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Turning Point USA and Michael Flynn to Speak Along Side Far-Right Parties Linked to Current Neo-Nazi Rallies In Germany – It’s Going Down
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September 12, 2018

From September 14th to the 16th, far-Right conspiracy website The Gateway Pundit will sponsor the Phyllis Schlafly’s Gateway Eagle Council, which will bring together a variety of far-Right activists, media makers, Alt-Right youtubers, and even representatives of far-Right parities in Europe. This collection will include conspiracy theorists associated with Pizzagate and InfoWars (Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Cassandra Fairbanks, and Gateway Pundit staff), that make up (oh do they!) the “New Right.” Professional huckster, James O’Keefe. Various speakers from the US military and law enforcement will also grace the stage, such as Michael Flynn (who worked for a short amount of time in the Trump White House), Joe Arpaio, and Anthony Shaffer. Representing Turning Point USA will be their figure heads, Charlie Kirk and Candance Owens, TPUSA is billionaire backed with also links to the Alt-Right.

Fernanda Canofre // What an attack on a far-right presidential candidate means for Brazil politics · Global Voices – Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing presidential candidate who is leading the polls in Brazil, was attacked on September 6, 2018 during a campaign event at downtown Juiz de Fora in the state of Minas Gerais.
Bolsonaro was in the middle of his act of being carried by supporters when he was suddenly stabbed in the stomach. Videos recorded at the place show Bolsonaro crunching, screaming and being carried into a car.
The attacker was beaten by the candidate’s supporters.
Bolsonaro lost of a lot of blood and underwent surgery. The injuries – a pierced intestine and other lesions – are enough to put him out of campaigning in the streets for at least a week. Elections in Brazil are scheduled for October 7.

Activists: Turkey beefing up its troops in Syria’s Idlib – Hulusi Akar, the Turkish defense minister, said a military operation in the densely populated rebel enclave would drag the already problematic region toward disaster. He spoke during a meeting with foreign ambassadors late Wednesday, according to the state-run Turkish Anadolu Agency.

“We are working with Russia, Iran and other allies to bring peace and stability and to stop a humanitarian tragedy,” Akar said, according to Anadolu.

The Turkish deployment comes amid a lull in a concerted government and Russian aerial bombing campaign on the southern edge of Idlib.

Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday a Turkish convoy entered from Kfar Lusin crossing in northern Idlib, heading to some of the 12 Turkish observations points that ring Idlib. A video shot by activists of the monitoring group Central Station for Turkish Intervention showed armored and gun-mounted vehicles and tanks driving through an Idlib road. Both said the convoy was heading to two different observation points, one south of Idlib and another in the center. But the Turkish military did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Aaron Rupar // A white guy allegedly detonated 2 IEDs at a mall and the pro-Trump media shrugged – ThinkProgress

On Sunday evening, a man allegedly planted two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at the Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales, Florida. The police are looking for a person of interest in connection with the incident, but he remains on the loose Monday morning.

The device — described in local reports as “some type of flare inside of a PVC pipe that was wrapped in electrical tape” — caused an explosion near a loading dock. While nobody was injured, you might think that the detonation of IEDs at a shopping mall would be a significant story, especially among right-wing voices who are usually quick to politicize attempted acts of violence in public places.

You’d be wrong. On Monday morning, Breitbart’s homepage featured a story about “knife-wielding jihadist inmates” who attacked a prison guard in France, but not a single word about the IEDs in Florida. A brief write-up was featured toward the bottom of Fox News’ homepage. President Trump — reliably quick to politicize act of violence committed by Muslims, even when they happen overseas — hasn’t said anything about the incident as this is published.

Andrew Gumbel // ‘You didn’t get our message’: key Trump aide Stephen Miller condemned by childhood rabbi | US news | The Guardian – Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels of Beth Shir Shalom, a progressive reform synagogue in the beachside city of Santa Monica where Miller grew up, devoted his sermon marking the Jewish New Year to a striking denunciation of Miller and the now-abandoned policy he championed of separating immigrant families at the border.

“Honestly, Mr Miller, you’ve set back the Jewish contribution to making the world spiritually whole through your arbitrary division of these desperate people,” the rabbi said. “The actions that you now encourage President Trump to take make it obvious to me that you didn’t get my, or our, Jewish message.

“This is the season of apology, and to get to an apology, shame over past actions is necessary. Some shout at others when they are self-righteous enough: you should be ashamed of yourself! That’s not something I would ever shout or demand.” But Comess-Daniels went on to say it was up to Miller to acknowledge his wrongdoing.

The Hate Network: An Inside Look at a Global Extremist Group – SPIEGEL ONLINE – The most recent murder took place not even a month later and the investigation into the incident is ongoing. Reporters from DER SPIEGEL were able to speak with police officials in Lake Forest, California, where the killing took place, in addition to the mother of the victim. We were also able to examine the private chat messages sent between the victim and friends, allowing a detailed reconstruction of the crime.

