(s) and racial and/or religious extremism(s) in any country where xenophobia is a major factor in question of social instability. The situation for those living within North América, the United States in particular, is a difficult one since the US – like most nations with similar problems – find denialism and placing the blame for racialism at the feet of the victims much more preferable to concretely dealing with the issue.

Fear is the Key

You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.’

– Bobby Seale

The general reticence observed in nationalist arguments is due to a fear that in rectifying racial injustice, the oppressive social or state entity behind the wrongdoing will lose the controlling hand of sociopolitical influence and even worse, a ‘natural right’ to racially-exclusive territorial claims and resources that come with said lands. This is just as true in Occupied Palestine128 and when it comes to the abuses faced by the Rohingya Peoples of Burma/Myanmar129 as it is in the Kurdish areas defended by largely female military units (such as the Yekîneyên Parastina Jin‎ or, YPJ) dedicated to protecting their women and children from right-wing, Islamist organisations such as Daesh/Islamic State or their ideological predecessors, the Saudi Arabia-backed terrorist organisation, Al-Qaeda130 131 as the Syrian and Turkish governments play footy against the western powers, selfishly using Kurds as unwilling (and expendable) political bargaining chips and proxy, anti-terrorist combatants. In presenting themselves as ‘victims’ of outsider, ethnic forces, (as is done in the State of Israel) violent efforts at ethnic marginalisation by racialist states can be absolved through a hypocritical veil of basic human rights that only seem to matter to the legal machine of international law after the fact. Meaning that any measurable moves by the international community to end such acts generally occur once the damage has already been done and dusted, which does nothing for those who have died or otherwise suffered from such extremes. And while the First World might feel better about itself following last-minute attempts at preserving civility, it means nothing since it was they who could have stopped the madness before it got started.
In brief, the First World doesn’t actually care. And in the White, White World of the racist European-settler, this is the ‘correct’ attitude to have. European-Caucasians, as opposed to people from The Caucasus,132 are through this perspective entitled – by way of their light-skin tone – to privilege simply because European history documents White societies as the only social orders that matter. The reality that this view is based solely on the record of violent European expansion. A fact these extremists enjoy taking credit for while at the same time falsely demonising their victims as ‘uneducated brutes’ that deserve to be enslaved or simply ‘removed’ if enough of the ruling-class deem it necessary (and possible). And despite arguments to the contrary, few within the larger society do anything tangible when it comes to stopping such social currents when they arise. Mostly out of unspoken solidarity, and also because of the fear of retaliation from racist extremists within their own group.

North American White Males in Crisis (Not)

We will put blood on the streets like you’ve never seen. And advocate more violence than both world wars put together.’

1990 White Aryan Resistance (WAR) telephone hotline message133
White nationalism is back as a political front in the 21st century. Right now this is particularly true (again) in the United Stares. White society has made a certain kind of peace with angry, under-educated and anti-cosmopolitan European-Americans who choose to see themselves as an oppressed minority. Their violent tendencies reflect a deep-fear of social change brought on by the very same European expansionism; colonialism and imperial controls they proudly claim as their ‘birthright’. And they openly admit to their desire to use domestic terrorism as a means of halting this change.134 In recent days, Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes has demanded that Donald Trump supporters help the so-called, alt-Right not only take over the US Republican Party but to increase the level of political violence in order to make that happen.135 It goes without saying that promising anti-social chaos and domestic terrorism, but as I stated above, the authorities only act after the violence by the oppressive force ends, as what happened recently in the US city of New York when White Power gangs attending an event at a NYC Republican political club decided to attack anti-racism activists outside the venue.136 Moreover, the Proud Boys have engaged in numerous overt acts of violence for months now, promising more without a hint of preventative action from the authorities.137

In fairness, it should also be noted that this sort of extremist urge is not restricted to Western Europeans, and that similar sentiments can be found in other ethnic/national groups and nations the world over, including the United States, where some immigrant and resident minority communities now feel squeezed-in by recent non-White immigration and other shifting social patterns that directly challenge their normal (as they understand it) sociopolitical equilibrium(s).

In the US, non-European racial animus is very real.138 And while I expect some readers to consider it low-hanging fruit to use Minister Louis Farrakhan as the example I choose to use here, it is entirely fair since he continues to perpetuate the sordid history of the Nation of Islam and its ugly record of tacit support for White Power organisations.139 But that does not excuse nor explain away the aggressive biases found among White Power advocates or their willingness to kill innocent people to further their political goals.140 What is critical here to understand is the question of racial politics and how non-White populations in a European-settler country may choose to aid the larger racialist entity to marginalise and sometimes eliminate other ethnic groups in bids to acquire sociopolitical and racial influence with the extant, racist power structure.
A good example of this occurred in 2009 when the US state of California allowed a federal task force to undertakeOperation Knockout141 in an effort to stop a covert plan by Mexican gang members to ‘remove’ African-Americans from their area through murder and racial intimidation.142 The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) delivered multiple indictments against 147 members and fellow travellers of a Latino drug outfit detailing a wide conspiracy to murder other minorities and by extension, any police officers who chance to get in the way of their genocidal programme.

However, and in accordance with what I have mentioned earlier, the authorities only got involved after the hostility started, not before. In truth, it took the killing of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Ortiz to push local and federal law enforcement to deal with the criminal organisation’s race-war plans, not a desire to protect the African-American community of California as a moral duty.

I say this because word on the street (at the time) in the Black Community was that the authorities were actually aware of the plan through a series of snitches; but only decided to act after a police officer was murdered by one of the group’s members during an arrest attempt.143 As stated in a January 11, 2011 article posted on StreetGangs.Com:

The investigation into the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens (VHG) gang began after the fatal shooting of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Ortiz, who was gunned down on June 24, 2005 by a gang member he was attempting to arrest on suspicion of shooting an African-American man. While the gang member, Jose Orozco, was quickly apprehended and currently sits on death row, the shooting of Deputy Ortiz sparked an investigation that culminated with two takedowns in 2009 that saw approximately 170 gang members and associates being taken into custody on federal charges.

– RICO convictions send several Hawaiian Gardens gang members to federal prison | StreetGangs.Com // []

One reason, besides the authorities simply not caring when it comes to racial problems is the fact that much of the friction between Spanish-speaking Native Americans from south of the Rio Grande and African-Americans began in the US prison system. In the beginning days of the Civil Rights movement, US prison officials imposed segregation within correctional facilities which in turn gave rise to racialised groups that later matured into gangs as equally concerned with selling drugs; female and male prostitution; illegal gambling and racketeering as with pursuing a purely xenophobic political agenda.144 In the case of White prison gangs, Caucasian criminal organisations have long been allowed to fester through open recruitment both in the prison system (with the help of allied prison staff) and on the street.
The ‘special relationship’ that exists between White racist gangs and those sworn to suppress them was exposed in 2002 when many within the African-American community took notice that when one notorious group was prosecuted for a series of racial killings going back more than two decades145 and convicted on numerous conspiracy charges146 including (but not limited to) the distribution of narcotics; protection rackets; assaults and the like. But insultingly, the jury refused to sentence the gang’s leadership and those who carried out the ordered killings to the state’s death penalty.147 Historically, Black, Native American and Latino convicts have been executed for much less.148

Looking Directly at the Real Problem

So on top of everything else, it seems clear to the rational observer that the violent White power underground in the United States (and Canada and Mexico) is fine with White xenophobia, provided that it doesn’t inconvenience the larger European-settler population and its advocates don’t rob federal banks. This was precisely the case with the infamous North American White Supremacist terrorist Robert Jay Mathews and his group, The Order (Brüder Schweigen).149 The organisation ran wild across the country committing multiple robberies, counterfeiting and contract murder as a means of funding the Christian Identity and American Nazi movements and as a viable outlet for their racist tendencies.
Ideologically allied with well-known personalities in the White Power world such as author William Pierce (his book, ‘The Turner Diaries’ is regarded as the Bible of White Supremacist, terrorist literature)150 and Frazier G. Miller Jr. of the White Patriot Party;151 Matthews plotted to essentially employ Chaos Theory152 as an operative philosophy to take over the United States Government. He was eventually tracked down and killed by federal authorities during a prolonged shoot-out and nearly the entire organisation was prosecuted and gaoled for the assassination of a Jewish US radio host, Alan Berg, who bravely challenged White Supremacists on the air.153
In point of fact, the convictions of co-conspirators David Lane and Bruce Pierce of The Order were limited by the court to (simple) conspiracy; racketeering and other relatively minor charges of violating Mr. Berg’s civil rights; not their carefully coordinated, wilful plan of sitting in a group, consciously planning a conspiracy to commit a specific murder of a particular individual they happened to dislike.154
Later, FBI investigators found evidence of a ‘Kill List’ that not only included Mr. Berg’s name and personal data, but also the names of media producer Norman Lear, South Poverty Law Center leader Morris Dees and a series of federal justices they deemed unsympathetic to their political aims.155 In the end, it was one of The Order’s neo-Nazi compatriots who gave information to the court that made what little that was done legally against the plotters possible.156 Which says to this writer that the authorities were in effect, pushed into doing something about the group.

