Daniela Manuschevich, Nick Meynen // Chilean Union Leader Found Dead One Day After Anti-Pollution Demo

Chilean Union Leader Found Dead One Day After Anti-Pollution Demo – The area of the incident is Puchuncavi-Quintero, but the region is better known as one of Chile’s four “sacrifice zones.” It earned this dubious title because several industries have been operating without public monitoring since 1964, dumping different types of toxic chemicals in unknown quantities. The term is used by socio-ecological movements in Chile to characterize geographical areas where industry and waste are so heavy that the whole area and the people living in it are considered sacrificed on the altar of economic growth. But those people are increasingly well informed and actively resisting the scandalous situation. As schools closed and social actions increased, the so-called special forces and the navy deployed an unusual amount of force, with water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. Quintero has turned into a battle zone.

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