Il y a 5 ans ? Clément était tué par l’extrême droite. Retour sur ces 5 dernières années sur Lyon – – A cette époque nous étions plusieurs groupes antifascistes affinitaires sans nom, ni réelle organisation, nous faisions des actions antifascistes dans l’ombre et sans les exposer ou les revendiquer. L’activité était cependant réelle.
Un mois avant la mort de Clément, 25 d’entre nous avaient été arrêtés en tentant d’empêcher un rassemblement d’Oeuvre française et des Jeunesses Nationalistes à la mémoire d’un natio­na­liste décédé en 1994 .
Cette opération marqua une vraie rupture dans le fonctionnement de l’antifascisme à Lyon, notamment parce qu’il s’agit du moment où la légitimité du CV69 (collectif de vigilance 69 contre l’extreme droite) était remise en cause, et elle a entraîné également l’émergence d’une nouvelle génération de militants et militantes antifascistes.

USA: Call for International Solidarity with Prison Strike 2018 – Mpalothia – On August 21st, people locked up in prisons throughout the United States are set to go on strike, calling attention not only to heinous abuses and inhumane conditions, but also to the ongoing enslavement of millions of people inside American prisons. After the Civil War, slavery remained institutionalized in American society through the constitution’s 13th amendment, which allows slavery to remain as punishment for a crime. In America, black people’s criminalization is enforced by police who frequently shoot black people with impunity and by judges who sentence black people to draconian sentences, ensuring their enslavement in modern-day plantations.

Facing a situation meant to stifle any glimmer of joy and humanity, people in prisons across the United States are calling attention to the “lack of respect for human life that is embedded in our nation’s penal ideology” by courageously going on strike from August 21st to September 9th.

The dates, chosen by prison organizers, signify the strike’s continuation with the legacies of Nat Turner, who began his rebellion on August 21, 1831, and the Attica Uprising, which began September 9, 1971. Nat Turner, who was born into slavery, took part in a major insurrection, freeing slaves from plantations and executing slave owners. The Attica Uprising, an important milestone for prison resistance in the United States, took place following the shooting of black revolutionary George Jackson by a prison guard during an escape attempt. Like Nat Turner and the Attica rebels before them, prison strikers today are fighting for black liberation and the abolition of slavery.

Revolutionaries around the world should be aware of the struggle against slavery in America’s prisons. The Trump presidency is one of the most barbaric regimes in the world today, continuing a long legacy of racism, exploitation and genocide engrained in the American state. People in prisons rising up to regain their humanity are providing some of the most inspiring resistance of the Trump era to the horrifying, dehumanizing policies of America’s judicial system.

We call on comrades around the world to join in solidarity actions with the prison strike in the United States. The American state and corporations that benefit from prison slave labor must be held accountable for their atrocities by revolutionaries through direct action in locations around the world. Actions targeting American consulates and companies benefiting from slave labor, and destroying symbols of American prison slavery will draw the world’s attention to the struggle taking place within the prisons.

Militant actions in support of the prison strike will send a powerful message of defiance to the American state and solidarity to rebels inside prison walls.

Burn the prisons!

Support the prison strike!

Long live international solidarity!


Toronto: Report-back from September 8 Anti-fascist Action » Montréal Counter-information – Anonymous submission to North Shore Counter-Info

On August 8, the racist far-right group PEGIDA and their friends the Proud Boys, Soldiers of Odin, Northern Guard, and Canadian Combat Coalition got together for one of their now regular meetups and public displays of racism and Islamophobia. This time, it seemed they were particularly interested in using the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 to forward their anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant message. This is one individual’s report back on the day; ARC also has a good timeline and photos.

PEGIDA once again assembled on Armoury Street at University, with a rally planned to begin at 1:00. By 12:30 there were around 10 PEGIDA members, mostly of the angry-soccer-mom and your-racist-grandparent variety. Police had assembled several layers of barricades around their gathering. There was already a significant police presence, which increased throughout the day. At the time there were around 30 antifascist/antiracist demonstrators. Both groups’ numbers grew over the next few hours, though the racists’ unfortunately more so. The various far-right groups again used their tactic of showing up after counter-demonstrators were assembled, in groups ranging in size from around 5 to 20. While folks were aware of them coming from a distance, we didn’t have the numbers to go confront them before reaching the protest zone, so we focused on forming lines around the police pen and trying to block their entrance. Cops responded by forcing through the lines to open up an entrance. On a couple occasions this got pretty violent and resulted in one arrest of a counter-demonstrator.