Because in truth, very little was done by law enforcement, at either the state or local level, to cease their activities or to otherwise socially marginalise the group and its members as a public danger. Instead, local police departments and the FBI stood by, watching White Nationalist groups advance their anti-government message; ignoring racial terrorism until either public outcry or direct attacks against the federal system or other ‘wrong targets’ occur.

This was exactly the case with the Oklahoma City terrorist attack carried out by White Supremacist, anti-government ‘activists who decided to actualise their rhetoric and attacked the US federal government directly.157 Since then, numerous ethnic-supremacist voices have demanded that White racialists rise-up and violently overthrow the US government in favour of a European-only national state that rejects both Communism as well as Capitalism.158

The Third Position of neo-Fascist Thought

The political climate within the Anglophone World of the 1990’s was undeniably shaped by these events and the rise of the first of the ‘Republican Revolutions’ in the United States. This was a loosely-organised group of Neoconservative and Paleoconservative populists led by such names as Ronald Reagan; Pat Buchanan; Newt Gingrich and Grover Norquist,159 a pro-American firebrand who openly suggested in a public clarification of his rightist political positions that:
It was within this environment that revelations documenting the conscious involvement (if not central planning) by senior Reagan administration officers in the running of military hardware (and other items of war and torture) to the revolutionary-led government of Iran (Persia) under the Ayatollah Khomeini came to light. Republican Party apologists at the time defended these moves as a ‘politically necessarily evil’ means of (secretly) funding the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ‘black-ops’ war against the Communist-led government of Daniel Ortega. The CONTRA paramilitary effort, an attempt to overturn a democratically-elected (at the time)161 government of Nicaragua,162 as well as a means of freeing Americans held hostage during the Lebanese Civil War by the armed-wing of Hizbullah, the (Shi’a) hard-right political party based in Lebanon.
Aside from the obvious contradictions of operating a clandestine war against the pro-people163 (at the time) Sandinista government, while working overtime to keep the process a secret both to the public and to the civilian intelligence oversight apparatus set-up within the government’s chain-of-command to prevent exactly such activity (See: ‘Boland Amendment’) Further, the State of Israel acted as a willing go-between, both delivering ill-gotten funds earned through illegal drug-trafficking164 and through the profiting of selling of Israeli-produced armaments to the CONTRAs – via anonymous, and privatised series of CIA connections.165 (See: ‘The Contras, Cocaine, and U.S. Covert Operations’ //
As we can see, extra-legal acts by right-wing public officials such as in the Iran-Contra scandal are, instead of being condemned by the ‘law-and-order’ crowd applauded for breaking the law; tracking in contraband; lying to other federal officials and violating national security in the name of Europocentric power, ‘by any means necessary.’ With unapologetically racist pundits such as Pat Buchanan166 promoting the idea that a ‘White Genocide167 is taking place due to miscegenation; immigration and left-wing political ideals that include considerations for non-Europeans and non-Christians; attempts at armed revolution on the far-right appeared desirable, and feasible.
The sordid nature of this mentality was capped-off when President Reagan and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl visited a military cemetery in Bitburg, Germany to lay a wreath in honour of Waffen SS soldiers,168 boldly ignoring the emotional please of European Holocaust survivors and (knowingly) emboldening the European far-right in the process. In the contemporary period, Trump administration spokespersons have defended Adolf Hitler;169 prominent Black Republican and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Mr. Ben Carson openly praises Daesh/ISIS170 and compared these Islamic fascists to the US Founding Fathers,171 and others have boldly questioned whether the fascist governments of Europe actually ‘did’ exterminate entire swathes of their ‘unwanted populations’ during the last century without losing their places in government service.172 173
Going back to the 1990’s, the outing of details surrounding the Iran–Contra affair (1985 – 1987) saw the rise of centrist politics by the next decade, opening the way for what is called ‘Third Wayneo-Centrism, a (somewhat) leftist approach that merges minor elements of right-wing thought into left-wing political ideals in an effort to attract economic hard-liners and provincial stalwarts offended by what they perceived as a culture of unwanted social liberalism and dangerous immoralities.174 As led by President Bill Clinton in the United States and Tony Blair in the United Kingdom, the centre-right became the accepted litmus-test for evaluating public and international policy. (It is important to note as well that both politicians were promoted by the very same public relations team.)175
I think it is also crucial to remember here that the basis of the Third International Theory,176 (PDF) as developed and promoted by Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya during his tenure operated on this level as well.177 During his tenure, Col. Gaddafi’s government attempted to incorporate African anti-Capitalist and anti-western post-colonial ideas with socialist economic reconstruction and the pan-Arab, nationalist ideologies of the Ba’athist intellectuals that inspired the right-wing, US-trained governance of Saddam Hussein.178 But before this, the leading post-colonial states that brought on the Non-Aligned Movement tried to make similar moves with varying degrees of success. Most notably, Egypt under Gamal Abdel Nasser – much like Saddam Hussein before him179made full-use of former German Nazi intelligence officers recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency180 (CIA) to develop its domestic spy-infrastructure while using the cry of Arab Socialism to disguise what was really going on behind the scenes.

Towards a Post-Fascist Allied-Axis Europe?

What is perhaps even more telling about all of this is the salient fact that the existence of extremism on the far-right in North America has survived the defeat of fascism in Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe (See: ‘Ustašaand ‘Jasenovac Extermination Camp’)181 into the 21st century. But even before that, pro-German, full-on Nazi political rallies were going on within the United States at a time when communist; Indigenous and Afro-American liberation organisations were (and still are) subject to extralegal surveillance; (now uncovered) frame-ups by local police182 and federal officers183 and rudely undisguised prejudicial prosecution cases in the American court system.184
By 1959, George Lincoln Rockwell, a Holocaust denier and admirer of Adolf Hitler launched the American Nazi Party (ANP) and worked alongside the Ku Klux Klan to physically intimidate Civil Rights activists; Black Power advocates; Feminists and the White liberals who supported them. Rockwell was later assassinated by one his own people, creating a vacuum that would be filled by numerous, even more extremist imitators and independent actors.185
We can go back even further to remind ourselves that American eugenics laws mandating compulsory sterilization of mentally-challenged, economically underprivileged and mixed-race people were implemented in the United States in the early 20th century and directly influenced the German government’s sterilization programmes. A number of American states persisted in sterilising unfortunates186 caught-up in the system, culminating in a secret BIA programme of Native American Sterilisation187 that did not end until the late 1970’s. These practises were dry-runs for what would occur later in the Final Solution and across fascist-controlled Croatia, both past and present.188

A History of Hate

The itemisation of American fascist organisations can reasonably begin by looking at the roots of the movement as it developed within the United States. Among the first of the organised fascist-identified societies was the Free Society of Teutonia, formed in Chicago in 1924 by German immigrants with connections to the Nazi Party back in the Fatherland. They moved within the German-American community, recruiting men interested in neo-Teutonic nationalist ideology and the promise of militant action. This was followed by the Friends of the New Germany and the German American Bund, two groups that openly promoted women’s gun-clubs and children’s day-camps along with German focused community activities resulting in a massive rally held at New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden in 1939.189 Just weeks after the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan, (Democrat) President Franklin D. Roosevelt identified the ideology of the German fascist State as a ‘cancer’, and then took the lead in the fight against it.

Admittedly, this sounds much like the accepted narrative. But it is also true that despite the unambiguous contradictions, had the Allied Powers failed to stop the fascist governments in Europe, the twentieth century would have looked entirely different.

