4thWorld Radyo // Thoughts From a Native Son: Pushing against the Psychic Bubble of Afro-American Colonial Hubris


SUMMARY: In this dispatch of 4WR, host @TheAngryindian takes another spoken-word Afro-Indigenous view of the emerging Afro-American ideological and sociopolitical conformities developing under the admittedly racialist Trump administration. What is fueling the current attitudes behind politics in Afro-America? Is it a reaction to American Fascism or is it a result of African (and Native) assimilation ; social partisanship and the modern herd-mentality prism reflecting the not-so-subtle Eurosettler dominated context of racial and misogynist denial operative within North America.

EXTRAS: The usual mix of political PSAs; archived political commentary; more found news clips and powerful Protest Sounds to listen to on your way to your next political club meeting, rally or protest.

All this and much more on, 4WR.

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