Breena Kerr // Judge rules Hawaiian princess unfit to manage $215m trus

Judge rules Hawaiian princess unfit to manage $215m trust | US news | The Guardian – Kawānanakoa has led a mostly private and luxurious life, donating to her favorite charities, and breeding American quarter horses, but also had a reputation for quietly paying people’s bills. For years, she paid the electricity bill at Honolulu’s Iolani Palace (the royal residence that’s since become a museum) and would chip in when people came to her with financial problems. In 2001, the heiress also established a $100m trust aimed at supporting Native Hawaiian language, culture, art, education, health and housing.

“At the moment, she is a benefactor for the Hawaiian people,” said Lilikalā Kame’eleihiwa, director and professor at the University of Hawaii’s Center for Hawaiian Studies and a board member for Kawānanakoa’s trust. “I understand she paid some people’s student tuition or their medical bills – she even paid people’s mortgages to keep them from becoming homeless.”

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