Having said that, it is still true that racialist laws and attitudes in the US towards ethnic minorities at the same time were just as negative as they were in Europe, and much more organised.190 Long before the Nazis, many US states had adopted some form of Eugenics legal code191 that would eventually lead to the unnecessary, legally-mandated sterilisations of tens of thousands of people judged to be ‘unfit’; often because of physical or mental disabilities, interracial heritage or the simplistic and arbitrary concept of ‘unclean bloodrunning through ‘elevated thought’ at that time.192 Hence, it should come to no surprise that the US government – via the Bureau of Indian Affairs,193 (BIA) – could assume (rightly) that no one in a position of authority would say anything if the European-settler dominated, federal government decided to eliminate the possibility of potential Native American births by secretly sterilising North American Indigenous women without their knowledge, much less their consent.194 (See; ‘Sterilization of Native American women‘)
The leaders of the Third Reich and other racialist nations (not exclusively European) were conscious of this, watching as things developed in the US and conducted think-tanks of their own to look at the concept. It is a documented fact that German intellectuals studied the feasibility of instituting US-styled racial laws within the fascist state, only after observing how efficiently Jim Crow segregation195 worked out following the Reconstruction period in the American South after the US Civil War. Later, it was President Roosevelt who signed Executive Order No. 9066 into law, which not only segregated but interned Japanese-American citizens and Japanese nationals in what were essentially concentration camps on US soil.196

Hypocrisy as Public Policy

Meanwhile, US Republicans are attempting to force the US Justice Department under southerner Jeff Sessions by pushing the curious ‘Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018’ which is intended to punish anti-racism/anti-fascist activists while leaving White Supremacists free to wage a race-war on the streets of the nation. The bill itself was reportedly raised by Representative Dan Donovan or NY State and co-sponsored along with fellow GOP congressmen Peter King (NY), Paul Gosar of Arizona and Ted Budd of North Carolina. Mr. Donovan is known to the Black Community as the one of the politicians that worked behind-the-scenes to protect a New York City police officer, Daniel Pantaleo who was filmed choking Eric Garner to death for being Black. Mr. Gosar is a rabid Judeophobe who advocates anti-Geroge Soros conspiracy theories197 and Peter King is, in a grand display of complete hypocrisy, a long-time supporter of the various incarnations of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in their war against Great Britain.198 Notably, when asked about why the Justice Department focuses on ‘Black Identity Extremists199 and not White Power organisations200 that murder police officers, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions feigned ignorance and embarrassingly looked like a fool trying to dodge the question. (Video)201
Thanks to the overt racism of the Trump Administration, (which began it life on Twitter by using a neo-Nazi image to promote the GOP candidate)202 most European Supremacists today (when asked) are pretty honest about why they think and act-out the way they do. They say that they feel disenfranchised and cheated by their G-d for being born Caucasian and without much in the way of personal means in a world of overwhelming White Power and influence. They are angry because they feel that Jews; Native Americans and American Africans have through ‘Special Rights’ caused them to miss the ‘Golden Boat’ entitled to all White males (and select White females). Which only goes to show just how uneducated and woefully ignorant these people are.

If a White male feels fundamentally inferior and personally mediocre living in North America, that’s his problem. It is not the responsibility of the left-wing or ethic/social minorities to help them feel comfortable after the horror-shows of Reconstruction; World War Two and a series of White Riots that have permanently harmed generations of non-European settlers into the present day.

And despite the documented history of White Supremacist, anti-government domestic terrorism, US authorities still refuse, unless federal institutions are violated, to admit that the problem even exists, let alone poses a credible threat to the civil and governmental order. Even when President Barack H. Obama was clearly under threat from White Supremacist assassination attempts, local and federal authorities did all they could to minimise the public’s perspective of the plots, claiming that most of the threats were not ‘very credible203 and merely instances ofangry talkby angry people.204 Which is odd, since the prosecutions and gaoling of people in the United States for making threats against popular and private figures and the public every day of the week.

An Issue of Self-Hate And Self-Serving Treason

It is in this regard that I suggest that if you are harbouring any sort of Liberal/Progressive sorry for people such as covert Portland police operative ‘Tan’, (Katie Shepherd, ‘What It’s Like to Betray Antifa to the Cops—and Get Caught)205 you should look deeply into a mirror and ask the image you see a sobering question: ‘Am I really serious about my opposition to the development of racialist extremism, or am I much more concerned with preserving the status quo and my own position within it?

This oft-neglected question is very important for a number of reasons. And it is avoided chiefly among ethnic-minorities because it calls into question the ethical role of the private individual – within any given society or political system – in respect to social equality and the human and civil rights (and acceptance) of those outside of one’s own identified social group or, faction(s) within that grouping.

This query is neglected because it strikes at a personal-level. It recognises the responsibility of the conscientious individual within a society to speak-out and defend the basic rights and common welfare of other human beings. Especially those who are marginalised; physically/intellectually-limited and/or otherwise exploited and/or abused by no fault of their own, through state-neglect; institutional profiteering or straight-out, physical aggression.

Yet, despite centuries of philosophical debate; religious conflict; vicious class-struggle on the streets and farms and innumerable, wasteful wars littering the established historical record over the course of human history; the struggle against class-exploitation and rank, simplistic ethnic hatred continues, unabated by modern cosmopolitanism and rapid technological advancement.

How do we explain this? Citing widespread pessimism explains nothing. In fact, it is a common excuse for deflecting attention from the actuality that most people are generally disinclined to admit to fault about anything, much less their own (unsavoury) biases.

And it is a grand mistake, if not downright idiotic, to limit criticism of this particular phenomena to (White) Europeans, since denial-ism is not peculiar to any specific ethnic; social; gender or political grouping. It is demonstrably short to condemn racialist denialism amongst White South Africans during, and long after the Apartheid era,206 while giving a pass to hardline, Revisionist Zionists who deny the human and territorial rights of native Palestinians207 struggling valiantly against a decades-long genocide, happening right now.
The same can be said for the blatant hypocrisy of the Methodist-educated Asian political leader Aung San Suu Kyi when it comes to the Rohingya people. After years of personal struggle and sacrifice on behalf of ethnic Burmese208 – first against the British and later the native junta – Amay Suu has decided that there is no room in her country for the lesser-races209 and passes-off their targeted destruction210 as a ‘mix of untruths and victim blaming’.211
Then, there is the ethnic upheaval that took place in the Balkans at the end of the 20th century. The violent breakup of post-communist Yugoslavia212 was based upon earlier, pre-modern regional schisms and the generations-old, Catholic-Fascist madness of the Ustaše, a minor, although extremely brutal, World War Two member of the Axis Powers. And to this day, no one is exactly sure just how many ethnic Tutsi and Twa people were killed in the genocidal, post-colonial backwash213 that swallowed all of Rwanda whole within just one hundred days between 1993 and 1994.

So as we can see, social marginalisation is a universal conundrum, even in ‘advanced’ societies, both past and present. And it is also preventable, provided rational citizens work to keep their elective governments, national military forces and private paramilitaries in check.

Don’t Know Much About My Own History

This discussion should have happened decades ago in the United States and all across the Anglophone World.214 Especially after World War Two. But since Indigenous; Asian;African and South American genocides don’t seem to raise eyebrows, the issue is sidestepped in favour of emotive platitudes that make the people of the First World feel better about themselves and the rampant consumerism which makes the Second; Third and Fourth Worlds possible in the first place.
There exists a strong reluctance among many Europeans; their colonial brothers and sisters and a host of non-European sycophants doing the very same thing215 to address these issues and the sociopolitical factors that perpetuate these conditions. Even the victims do not like taking about the causative factors that marginalise them. Either out of fear of violent reprisals or worse, because as individuals they are willing to accept and perpetuate larger social biases against their own group(s) in order to attain a certain level of material comfort for themselves, often at the price of betraying other people like themselves.
Again, I feel that it is important for the reader to remember that this particular situation is true of all human societies, regardless of shape, size and skin colour(s). And not surprisingly, many non-Europeans (sticking here with the North American/Anglophone example) have endeavoured hard to stymie any logical resolution to these issues at every given opportunity. This is usually done, on the right-wing through reactionary accusations of anti-White racialism216 and reverse-racial extremism. On the left-wing, these issues becomes reduced to arguments of anti-progressive or ‘counter-revolutionary’ anarchy; which are tactics intended to quell mainstream acknowledgement of the problem. At times, criticism about premeditated biases among some racially-centrist,217 anti-racism activists (and a few White radicals) can be problematic, and I discuss this point quite often.218 However, conceding factually that such elements exist in no way discredits anti-racialist activism as on a par with the beliefs or tactics of the far-right.219 And it defies Cartesian logic to make personality and political comparisons between racists and anti-racists, which is a common charge used by both the Right and Left margins of the settler mainstream as a (poor) deflection to disavow responsibility for advocating racial and gender-hate as well as domestic terrorism and other forms of violence.220

