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28 oktober, Den Haag: stop de extreem-rechtse demonstratie in de Schilderswijk

Op zondag 28 oktober willen de racisten en fascisten van Indentitair Verzet demonstreren door de Haagse Schilderswijk om zo hun verwerpelijke gedachtegoed te verspreiden en de buurt te provoceren. Laat Ze Niet Lopen, een initiatief tegen racisme en extreem-rechts roept op om in actie te komen tegen de extreem-rechtse demonstratie door op en langs de route van de racisten te protesteren en zo de ruimte voor extreem-rechts zo klein mogelijk te maken.

Identitair Verzet staat in Nederland vooral bekend om hun kleine, media gerichte acties zoals het bezetten van daken van moskeeën en het lastig vallen van vluchtelingen. De leden van deze fascistische club hebben echter al een langer verleden van racistisch geweld: het bekladden van een begraafplaats met hakenkruizen en de confrontatie zoeken met iedereen die niet in hun witte wereldbeeld valt. Met de demonstratie die zij nu hebben aangekondigd, door de Schilderswijk, zetten zij de stap om van kleine acties naar een openbare demonstratie te gaan. Ze richten zich in hun oproep vooral tegen de As-Soennah moskee maar wat zij werkelijk willen is een ruimte creëren waar moslimhaat, racisme en neo-nazi’s een plek hebben om hun haat te verspreiden en de confrontatie te zoeken.

Laat Ze Niet Lopen!

Laat Ze Niet Lopen, een initiatief tegen racisme, roept je daarom ook op om je te verzetten tegen de extreem-rechtse demonstratie en zelf actie te ondernemen tegen de komst van allerhande racisten, fascisten en neo-nazi’s. Organiseer jezelf en je vrienden, fluit ze uit, overstem ze, blokkeer, laat zien dat ze niet welkom zijn! Eerdere nazi demonstraties zijn door toedoen van tegenacties altijd vrij beperkt gebleven. Het is aan ons om samen de ruimte voor racisme zo klein mogelijk te maken.

Op het moment heeft Identitair Verzet nog niet bekend gemaakt waar hun demonstratie gaat beginnen. Houd daarom voor meer informatie en updates in de gaten. Ook kan je Laat Ze Niet Lopen volgen op Twitter en Facebook. In de aanloop naar, en op de dag van het tegenprotest voorzien wij in een infostructuur met kaarten van de omgeving en de laatste informatie.

Samen stoppen we de extreem-rechtse demonstratie!

Laat ze niet lopen:



Laat ze niet lopen! – protesteer tegen extreemrechtse demonstraties!: Extreem-rechts maakt route door de Schilderswijk bekend – Vandaag maakte de extreem-rechtse groep Identitair Verzet de route bekend van hun geplande demonstratie dwars door de Haagse Schilderswijk op 28 oktober. Laat Ze Niet Lopen, een initiatief tegen racisme en extreem-rechts roept op om in actie te komen tegen de extreem-rechtse demonstratie door op en langs de route van de racisten te protesteren en zo de ruimte voor extreem-rechts zo klein mogelijk te maken.

London, ON: Antifascist Mobilization Opposes Pegida, Soldiers of Odin, and Wolves of Odin – It’s Going Down – Pegida, an anti-Islam group active in Canada and with connections to white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Europe (particularly Germany), has been holding regular rallies in London, Ontario. While Pegida have made few inroad on their own in London, they have made growing links with neo-fascist groups like Soldiers of Odin (SOO) and Proud Boys.

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, a rally of several Pegida members along with a dozen or so SOO and a few Wolves of Odin and other neo-fascist supporters was confronted by a much larger counter-mobilization of antifascists. With cops present the fascists held their ground outside the City Hall building.

London is the sort of city one might expect fascists to receive some reception in. It is a mid-size city in Canada known to be generally politically conservative with a sizeable white collar professional workforce with many company headquarters located there. It could well be a foundation for fascism as a conservative white collar middle strata feels squeezed by economic pressures from above (capital, ownership) and social demands from below. And clearly Pegida and SOO and others see it that way given their persistence in holding events there. On multiple occasions they have held events outside City Hall.

By Plan C London // Report on Feminists To the Front: 13th October Anti-fascist demo | We are Plan C – On Saturday 13th October 2018, a coalition of feminist and anti-fascist groups, including Women’s Strike Assembly and Plan C, were involved in organising a feminist bloc against the planned Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) march in London. The bloc was part of a unity demonstration, bringing together an even broader group of anti-fascist and anti-racist campaigners and trade unions determined to combat far right groups marching on our streets. The demonstration successfully prevented the DFLA from completing their march route.

Abby Zimet // Are You Brave Now, Faggot? Overthrowing Trump’s Fascists – Terrifying Cause and Effect Dept: This weekend, as Trump declared Democrats “an angry left-wing mob,” gangs of white supremacist thugs known as Proud Boys – “Fuck around and find out” – roamed and rioted from New York City to Portland, Oregon, beating up protesters and bystanders as police mostly stood by. Named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and including in their ranks the organizer of Charlottesville’s deadly Nazi rally, the Proud Boys were founded by the venomous Gavin McInnes, who often writes for white nationalist publications and likes to boast, “I cannot recommend violence enough – it is a very effective way to solve problems.”

