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“No Union For Fascists”: Why The Sioux Falls AFL-CIO Banned White Supremacists | Sioux Falls Trades and Labor Assembly – Editors Note: In May of 2018 the Sioux Falls AFL-CIO passed several amendments to thier Constitution. Among those changes were the words,” No individual shall be eligible to serve as an Officer, member of The Executive Board or Committee, or other governing body, or any committee of, or as a delegate from, or as a representative, agent, or employee of this body who is a member of any Fascist or White Supremacist organization. Or who consistently pursues policies and/or activites directed toward the purposes of any Fascist or otherwise White Supremacist Ideology.”

The following is a message from Sioux Falls AFL-CIO President Kooper Caraway.

As we approach the 1 year anniversary of the atrocity in Charlottesville, Virginia, it seems to be an appropriate time to reflect on the historical role of the Labor Movement as an inherently Anti-Fascist Movement and on the future role of Labor in combatting the growing threat of Fascism, Bigotry, and White Nationalism.

On a late night in 1924, in Greenville North Carolina, 40 masked members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) approached organizers of the Industrial Workers of the World International Union (IWW) and ordered them to leave town in the next 24 hours. In response over 170 Union Members, mostly Woodsmen from the local Lumberyard, began patrolling the streets, keeping an eye on the KKK threat. When asked by a local a reporter why the KKK would oppose them, the local Union Organizer responded, “Because we want good wages, eight hours a day in the lumber camps and clean linen on our bunks.”. The Greenville KKK had been bought by the local bosses and were acting as Union Busters on behalf of the Lumber bosses.

Nina Khrushcheva // Erdogan’s authoritarian quackery – The Globe and Mail – The economics profession would beg to differ. But Mr. Erdogan, as with much else, is not inclined to listen. On the contrary, to force the central bank to pursue his bizarre monetary policy, Mr. Erdogan has installed his utterly unqualified son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, as the country’s Minister of Finance and Treasury. Having grown up in the Soviet Union, I am particularly sensitive to the impact of perverse scientific theories on a society. Joseph Stalin rejected Mendelian genetics (the fundamental laws of heredity) and even Darwin’s theory of evolution in favour of the bogus theories of Trofim Lysenko, the Soviet biologist who believed that human traits were acquired, not inherited. With Stalin’s backing, Mr. Lysenko – whose spurious agricultural research doomed perhaps millions of people to starvation – sent Soviet biology down a two-decade-long rabbit hole of lunacy.

Record Numbers of Complaints Against Minneapolis Police Amidst Ketamine and Killings – UNICORN RIOT // Along with a 115-page report (PDF) released by the city showing that officers urge emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to inject detained people with ketamine, public data shows consistently racist policing continues. While use of force incidents are down, complaints are soaring.

Stephan Steins // AfD als Alternative für Deutschland gestartet – als Bettvorleger der BRD geendet – Allerdings wird dort nicht ausgeführt, ob diese Grundsicherung bedingungslos gewährt wird und falls nicht, welche Bedingungen und vor allem ob und welches Repressionssystem gelten sollen? Auch zur Höhe dieser Grundsicherung bspw. im Verhältnis zum Mindestlohn erfahren wir nichts.

Schutz und Förderung der Familie mit Kindern finden wir in dem Text ebenso, wie die Stärkung emanzipatorischer Frauenrechte in Form der Forderung nach Wahlfreiheit für den Lebensentwurf von Frauen. In diesem Kontext steht auch die entschiedene Ablehnung der reaktionären Gender-Religion.
Diese Orientierung widerspricht den Intentionen des Imperialismus, die Familie zu zerschlagen, Kinder zu einem Armutsrisiko zu machen und den normierten, geschlechtslosen und familiär entwurzelten imperialen Einheitssklaven zur Verfügungsmasse der Kapitalverwertung zu degradieren.

Mit ihren Forderungen nach Volksabstimmungen sowie Maßnahmen gegen Korruption und Par­tei­en­filz will sich die AfD deutlich vom Kartell des kommerziellen BRD-Politbetriebes abgrenzen.

David Neiwert // Orcinus: How Not to Normalize Nazis — In Print, and In the Real World – My first lesson in the intricacies of balancing reportage about neo-Nazis and crypto-fascists came in the late 1970s, when I was the then-21-year-old editor of a small-town daily in the Idaho Panhandle, about 20 miles north of the just-established rural compound of the Aryan Nations near Hayden Lake. After consultations with my reporters and the publisher, we came to the joint decision to avoid providing the new arrivals with anything other than cursory coverage: Attention, we reckoned, was what they wanted, and it seemed wise not to give it to them.

Yet within a few short years, the region found itself awash in a tide of hate crimes – Jewish businesses vandalized, mixed-race schoolchildren harassed by adults, and a host of other ugliness closely associated with the burning crosses and Klan outfits that were part of the scene outside Hayden. It all culminated in 1984 with the multistate crime-and-terror spree of the neo-Nazi gang The Order, which included the assassination of a radio talk show host in Denver.

Exposition afroféministe : « Je ne suis pas un déguisement » – – Art et Afroféminisme – Découvrez une exposition engagée au Bar « Le Bieristan » à Villeurbanne en septembre 2018. Parce que certains d’entre-nous doivent encore prononcer cette phrase étrange « Je ne suis pas un déguisement » que l’artiste Annia Drawing s’est lancée dans la revendication d’un imaginaire politique où les femmes noires sont maitresses de leurs identités et refusent l’héritage coloniale.

Bei Fasnachtsgruppen herrscht ein rassistischer Wind – – n Basel wird heute 17. August um 20 Uhr zu einer rassistischen Demonstration aufgerufen. Die Demo will Solidarität bekunden mit der «Clique Negro-Rhygass» und «Gugge Mohrekopf» und empört sich über Rassismuskritiker*innen, die die rassistische Symbolik der Logos und Parties solcher Fasnachtsgruppen angreifen. In den sozialen Medien zeigen sich bereits über 1600 Personen interessiert an der Demo teilzunehmen.

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