The Usual Racialist Excuses

The same can be said for the ‘I was raised this way’ defence, or, the ‘Alf Garnet/Archie Bunker’ line of thought that says personal and communal prejudices can be excused as permissible and deserving of respect due to a racist or otherwise prejudiced upbringing. As of late, neoconservatives; neo-Nazis and the hipster-led alt-Reich221 as typified by the admittedly violent, Brownshirt-styled political street-gang222 known as the Proud Boys have stretched this manoeuvre to the breaking-point, going so far as to equate racialist extremism with religious and/or cultural traditions223 dating back to the ancient Norse/Scandinavian deities Thor and Odin224 or, the anti-Muslim Reconquista which later resulted in the European invasion and settling of the Américas.
And much like the (atheist)225 Zionist argument that the State of Israel enjoys a unique ‘G-d given right to exist’ as an exclusively ‘Jewish homeland’,226 once a political issue is brought down to a personally-sensitive level of debate, allowances will be made for the refusal to observe objective facts in favour of belief(s) and tradition(s) that validate a respective xenophobia. And this will continue so long as the larger public allows it to continue.
Extremist views, such as those I’ve briefly listed above, are solidly fascistic at their core even if the adherents aren’t actually aware of it.227 More to the point, such intense perspectives bespeak deep-seated, personal attitudes of uncertainty; insecurity; personal failure(s) and an attempt to conceal a perception of self-inadequacy. It is also an open-example of a devoid willingness to refuse to face the world as it really is.228

Self-Colonialism in the Américas

For the limited context of this commentary I am narrowing my remarks to the issue of civil and governmental suppression of anti-bias and antifascist argumentation in the USA; Canada and Mexico and the role of willing, covert agents in the state’s conscious destruction of these pro-Peace/pro-Egalitarian, anti-Hate resistance movements. I chose these particular nations because all three are modern ‘post-colonial’ settler-states with certifiable histories of a pre-state and post-state, direct programme of ethnocide; contemporary evidences of institutional xenophobia and a record of ongoing acts of racial terrorism occurring against minority populations.

Latin America is not innocent either. In the case of Estados Unidos Mexicanos, racial attitudes towards people of African descent are contentious229 to say the least. And when it comes to the pre-Columbian Indigenous populations that make Mexico what it is, anti-Indigenous bigotry is centre-stage.230 Occupied Canada, which has its own ‘Indian Problems231 pretends as if Settler/First Nations relations are going just fine.232 It has become expert at minimising its collective responsibility for past and present acts of intentional genocide,233 much like its equally arrogant neighbours to the south. Meanwhile, the United States is in the midst of a surge of neo-fascist activity234 under the watchful eye of the Trump Administration which has for its part made official (and unofficial) recognition of pro-Eurosettler xenophobia a matter of national policy.235

In each case I’ve mentioned, it was deemed logically acceptable to pass-off unqualified hatred as a respectable belief and/or political system. And in each case, the defences ranged from the religious to the pseudoscientific and still hold sway in the minds of people seeking acceptable rationalisations for explaining their prejudices.

The ‘Race Situation’ Past and Present

Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.’

– Rosa Parks

Whether we want to admit it or not, race, (although unscientific) at least the concept of it, matters. This is true, chiefly because it directly relates to how human beings commonly identify (themselves) as individuals within any given social environment. As a question, it raises the touchy issue of individual and group safety and support within such affiliations, including the offer or promise of such things upon group acceptance. To ignore this, or to pretend that ‘Rational Individualism’ is the only viable answer to ending racialism is extremely short-sighted.

It is also an essential moral weapon utilised by European racial extremists in the Anglophone World as a means of justifying White, racist attitudes without using the word, ‘race’. In this view, as long as the negative questions surrounding ‘racial-fitness’; national ethnicity and other xenophobias are not being discussed using racial epithets; it is perfectly acceptable to otherwise directly associate non-Europeans (and all women) with irrational, usually false political descriptions that serve only as bully-boy, juvenile-like defences of the logically indefensible.

What helps the United States; Canada and most other modern European and Eurosettler nations, appear humane is that undeniable fact that many colonial states (not just the European examples but all such incidences) as well as their (claimed) territorial possessions were previously, or by First Contact, populated by autochthonous and/or resident migrant populations who have survived invasion; occupation and displacement.236 By extension, later immigrant groups, often travelling under duress either to escape sociopolitical or economic hardship at home; political/social violence or simply to occupy the service and exploitive sectors of the imperial ‘home-country’ in an effort to improve their lives make things seem congenial when they are often not. So, the presence of foreigners in established societies is an ancient and worldwide issue, as is the ugly role of excused ethnocide when things do not go well.
And as unrelated as this may seem, this is precisely why Tan the Agent was targeted for recruitment as a young, dislocated Asian-American and actively enlisted by an Asian police officer. Only a fool believes that this was just a happenstance. Tan the Agent was watched and profiled, and finally deemed pliant enough to agree to being a rat when presented a cock-and-bull sob story about ‘good relations’ and the lessening of animosities amongst the antifascists in a city known worldwide for being ‘Skinhead City237 (and I don’t mean SHARP skins) following the racist murder of an Ethiopian immigrant in 1988 and other hostile incidents almost every year after that. Her story about Antifa ‘not trying’ makes absolutely no sense, unless one is inherently biased towards police and/or enamoured by the media-driven mystique of their life-and-death authority over others:

I knew what I was doing,’ Tan says, expressing some bitterness at fellow protesters. “It was probably naive of me to think that I could change people’s mindsets. I saw the Portland police actually try. I never saw Antifa try.’

This person is a fool. She was set-up in a classic recruitment scheme in which her Asian identity was used as a ‘hook’ to gain her trust. By her own admission, she was open to discourse with the officer – and spying for him – because she was impressed by the fact that he was Asian and was serving as a police officer in her city:

‘I admired [Sgt. Niiya] because he was another person like myself who was doing a job that isn’t super-common—there’s not a lot of Asian cops. I admired him for it.’

But ‘race’ doesn’t, or shouldn’t matter, right? In short: this individual doesn’t have a fucking clue. Her cloddish idea that Antifa harbour ‘superstitions about the cops’ is beyond ignorant in an era of overwhelming police aggression against Black Lives Matter and NoDAPL activists and tacit compliance with racist Mormon extremists and followers of anti-government loon, W. Cleon Skousen, even after they raided the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge using guns, just some 355 kilometres away. According to the logic of Tan the Agent, the late Erica Garner238 was superstitious too, despite losing her father to racist police brutality and most likely, her health as a result. Considering these factors, there simply isn’t an excuse one can present to justify anyone holding such a position while claiming to be opposed to what the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi supported Trump administration has been doing since entering the White House. Such arguments simply do not work.

Agent Provocateurs

Why would any decent person purporting to stand against the development of organised hate under the inspiration of the Trump administration decide – soon after ingratiating oneself into a local (PDX) squad of the movement – to immediately begin spying for a police department (based in one of the most racialist states in the union) blemished with a documented history of pro-Nazi officers & institutional racism? Further, why should the public; political progressives, much less the Antifa orgs/supporters in PDX or elsewhere, harbour one iota of sympathy for the trials and tribulations of a contemptible police informant? The case of Tan the Agent is not a minor case of innocent activist-betrayal, this is a story about an individual that consciously worked to sabotage legitimate, anti-Nazi efforts in Portland, Oregon from the inside out; for the implicit political benefit of the very forces that created the need for such resistance in the first place.