Their New York City brawl came after a McInnes speech celebrating the 1960 stabbing assassination of a Japanese Socialist Party leader by a right-wing extremist; for the occasion, McInnes dressed up as the assassin, complete with sword and glasses caricaturing Japanese eyes. He gave the speech at the invitation of the midtown Metropolitan Republican Club – a sign of a disquieting alliance that should give us all pause. Afterwards, he and his cohorts took to the streets; multiple videos show them beating, punching and kicking several people as they shout “faggot,” “cocksucker,” and, in a Kavanaugh nod, “I love beer!” reportedly because someone stole one of their MAGA hats. In one video, the group pummels a guy on the ground as they scream, “Are you brave now, faggot?!’” Afterwards, they cheerfully posed for a group photo, proudly flashing the white power symbol.

Velshi & Ruhle // White nationalist group, Identity Evropa, looking to ‘take over the GOP’ – Identity Evropa is pushing its members to stealthily infiltrate Republican politics to move the party towards its agenda of banning non-white immigration.Oct. 17, 2018

Hamburg: 18.10. 17:30 Uhr – Antifaschistische Fahrradtour: Donnerstag auf die Insel – Poggenburg und seinen Fans den Abend vermiesen! | // []

Kiah Morris: Vermont’s only black woman lawmaker on why she quit – BBC News – Kiah Morris, the only black woman in the Vermont legislature, shocked the US state when she resigned last month, citing ongoing racial harassment. Even in one of the most progressive states in America, she says white supremacy and a toxic political discourse are serious, unacknowledged problems.

Kiah Morris was puzzled. Why did friends on social media keep sending her links to a Saturday Night Live comedy video? Then she watched it.

In the sketch, which aired the last weekend of September, a group of Southern neo-Confederates discuss resettling in place with “no immigrants and no minorities – an agrarian community where everyone lives in harmony because every single person is white”.

A Collection of Solidarity Actions From Greece With the US Prison Strike | – The following are translated solidarity events and actions with the US Prison Strike that originally appeared on the Greek anarchist website
Cover image: Greek prisoners place up banner in solidarity with Prison Strike in the US.

June 28th: Solidarity Event and Presentation for the USA Prison Strike


On June 28th, a solidarity event was held at a squatted gym in Exarchia, Athens, Greece. The event featured a presentation by anonymous members of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) regarding the upcoming prison strike on August 21st across the USA.

The event focused on explaining the strike itself, it’s origins and motivations, the overall American system of repression and oppression, and historical and current examples of resistance against it. A discussion was held, and information on the strike, American political prisoners, and writing from the Free Alabama movement was printed and given away for free.

Jake Offenhartz // NY Republicans Not Sure Whether Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes Is Good Or Bad : Gothamist – After initially blaming the violence on “radical leftists,” GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro acknowledged in an interview with the Daily News on Tuesday that he is “a bit ashamed” by the Metropolitan Republican Club’s decision to invite McInnes. Molinaro—who uses the Metropolitan Club as his campaign headquarters—accused McInnes of inciting violence, adding that “the institution was wrong [to invite him] and I think we were wrong not to call it out for what it is.”

In addition to espousing racist, misogynistic and Islamophobic views, McInnes has repeatedly encouraged members of his group to commit violence, and bestows the highest rankings on Proud Boys who have beat up left wing protesters. He was initially invited to the Republican club to perform a skit depicting the killing of Japanese socialist Inejiro Asanuma, whose murder on live television in 1960 is considered an “inspiring moment” by the Proud Boys founder.

Eventbrite: Ban White Supremacists | – Eventbrite is still profiting from violent white supremacists. On Friday night, white supremacists with the violent hate group Proud Boys brutally beat three people in New York following an event, to which Eventbrite sold tickets. The event was headlined by the Proud Boys’ leader, Gavin McInnes and was billed as a reenactment celebration of a Japanese ultranationalist who assassinated the head of a left-wing Japanese party with a sword. Color Of Change flagged this event for Eventbrite asking them not to sell tickets to the event. Eventbrite acknowledged our warning and was aware of the facts yet decided it was appropriate to continue selling tickets to an event that gave the leader of a group known for their white supremacist violence in Charlottesville a platform to speak and was openly billed as a glorification of far-right violence.

Eventbrite should not be profiting from events like this, not if they want to continue to be seen as being a “people-centered company.” Eventbrite is not taking responsibility for this violence. They claim that they evaluated mutliple factors when choosing to continue to sponsor the event including that it was held by the Metropolitan Republican Club at a private setting with security in the GOP’s headquarters in New York City. Regardless of the circumstances, no event providing a platform for white supremacists should ever be acceptable under Eventbrite’s terms of service. There is no such thing as a safe space to meet for white supremacy and as Friday’s actions show the Proud Boys specifically are intent on waging criminal violence wherever they go.

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