The PEGIDA crowd was, by some observations, set back farther onto Armoury Street than previous times they’ve assembled there. For the first couple hours, counter-protesters stayed clustered around the police barricades, mostly along University and a bit down Armoury. The police presence, which was pretty high by then, ranged from bylaw officers to riot cops, all forming different parts of the human barricade surrounding PEGIDA’s rally and facing out at counter-demonstrators. It felt like, due to the fact that the groups were farther apart, there was a bit less direct back-and-forth/engagement with the racists, and that it was a bit harder to tell what was going on in their pen (at least from the University Avenue vantage point). It also felt like our chants (some of which got pretty inventive!) could be seen both as being shouted directly at the racists and some as more generic anti-hate messages, which isn’t a bad thing to be intentional about as we consider how much we’re trying to engage directly with those groups vs. people passing by and possibly engaging at these events.

Less than a block down the street, the environmental group 350 was holding a climate change rally. We got a bit of engagement from those folks on their way to the rally and on what turned out to be a slow trickle of a march down the sidewalk on their way to Queen’s Park later. Definitely not all, but a number of the passerby’s seemed supportive of our action, or stopped for a minute to ask questions. A few counter-demonstrators were prepared with flyers to hand out to folks passing by with some information on our action, though I didn’t get a chance to see these materials so can’t really comment on the content or how they were received.

Things got interesting around 2:30 when PEGIDA & co., and more police started concentrating around the eastern end of their Armoury pen (the side closer to Nathan Phillips Square). For a minute it was unclear whether they were getting ready to disperse or to march. Shortly after they left though, it became clear that they were marching, with the intent to lay a wreath “for the victims of 9/11” on the cenotaph in front of Old City Hall. This lead to what felt like a momentarily chaotic dispersal of our group in pursuit. A number of people took off east across Nathan Phillips Square, while other stayed closer to the group and (from what I understand) were able to slow down their march at a few points. A few minutes later, the racist groups (police included of course) were marching down Bay Street and a small group of us had assembled about a block down, quickly joined by the rest of our comrades. PEGIDA and co (by some estimates about 60-70 by that point), led a by a police escort, stopped a bit short of us, allowing more police to stream in around them. Meanwhile our group assembled in a line (between 1-3 people deep at different points) across Bay Street. There were at most around 50 of us at that point. In a disgusting and unsurprising display of support for the racist groups, about 100 police were used to allow these groups to safely march. To be clear, police could have told those groups to disperse, but they didn’t, and allowed them to have their highly performative and outright display of hatred down a major street in the city.

Christoph Noelting and Frank Jordans // German officials begin monitoring far-right party’s youth wing, call it ‘pure racism’ – National | – Those fears were heightened over the past week, when AfD activists marched alongside leading figures of the anti-migrant group PEGIDA and members of Germany’s militant neo-Nazi scene in the eastern city of Chemnitz following a killing blamed on refugees.

“Parts of AfD are openly acting against the constitution,” Justice Minister Katarina Barley told the RND media group. “We need to treat them like other enemies of the constitution and observe them accordingly.”

Authorities in Bremen and Lower Saxony said they have begun monitoring the party’s youth wings in those two northern states.

Germany suspends two officers for performing illegal Nazi salute – National | – Police said in a statement on Saturday the two policemen had shouted anti-immigrant remarks and made the salute in a pub in the city of Rosenheim on Thursday. It based its information on a witness who was in the same beer garden as the two officers.

A third man, described as a security guard in the police statement, had also taken part and made the salute. The policemen have been suspended.

German politicians have been urging action to combat a rise in hostility toward foreigners after skinheads last Sunday clashed with police in an eastern city where a man was fatally stabbed and two migrants were identified as the main suspects.

Mark Hosenball // Steve Bannon drafting curriculum for right-wing Catholic institute in Italy – POLITICUSUSA – Cardinal Raymond Burke, a leading Vatican conservative who is president of the Institute’s board of advisers, said Bannon would be playing a leading role there.

Burke told Reuters he looked forward to working with Harnwell and Bannon “to promote a number of projects that should make a decisive contribution to the defense of what used to be called Christendom”.

Bannon’s increased engagement with the Institute demonstrates how his involvement in Europe extends beyond electoral politics to an effort to build a populist faction inside the Catholic Church.

Bannon told Reuters this week that after Nov. 6 Congressional elections in the United States, he will spend “80-90 percent” of his time in Europe building up his Brussels-based populist “Movement”.

Bannon, who has visited the Institute’s home at the 800-year-old Monastery of Trisulti and addressed the organization by video link, is helping to draw up the coursework for a training program for conservative Catholic political activists and leaders, Harnwell said.

Bannon is also raising funds for the institute in both Europe and the United States, he added. The institute has set “very high academic standards”, Harnwell said.

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