The city of Portland and its home state of Oregon have tried to play down its documented history of promoting White Supremacy239 and looking the other way when Native Americans; Africans; Asians and Spanish-speaking immigrants are victims of racial terrorism. Many across the United States may remember the 1988 murder of Mulugeta Seraw, but Oregon was already forcefully administering legal ‘Whites Only’ policies long before and after it became a recognised state of the union in 1859. Numerous Japanese-Americans were forcefully incarcerated in Oregon State interment camps during the Second World War and before that, Chinese workers240 were abused, beaten and intimidated into fleeing to Portland to avoid anti-Asian racial terrorism.
During the 1980’s, violent White Separatists such as Bob Matthews and The Order or Brüder Schweigen (‘Silent Brothers’) were also active in the Portland area, committing bank robberies; armoured delivery heists; small business hold-ups and a number of suspected murders and robberies of Black and White drug-dealers and pimps to generate funds for their own group and the entire White Supremacist movement operating within the Pacific Northwest.241 More recently, Portlandia has witnessed the vehicular murder of Larnell Bruce Jr.242 by a White Supremacist gang-member and in a horrific act of Klan-style terrorism, two Good Samaritans: Ricky John Best243 and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche244 were attacked and killed by a well-known White Power ‘activist’245 after the pair and another passenger, Micah Fletcher,246 prevented him from physically harming two young women of colour he racially abused on the MAX public transit system.
In the case of Jeremy Christian, the neo-Nazi slasher-killer, it remains an open question as to why he was not listed in the Portland Police Bureau’s lauded gang database247 as an active White Supremacist agitator. And although Randy Blazak, a criminologist and education specialist with the anti-hate organisation, Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crimes is probably correct in suggesting that Christian is a ‘Lone-Wolf,248 or independently acting far-right Race Soldier,249 the fact remains that he is a known fellow-traveller of the local violent racist milieu. The Portland city authorities are understood to have defined the components of a gang250 as such:

PROCEDURE (640.05)

Directive Specific Definitions

Gang: An ongoing organization, association or group of three or more individuals who use both of the following:

a. Use a gang name, common identifying sign or symbol, or acknowledge an identifiable leadership.

b. Have a high rate of interaction among themselves to the exclusion of other persons or gangs.

A gang is criminal if individuals affiliated with it have committed two or more crimes, which involve any of the following:

a. Benefit members of the group.

b. Are committed as part of an initiation process or membership ritual.

c. Are designed to announce the existence of the gang, its membership or its territorial claims.

d. Are committed in response to the race, color, religion, sexual preference, national origin or gang association of the victim.

e. Are designed to intimidate a victim in the name of the gang.

Gang affiliate: A person who participates in either the criminal or non-criminal behavior of a criminal gang listed above, or who actively pursues membership in a criminal gang by performing criminal acts intended to gain the approval of the gang.

Following the MAX attack the databases have been rescinded, citing the racial unfairness of it all. But only after it was discovered that J. Christian was known to the authorities as an individual perpetrating numerous acts of racial violence in the name of White Supremacy and had connections, albeit loose connections, to White Power orgs such as Identity Europa (Christian was photographed shaking hands with Jacob Von Ott,251 a member of the group)252 253 and Joey Gibson254 the Japanese-American leader of ‘Patriot Prayer’ which makes a grand show of denouncing racism255 while working to bad-jacket and ‘punk’ Antifa activists and their efforts with juvenile, confrontational actions256 intended to provide a (false) veneer of ‘Free Speech’ legitimacy as well as a platform to the White Power advocates (like the seditious Three Percenters) who attend their belligerent protestations. Just days after the MAX attack, Gibson and his flock conducted such an event257 and it was predictably attended by a number of regional racists (such as Kyle ‘Stickman’ Chapman,258 who was invited by Gibson to the event) and no one in a position of authority did much to stop him either. And this month, another Patriot Prayer rally saw one of their non-White ideologues259 going out of his way to assault an Antifascist activist, despite Gibson’s clearly disingenuous rhetoric of far-right peaceful disagreement:
The day began with a light police presence, but after an initial scuffle when counter-protesters crossed the street from their rally site in Chapman Square, officers in riot gear lined up on the perimeter of the plaza to separate the groups. Shortly thereafter, a brawl broke out in Chapman Square in which several people traded punches. After the groups were separated, an Oregonian/OregonLive journalist saw a Patriot Prayer affiliate cross the street and strike a counter-protester, who suffered a bloody nose. The Patriot Prayer affiliate was later taken into custody. The Portland Police Bureau said Tusitala Toese,260 21, was being held in Multnomah County Jail on suspicion of second-degree disorderly conduct, harassment, fourth-degree assault and and a warrant for a previous charge of second-degree disorderly conduct.

Elliot Njus (‘1 arrested after fights break out at Patriot Prayer rally, counter-protest’)

Again, I have to ask the reader: why would a Samoan willingly risk gaol to defend White Power?

Under social and political conditions like this, (not to mention the obvious economic restrictions inherent within such a biased social scheme) why would Tan or any other non-European for that matter choose to work covertly with police to help the authorities put a stop anti-racist organising? The interview by Katie Shepherd for Willamette Week is what it is; another mainstream glad-hand to a poor, misunderstood political waif who just wanted to do good, much like the recent controversy over a New York Times profile of a hateful American fascist, (Richard Fausset, ‘A Voice of Hate in America’s HeartlandNov. 25, 2017) which earned the NYT’s a slew of angry letters261 and the echo of betrayed trust in their objectivity262 as a post-World War Two news service.
And on the whole, local PDX law enforcement doesn’t come-off looking any better. After a former Portland police captain, Mark Kruger, was discovered to have posted ‘memorial plaques’ to five Nazi-era soldiers263 in an act of ideological respect in a public park, how could any sane person, other than a White Supremacist, be expected to relax?
What could be worse? Especially after the Bureau decided to clear his record of any mention of the pro-Nazi event264 or the punishment he was supposed to receive before they made him a respected instructor for their;Leadership and the Resolution of Common Tactical Problems265 course. In effect, a pro-Nazi police officer is teaching other officers how to deal with public encounters in the work of playing slave-overseer (or a ‘Black Driver’) in an ethnically, and religiously diverse major colonialist Eurosettler city situated within a largely disingenuous, Pax Americana which is really a racialist empire-in-denial. This is what Tan the Agent wanted to be a part of, something – perhaps anything – she views as being greater than herself. And she was willing to sell-out the entire PDX antifascist movement a means of achieving that end.

The Fine Art of Stopping Resistance

Covert agents within political movements are nothing new. And mainstream animosity towards antifascism and the people brave enough to openly criticise and challenge the far-right has a history as long as fascism itself. In the early 1920’s, the original Antifaschismus activists in Italy, the Arditi del Popolo (People’s Militias)266 who organised against the brutality of Benito Mussolini’s Blackshirts (the ‘Squadristi’) were undermined by agents embedded amongst the working-class, provoking discord within left-wing political groups (such as the Proletarian Defence Formations, or ‘Formazioni di Difesa Proletaria’) that were actively fighting the murderous violence of the far-right.

Much like what we are seeing today, these early #Antifa activists faced incredible opposition from the Partito Comunista Italiano (Italian Communist Party) and other mainstream leftists – that should have been on their side – due to the (certain) fear that Mussolini’s paradigm of street-brutality would come directly to their doorstep. So, with the help of inside information and the abject cowardice of the left-wing unwilling to seriously challenge their own middling acquiescence, Mussolini captured, gaoled and executed enough of the Arditi del Popolo to totally cripple effective all antifascist resistance in Italy by the end of 1924. Mussolini would later declare himself Il Duce, or, ‘The leader’ over all of Italy and its colonial possessions on January 3rd, 1925.

The situation was pretty much the same in Germany throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s and even before that with covert agent provocateurs such as Verbindungsmann (Police Intelligence Agent) Corporal Adolf Hitler, successfully infiltrating the extremist right-wing group, Deutsche Arbeiterparte (German Workers’ Party, or, DAP) in 1919 on the orders of the Reichswehr, or German military apparatus. By 1921, Hitler, now discharged from his military obligations, was – by majority vote – installed as Der Führer of what matured into the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party).

Early antifascist activity within Nazi Germany was organised among small and uneasy confederations of individual anarchists; communists and syndicalists. And during the 1930’s, these elements came together to form Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifascist Action), which lasted until the fall of the Third Reich. Many of their number were caught and abused; sent to interment camps. Others were executed after quick show trials or simply shot on the spot when caught. The socially conscious opposition led by Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans – the founders of Die Weiße Rose (the White Rose) – in the 1940’s was stopped cold by the Gestapo in large part due to informants seeking a pat on the back for helping Hitler ‘clean-up’ Germany. While the young antifascists were actually arrested for distributing anti-Nazi propaganda, members of Die Weiße Rose were prosecuted for treason and executed after being tried by the state’s famously pro-Rassenschande, Volksgerichtshof, or, ‘People’s Court’. An organ of the German government which liberally dispensed the death penalty to nearly everyone brought before them, without remorse, as direct threats to the health of the state.

