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Tell the Canadian company Shopify to ban the violent far-right hate group Proud Boys from their platform // []

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Inside the Crazy Cabal Trying to Smear Robert Mueller // []

Ce matin le fascisme a étendu sa nuit de l’autre côté de la frontière – – C’est une idée qui peut paraître un peu saugrenue, c’est souvent le cas avec ce qui touche à la colonisation, mais la plus grande frontière de l’État français avec un autre État est un fleuve situé quelque part en Amazonie. La Guyane fait partie des terres découvertes par C. Collomb lors de ses expéditions et va attirer l’œil du roi de France dès 1503 [1]. Depuis lors la zone autours de Cayenne est plus ou moins restée sous le contrôle de l’État français. C’est là-bas qu’il a créé un bagne où ont pu se développer au cours du XIX siècle des concepts concentrationnaires qui seront repris tout au long du XXe par tous les États totalitaires [2].
J’en parle par ce que de l’autre côté de la frontière avec ce petit bout de France, il y a le Brésil.

Kellee Terrell // A Black Woman Warned Twitter About The #MAGABomber, They Ignored Her | HelloBeautiful – According to USA Today, Rochelle Ritchie, the former Press Secretary for House Democrats, reported Sayoc to Twitter TWO WEEKS before he was arrested for threatening her life after she appeared on FOX News.

One of the tweets from Sayoc’s account read: “We will see you 4 sure. Hug your loved ones real close every time you leave you home.”

Another one said, “We have nice silent Air boat ride for u here on our land Everglades Swamp .We will see you 4 sure.Hug your loved ones real close every time you leave you home.”

Two comrades are imprisoned in Poland | – On 19 October our two comrades were arrested because of a court sentence given to them for taking part in anarchist protest against European Economic Congress (EEC) 2015 which was held in Katowice.

Our friends where sentenced to community services because of the crime called “infringement of privacy”. They were protesting in empty abandoned tenement house which was city property. They wanted to protest against the inherent contradiction between empty property and homelessness and to show injustice of savage capitalism.

Arrest is a consequence of avoiding these community services. One of activists went to prison for 2 months till 15 of December. He is kept in prison in Tarnowskie Góry (Silesian region). From the very
beginning he started a hunger strike, because they don’t provide the possibility of vegan food. The administration refused to get him warm clothes; the cell is not heated and he has no jacket. According to official rules, the prison keeps 50% of all money income. Anyway, director of this penal facility doesn’t allow him to use prison shop, or to buy food for him during dates with visitors.

Vortrag über «Résistance Helvétique» – // []

Vortrag über die neofaschistische Bewegung «Résistance Helvétique» von der Groupe de Travail Antifa Genève

Vortrag und Diskussion

Freitag, 02.11.2018, 20.00 Uhr, Kino im Koch Areal, Rautistrasse 22, 8047 Zürich

Die «Résistance Helvétique» (RH; Helvetischer Widerstand) ist eine der aktivsten neofaschistischen Gruppierungen der Westschweiz. Mit Kundgebungen, Konferenzen und weiteren Aktionen markierte sie in den letzten Jahre vermehrt ihre Präsenz in der Öffentlichkeit. In ihrer Kommunikation will sie sich gewaltfrei geben und lehnt den Faschismus-Vorwurf ab. Anderseits besucht sie Schiesskurse bei polnischen Neonazis und pflegt Kontakte zu einschlägigen Organisationen wie Casapound oder die Goldene Morgenröte…
Die Arbeitsgruppe Antifa Genf berichtet über den Kontext der Entstehung der RH und liefert aktuelle Einschätzungen zur Gruppe und Lage in der Westschweiz.

President Wants to Use Executive Order to End Birthright Citizenship – The New York Times // []

Steve Bannon teams up to bring far-right agenda to Europe // []

11 men wanted over violence at Free Tommy Robinson and Welcome Trump rallies – The images of 11 men wanted for violence during the “Welcome Trump” and “Free Tommy Robinson” marches have been released by police.

Officers were assaulted and subjected to racist abuse when violence broke out during the protest marches on July 14 in central London, Scotland Yard confirmed.

The marches in support of US President Donald Trump, who was in the UK during a visit at the time, and the controversial Tommy Robinson, turned violent in Storey’s Gate in Westminster.

Why Is Steve Bannon Giving a Keynote Speech About Nationalism at an Academic Tech Conference? – Motherboard – Gray and other academics have pulled out of the conference, but Bannon will not be disinvited, Cheok said.

“I’m pretty sure that later on, people will say ‘Yes, you know, this was good that there was a conference that didn’t just talk about the technical issues because it was convenient and was willing to take a risk in order to do so,” he said. “Of course, it’s made my life extremely difficult … but I’m prepared to take a risk and I think I’ve learned that it will be a good thing, and you know maybe I get crucified, but that’s OK.”

Democrats blast campaign mailer as blatantly anti-Semitic – CBS News – The mailer was aimed at Democratic state Rep. Matthew Lesser.

It shows a drawing of Lesser, who is Jewish, with a gleeful look in his eye as he holds cash in his hands.

The dispute comes as the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh mourns the slaying of 11 congregants in a synagogue Saturday and amid a controversy over the role fiery language used by President Trump may be having in stoking violence.

“I had heard about it didn’t believe that it could possibly be true and then I saw the flyer and I thought, to be honest, never in a million years did I expect to see something like that. Not in Connecticut,” said Lesser.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) blasted it, saying in a statement Tuesday, “As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, the ADL does not speak out in favor of or against a candidate for elective office. The juxtaposition of a Jewish candidate and money in this manner suggests an age old anti-Semitic trope. We call on the campaign to clarify its position and intent in disseminating this image.”

Republican Ed Charamut defends ad depicting Matthew Lesser gripping cash and grinning – The Washington Post // []

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