Many other historical comparisons can be made of conscious deceit, such as the betrayal of anti-slavery revolutionaries Denmark Vesey and Gullah Jack in the mid-1800’s by fellow Blacks; the Rev. Al Sharpton’s admission to snitching on the Italian-American Mafia;267 the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence – including trying to help frame-up Assata Shakur268 (Joan Chesimard) – and other Black Liberation Moment personalities on behalf of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation269 (FBI) as ‘Confidential Informant No. 7’.270

True Lies and Armed Patriot Thugs

Many of these agents were/are clearly funded by elements within the business community271 and were/are openly and covertly aided by pro-establishment/anti-Communist members of the clergy and a number of conservative military officers living in dire fear of a Marxist revolution that never happened. But many more of these individuals were, by their own accounts, more interested in preserving (or elevating) their own place in the public order rather than addressing the problems and/or solutions that disturb the extant power structure and/or arrangement scheme.
One can be forgiven for assuming that when several gangs of heavily-armed American Fascists led by the anti-US government Bundy Family decided to invade a federal institution, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge – after pulling guns on federal agents in 2014 in Nevada – that the nation would rise up and do something about US fascism. Just the opposite happened instead. After several weeks of being left free to destroy federal property; irreplaceable Indigenous American historical and religious artefacts272 and to frighten the families of local authorities out of town with the compliments273 of the local sheriff who was later filmed and photographed shaking hands with the leader of the treasonous group’s leadership on the corporate news.274
Until the US government was faced with international embarrassment over the incident and needed to do something about it, nothing was done. Even when it was reported that anti-government advocate Gerald DeLemus, the co-chair of the Trump for President Veteran’s Coalition275 was among the insurrectionists, nothing was done. The siege ended with the now deified LaVoy Finicum being shot to death, after reaching for a side-arm when faced with institutionally trigger-happy police276 after illegally violating government and Native American property.277 Later, a federal jury will acquit the leader of the Malheur insurrection and his lieutenants,278 handing anti-government separatists the moral and legal recognition they are asking for after threatening a series of armed challenges – or worse – from the terrorists that populate the militia movement.

What to Do?

Which brings us to this author’s final observation: that the sociopolitical relationship between those seeking social balance and those opposed to egalitarianism and fairness within a civil order is always, unfortunately, conditional. Many (self-identified) White liberals in the Anglophone World – for one good example – may profess a personal commitment to anti-racism in the social arena; but when presented with a direct choice between their ideals against the certain possibility of negative consequences, many people fail to live up to their claimed philosophies. This is true and without pointing a finger of blame, I feel that this dynamic is important to mention and a practical consideration everyone considers when challenging institutional and personal racialism. Each of us must always consider the consequences of our activism and when accessing another person’s individual responsibility to speak-out against racism and other forms of bias. It isn’t just the work of White Folk.

Having said that, the fact remains that regardless of ethnic; national or theological origin; this conditionality is deeply rooted in, and ultimately driven by, the socio-survivalist factors represented within any given society. We are all increasingly besieged with a never-ending stream of false, superficial and often negative information-stimulation in a situation which purposefully overlaps entertainment data with what is supposed to be objective news-information leaving the public, especially younger generations, utterly confounded by what is true and what isn’t true.

For the under-educated and those fed a steady diet of FOX non-News and incessant sports media, none of what I have said here matters so long as their immediate needs are met, and even if they are not. The media-generated hope that one day you too can be rich, famous and beautiful if you can find the right gimmick is more operative in our day-to-day decisions than many of us are willing to come to grips with. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms and ubiquitous cameras on mobile phones proves Andy Warhol was spot-on. And the US intelligence agencies that invested in these outlets got their money’s worth due purely to human nature and a culture of self-serving personal isolation and cultural narcissism.279

MAGA is Responsible

After promising his followers that he would cover their legal expenses280 should they fall afoul of the law for beating on counter-protesters,281 how can Trump or the rest of the GOP reasonably dodge responsibility for directly inciting violence?282 (Video // Donald Trump: I will consider paying legal fees for rally-goer who punched protester) This is why it is entirely fair to say that in so many (obvious) ways, President Donald J. Trump is morally responsible for the actions that drove the MAGABomber.283 Did the president personally tell any of the accused domestic terrorists to do what they did? Of course not. He didn’t have to. But Trump and the entire Republican Party is fully responsible for whipping their hateful political rhetoric warning of a non-existent threat to White America through ‘Gates of Vienna’ styled populism into the reality of political violence.284 To say otherwise is simply cowardly bollocks285 and indubitably proves the argument that as a society, the United States is at once arbitrary and selective286 in its observance of both morality and the laws of the nation.287 (See: ‘Brandenburg v. Ohio288 Trump promotes violence from his followers. That is merely a point of fact.289
On the question of egalitarianism before the law, ethnic and social minorities, as a general rule of thumb, do not receive equity on the street, in the courts or in the final dispensation of punishment.290 Justice in this sense is little more than a means of maintaining the extant status-quo291 and in many notable cases, remains as a legalised form of politicised social-removal targeting specific social ‘unwanteds’ the powers believe are best served slaving-away in the private prison industry for private profits.292
Furthermore, unlike other Anglophone nations the US officially denies that a number of political prisoners exist within its ‘correctional system’ while at the same time, highlighting pro-Western/pro-Christian/pro-Capitalist political cases deemed ideologically valuable to the right-wing ‘cause’.293 As the Trump administration dispatches a representative to ask the UK government to release a violent, right-wing provocateur such as Tommy Robinson;294 Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal sit in prisons after malicious prosecutions – committed in the public eye – keep them and many, many others dedicated to the struggle for freedom and human rights with the dankest, most inhuman bowels of the colonial-state beast.295 (See: Political Prisoners in the USA | Alliance for Global Justice //
This differs little from what goes on throughout the post-colonial nations of the Third World; which says a lot about the sociopolitical conditions many Native American, Afro-American and recent immigrants have been forced to cope with on a generational basis, long before the Trump administration came into power within the United States.296

The Ideological Basis of the International Struggles Against the Rise of Fascism

I write this commentary with the understanding that some far-right, domestic terrorist somewhere might plan to do harm to me and/or my family in retaliation for saying what I know to be true. I can say this because I have been on the receiving end of racialised hate before and unfortunately, I understand how the process works.

Moreover, as a person of mixed ethnicity, I take no pleasure in admitting that personally speaking I have not really had a very good time of it, even among those who should have accepted me unconditionally, but did not. No matter where I have lived, gone to school or worked, I have had to prove myself as racially-fit and conscious of my speech and physical movements or risk being judged as, ‘One of them’ and not ‘trustworthy.’ The leader of the ‘Take-a-Knee’ NFL protest, Colin Kaepernick, has discussed his own personal struggle with this issue.297 And still, after everything that is happening to him298 and with him,299 many Afro-Americans still question him racially, insisting that he is not of the flock.300 I take offence to this on a variety of levels. But what gets me the most about this particular situation is the sordid fact that as a community, Afro-Americans are highly reluctant to launch a boycott against the National Football League but not so reticent about racially criticising a Black activist in public as he was doing the right thing for the entire community.
Now, with no other avenues in sight, Kaepernick is the new advertising face of Nike,301 a sporting-goods company that donates millions to the very same Republican Party302 and to the Trump administration303 (and the Trump campaign) that destroyed Mr. Kaepernick’s professional sports career and personal life in the first place. (See: Nihal Krishan, ‘Despite recent ‘progressive’ ads with Colin Kaepernick, Nike gives more money to Republicans than Democrats’)
For this writer the question remains: had Kaepernick received more support from the Afro-American community, would he have gone with Nike at all? What I mean is, where are all the ‘Powerful Blacks’ I keep hearing rumours about that are ‘changing the game’ like Kanye West, Omarosa,304 Diamond and Silk,305 Paris Dennard306 and Lee Daniels when it comes to backing-up another African being beaten-down by the White, racist system of xenophobic injustice? These boasts, common within African-to-African conversation amount to nothing more than the spreading of comfortable myths that make people feel better about themselves and their depressed situation. It is another form of denialism to confuse the personal wealth and toys found among a limited number of Afro-American entertainers and celebrities as evidence of broad economic power.307 Especially when so few of the well-off Afro-Americans within that small circle actually do anything of measure to rectify the extant situation.

Sure, they might endorse a Progressive political candidate they like; or use their phones to make a statement and media stars can always be counted on to donate funds to causes that concern them, But in serious terms, none of this means anything if their resources are not directed towards building an infrastructure that works for Black People. Instead of centring efforts focused upon their celebrity, ‘Each One, Teach One’ should be the operative principle. But this is only one fundamental aspect of a very complex issue. In truth, an entire community has to be brought together, an almost impossible task given the psychological damage generations of Native Americans and Afro-Americans have endured well into the 21st century.

The Challenges Ahead

When the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense first formed in Oakland, California the first resistance they actually faced came not from the local police or even from the US government, but from Black drug-dealers, pimps and gangs who were profiting from organised crime and their subversive working-relationships with the authorities. Later, ideological rivalries developed that soon devolved into personal conflicts and street-corner mentality power-struggles that only helped the authorities weaken the positive efforts of the BPP as well as aided COINTELPRO by giving them material to work with. Dr. King and Ms. Rosa Parks were labelled as ‘troublemakers’ by a number of conservative Afro-Americans in the south as well as the north because of the pressures the Montgomery Bus Boycott placed on Black Folk across the country at the time, nation-wide.

And while I loathe to admit this, it is a sad fact that Dr. King and his mother; Malcolm X and Fred Hampton Sr. and Mark Clark were all physically attacked and/or killed by other Black Folk at some point in their careers as activists. I feel that this says something about the Black Experience in the United States more than anything else. It also explains why we are more willing to fight each other physically in defence of the ‘right’ to call ourselves ‘Niggers’ than we are to boycott the NFL and possibly damage White racialism at its economic and emotional heart.

In my own life, as someone who was reminded my diminished ‘Black-ness’ on an almost daily basis, even by other family members, this hurts on numerous points. But I mention this here only to illustrate just how discretionary racialism is and why the commitment needed to fighting it effectively is often fleeting or functionally non-existent despite cries to the contrary. I find it difficult to reconcile much of this. And I freely admit that my dilemma is rooted chiefly by my own bad times with having to cope with racial bias in the street and at home. I can see the contradictions with a sharper eye because when you do not fit in, you stand on the outside, looking-in; making that which isn’t easily visible when it is going on around you, visible.

As someone who has used his ability to move within four different ethnic groups and many of their grassroots political and community meetings, I have never encountered Jews who identify as ‘Kikes’ or Ilokanos who call themselves ‘Slope’. To my certain knowledge, I’ve never met an Italian who has stopped to correct me by demanding that I call him or her a ‘Guinea’ or a ‘Wop’. On the other hand, numbers of Afro-Americans will argue against White racialism in vociferous terms but still defend ‘Nigger’ as a good thing is you theoretically drop it down to ‘Nigga,’ which makes no sense at all.

It also doesn’t make much sense to me when Native Americans, many of which who have been (unfairly) insulting Senator Elizabeth Warren as a ‘fake Indian’ due to her family claim of (some) American Indigenous heritage (which was scientifically-speaking proven to be true)308 don ‘Chief Wahoo’ baseball caps and Washington Redskins jackets and t-shirts. If Ms. Warren is a fraud because she (it seems correctly) claims that a degree of her bloodline comes from someone from the (original) Cherokee Nation; how do we define BIA-recognised Native Americans who decide to serve in the same military forces that conquered their own people and all of their lands? I also take issue with conservative Native Americans who rudely compare the Warren case with the total fraud Rachel Dolezal who actually wore Blackface to perpetuate her false identity as an African woman in the US. When in fact, Warren did no such thing. She raised her background while in school, but there is no credible evidence that she specifically used a false Native American identity to gain favour or admission.309 The only people pushing this were the same racist, anti-Indian propagandists who created it. Republicans seeking to marginalise Senator Warren raised the question of her claim to Native blood which is a joke it itself as the GOP has never given a damn about Native Peoples or Indigenous rights at home or abroad. In fact, while conservative Native Americans raged about the Warren case, I’ve seen nothing in their fervour directed towards US House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California whose in-laws have won federal contracts worth millions based on a disputed claim of Native American identity.
Unlike Senator Warren who merely claims to be a descendant of someone from the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, McCarthy’s relatives were awarded these contracts on the basis of their membership in the Northern Cherokee Nation, a band that is not recognised by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and seen as sham by nations that have the recognition of the European-settler colonial government. In short, a White Republican and likely racist family310 claiming ties to a fake Indian tribe takes advantage of a federal program for minorities worth more than 7 million in no-bid contracts without a peep from the race-checkers within Indian Country. And when Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley delivered a racist joke against Native Americans311 using Senator Warren as an excuse for her personal support of White racialism, again, nothing that measured-up to the chaotic outrage directed towards the Warren case. And when former congressman Jason Chaffetz (this is someone with a Jewish background no less) racially insulted Ms. Warren and all Native Americans by extension on social media,312 again, crickets from those angry and reckless enough to lay the entire blame for anti-Indigenous racism on the lap of Elizabeth Warren.
I find this problematic, especially since the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is a reconstructed federally-recognised entity that does not use blood-quantum as a membership requirement. Instead, they rely on a vague list created by White settlers that disenfranchised as many full-blooded members of the nation as possible in favour of Irish and German settlement in the area following the Trail of Tears.313 And speaking on that, let us not forget the Indigenous nation at the centre of the Warren case is the Cherokee Nation, a group that fought in the US Civil War to keep their slaves314 after adopting European farming methods and economic ideas. Cherokee leader Stand Watie, one of the signatories to the treaty forcing Indian Removal from the American South later became a brigadier general in the Confederate Army and was the last officer to stand down after hostilities formally ended. He was also well-known for destroying the property of Cherokee that supported the Union position on slavery. I was told in my youth by elders that Cherokees like Watie would lynch and shoot other Cherokee in roadside executions if people were caught hiding runaway slaves or aiding in escapes. Food for thought we you must consider that this is the very same nation that legally ejected their Afro-Indian members in the US federal court system, twice.315 316
In terms of Black America the problem is centre-stage. In one good example, the much respected, Nation of Islam, a long-established Afro-American organisation supposedly dedicated to the improvement of Black Americans through a Black (not African) centred mishmash of the Abrahamic religions317 has as of late, also adopted Scientology into their doctrine.318 The problems with this are glaring, as the NOI as a matter of its ideological grounding is by default: anti-White.319 This tenet is especially held against White Folk who are overtly bigoted towards Black People. Or, at least it used to. I know that the NOI enjoys promoting its own ‘research department’ when they release position papers to justify their rampant Judeophobia or negative preaching against interracial marriage and homosexuality. But when it comes to Scientology320 and its infamous founder, L Ron Hubbard, their investigation failed miserably.321 Even when it comes to the current leadership of Scientology,322 the NOI seems to ignore their own stated, conservative moral values just like the GOP does when it comes to working with people like Donald Trump, Denny Hastert323 and Judge Roy Moore.324 Again, remember that under Min. Farrakhan’s leadership, links were made between the NOI and Tom Metzgers White Aryan Resistance (WAR), a White terrorist organisation that much like Scientology, has waged its own war against the federal government, and lost when its followers murdered Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw in Portland, Oregon State. Scientology did not fare too well either. (See: ‘Operation Snow White’ and ‘Operation Freakout’)
White racialism and European cultural superiority has always been a factor within the ‘church’. And Hubbard’s own teachings on the matter of race were clearly in the negative.325 The fact that a number of Afro-Americans and other ethnicities populate Scientology means absolutely nothing. The US military is completely open racially and religiously to all who wish to serve and was only legally desegregated due to necessity, not in respect to basic human rights. Why the NOI would want anything to do with Scientology is a mystery to me. It seems that Min. Farrakhan has been quietly moving away from not only the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s teachings, but the very basis of NOI thought altogether. For reasons known only to himself, Farrakhan has chosen, as his mentor did, to align with White racists who use violence and the promise of violence against other Black Americans. If it is happening above, its happening below. Just ask Darthard Perry, AKA Othello.326

Psychological Limitations

It goes without saying that the liberation-potential of such attitudes amounts to practically zero. When Black People can find it easier to justify violent attitudes towards (Black) Transgendered Folk327 as opposed to using confrontational, direct-action activism against White racist terrorists such as the Proud Boys, what really going on? Where are all the ‘Goons’ and ‘Thugs’ in the fabulous ghetto we keep hearing about on the radio when it comes to checking murderous White racists who attack Black elders? They are nowhere. (See: Shawn Cohen, Tina Moore, Larry Celona and Lia Eustachewich: ‘White supremacist accused of murder says he came to NYC to kill blacks’)

They can’t even speak out loud about it in fear of retaliation from the ‘Illuminati’ Alex Jones and Farrakhan rail about to their respective congregations. Because they are just as afraid as everybody else of the Klan and the neo-Nazis and they would rather avoid the issue at all costs and just hide within the Black Community. Which helps nothing since the community is under siege while the Fruit of Islam sell bean pies on the roadside in misguided loyalty to a lost ‘cause’ playing footsie with White Power advocates.

Just as White Folk have a difficult time coming to grips with White-Racism; Afro-Americans also face issues of denialism when it comes to recognising African Colourism and culture-clashes between various African groups throughout the Afro-Diaspora and how this relate to internal power-plays. The Farrakhan Family isn’t all that dark. Just as Adolf Hitler didn’t fit the Aryan human model he promoted.

This is a legitimate question. The same can be said for racialism-as-religion in South Asia under the Hindu faith and why some Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia; Thailand; India328 and the Philippines329 have resorted to armed struggle as a last-ditch effort to stop the ethnocide(s) being waged against them by their occupiers and/or the state.330 In the southern nations of the Américas the situation is much the same.331 332 But what is important to note here is that in each case I listed above – including anti-Indigenous bias and gender violence in Africa333 – involves non-European-on-non-European marginalisation and violence. And while it is fair to some degree to blame the exacerbation of existing conflicts on European ‘Divide and Conquer’ efforts; it is ridiculous, and dangerous, to believe that racialism began with White Folk and will disappear should they magically vanish from the planetary scene. This simply isn’t true. But having said that, I argue that cultures can co-exist, work together and inter-mix with each other in conditions that provide for all, not just the few. When people have enough to eat; a place to sleep that is their own and the freedom to be creative – conflict is the last thing (advanced) societies should have to cope with.

The causes behind conflict are not monolithic. Social crisis can result from shortages or the perception of those resources being used by ‘foreigners’ and other varying forms of social and moral panics leaving tribalism as a psychologically safe means of personal survival. When one does not ‘fit-in’ to one or more ethnic-minorities, you stand on the outside looking in and you can see how we are all – as a society that broadcasts a very jaundiced view of the United States – caught-up in a bubble of racial intolerance and Europocentric values of beauty. Only we don’t want to admit it. And we

Moving Forward

This is difficult to articulate to a number of young people today, due primarily to their inexperience with the recent past; and their general habit of judging themselves as dislocated from things that displease them personally. And having said that, it is another mistake on the US Left to try linking politically-conscious young people with their larger age-group. This is a personal observation, but to me it is pretty clear that many American youth do not understand their own nation’s politics any more than their seniors do. If things were different, they would demand more accuracy from the corporate-owned media outlets instead of relying on comedians to explain current events to them.

Many people under fifty find it either hard to accept, or simply refuse to accept that racialism and racial bias is still an issue, much less a problem. And the bigots who run the system, if you notice, do not contradict them. Why would they? It serves their narrative. And acquiescence on the US Left helps this twisting of reality hold water by not challenging them for causing racial division and the perpetuation of antiquated racialism.

As a conscious Person-of-Colour, these matters have always been an issue that weighs heavily upon my quality-of-life. And even though I was born and raised deep within the urban Black-Indian American experience and belong (by blood) to the Gullah/Geechie Nation, due of my physical appearance, I face varying degrees of inter-group hassle and sometimes animosity due to both ‘differences’ and the assumption that lighter-skinned Afro-Americans deal with less marginalisation and enjoy more social advantages than other Afro-Americans.

I for one totally agree that there is a great deal of truth in some of this. But just saying that isn’t enough because it doesn’t address any of the deeper questions that need to be asked. If lighter-skinned people enjoy certain degrees of social and economic privilege, the questions should be centred on why such social-psychological advantages exist in the first place. Even then, the questions themselves should not be framed as a revenge-move simply aimed at reversing an unbalanced tradition but instead, put to the society itself as to why – worldwide – lighter-skin and fairer physical features matter more than a wider view of the basic human aesthetic.

And because of my own experiences with racialism and bias I can say with complete confidence that after the Synagogue Shooting, some limited action will be taken to address right-wing political violence in the United States as it relates to Jewish-Americans because that is how the psychology of Europocentric denialism often works itself out. Since Jews are seen as ‘White’ in the United States following the European Holocaust (and not before), this attack will be seen as ‘an attack on us all,’ as if previous acts of rightist-terrorism stand unconnected to what has occurred this week across North America.

President Trump has intentionally stoked these forces of hate and has used language that openly encourages belligerent action from his followers while feigning personal innocence. He and other Republicans have routinely identified their political opponents as traitors and members of the press, like Jamal Khashoggi, as ‘enemies of the people.’334

I could easily go on. But really, anyone who continues to be hypocritical about the ways in which Maxine Waters may challenge Trump’s positions and statements by stupidity comparing her criticisms of President Trump and MAGA with the domestic terrorism of the right-wing, Filipino-Italian American MAGABomber is a fucking fool. He, along with the two European-American domestic terrorists who waged war on the United States government this week want a pure America, meaning, an America that only has room for people who think like themselves.

And apparently, there is room in this world for people like Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and his followers since he says that President Trump is ‘destroying the enemies of the Nation of Islam’335 and that he likes what MAGA is all about.336 337 Even after calling the Trayvon Martin murder case a hoax on his website and in a candid video;338 his pushing of the false Pizzagate conspiracy theory339 and his concrete associations with neo-Nazis and Judeophobes,340 the NOI now boasts of a ‘relationship’ with far-right broadcaster Alex Jones.341 And just days before Bob Bowers attacked the synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Hon. Louis Farrakhan likened Jews to ‘Termites’.342
I refuse to honour this slur by wasting any time trying to explain why this statement is hideously wrong. But I will say that comments like this don’t help. And each time Farrakhan does something like this, racist White-Nationalists343 and hard-right, Revisionist Zionists always make use of his comments344 to bad-jacket the entire Black Liberation movement as a reverse-racist rabble of anti-Caucasian bigots and professional Jew-haters lead by an unrepentant ‘Black Hitler.’345

And when Black people who should know better can still support someone like this without realising that each time he, or another Black community figure do things like this it hurts us all. And since the good, Black Muslim minister has given his support to a racist, right-wing politician who once boasted that ‘I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters…’346 – any defence of the man or his Scientology-infiltrated organisation, even in the Afro-American community, should be regarded as the sort of ignorant nonsense that makes fascism – anywhere – possible in the first place.

Recognising Wavering Loyalties

The White American Left too is allowing the anti-racist and antifascist movements to be thrown to the wolves as a matter of ideological purity after this most recent week of hate? Passivity on the part of the victim is a necessary ingredient to the preservation of class-conflict and this also applies to the struggle against populism within the Anglophone World. In the name of stability, both left-and-right ends of the mainstream political spectrum seek a means of normalising ethnic differences by denying ‘difference’ exists. This is a mistake. We can fully acknowledge our differences without resorting to elitist ideas of ethnic or racial superiority or the religious beliefs that bind these ideas into social traditions, political policies and written laws that do more to serve the cause of ethnic conflict than to prevent, or end it.

The Anglophone Left must rise to the occasion and look inward to find the answers they need in solving their issues with non-engagement and their aggravated prejudice towards non-violent, direct-action against far-right terrorism. If the Progressives waving their placards and armchair liberals willing to demean and condemn those standing against right-wing political violence applied that same energy towards agitating and educating against the fascists within their own midsts, this problem could have stopped before it even began. And the only thing stopping them now is what has always stopped them, the fear of being isolated from their own social group.

Once we deal with the limiting dynamics or race and racialism, we will finally be dealing with the real problem of fascism, which is the political culmination of hatred. Until we can do this as intelligent human and compassionate beings, the horrors of fascism will continue to haunt us again and again and again. Hate is the enemy, and we must understand this if the human species is to be saved from itself.

Hate is ugly. The solution(s) need not be. Intelligence, education and solidarity – not arms – will defeat racialism and fascism. And intelligence often requires good people to do extraordinary brave things to stop fascism from taking power. The struggle isn’t easy intellectually or personally. All Sophie Scholl did was self-publish an anti-fascist leaflet. For this, she and her compatriots were executed.

Think about that.


Postscript: By the time I decided to finish-off with this, it was reported that a recent gun-attack in the US was carried out by a self-described ‘Incel,’ Scott Paul Beierle;347 another far-right domestic terrorist with a long history of sexual and racialist violence.348 Beierle killed two women, wounded five and then killed himself. But remember folks, Antifa, according to the conservatives, the anti-gun; anti-violence and anti-racist Left-Wing activism is the real problem.

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