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Sam Levin // Anti-fascists say police post mugshots on Twitter to ‘intimidate and silence’ | US news | The Guardian – Most of the arrests did not result in charges, but the damage was done. It’s a law enforcement tactic that activists say has become increasingly common: police arrest protesters en masse, publicly shame them on social media, and then drop the cases.

The strategy can lead to intense online abuse for Black Lives Matter activists and other protesters. In the case of anti-fascist protesters, some critics argue that police are also boosting the agenda of neo-Nazis and white supremacists by exposing counter-protesters’ identities – and branding them violent offenders before they’ve gone to court.

Amelia Templeton // Portland Police Chief Defends Police Use Of Force At Dueling Protests . News | OPB – The police later briefly detained dozens of people, including several journalists, and photographed their IDS. Marshman said that police consulted with the city attorney and Multnomah County District Attorney before the mass detention.

Marshman said detectives are currently using the photographed IDs to investigate “criminal behavior.”

The ACLU has called the police response to the protests disproportionate, and said that photographing IDs may have violated a state law that protects people from targeting by law enforcement agencies on the basis of their political beliefs.

Police chief orders review of use of force at Portland protest – Saturday’s clashes were the most recent of several this year in the city as right-wing militants converged, met by counter-protesters, including members of anti-fascist, or “antifa,” groups. City officials have struggled with striking a balance between free speech and keeping events from spiraling out of control.

But on Saturday, some said police seemed to act mostly against those protesting the presence of the extreme-right demonstrators, using stun grenades and what appeared to be rubber bullets against them.

Police “targeted Portland residents peacefully counter-protesting against racist far-right groups, including white supremacists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazi gangs,” the Oregon chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Portland chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America said in a statement. It called on officials to investigate.

Police ordered the counter-protesters to disperse, then moved in behind a volley of stun grenades. One of the rounds reportedly hit a counter-protester in the head, becoming embedded in his helmet and injuring him. One woman was taken to a hospital after being hit in the arm and chest with a “flash-bang” grenade, local media reported. The blasts echoed through downtown Portland.

Katie Shepherd / [Report: (PDF)] / Portland Police Saw Right-Wing Protesters as “Much More Mainstream” Than Leftist Ones – Willamette Week – Thousands of Portlanders protested the rally, which took place a week after the fatal stabbings on a MAX train by a man who had attended a previous Patriot Prayer march. Riot cops quickly clashed with antifascist protesters, leading to a nearly yearlong review of police actions.

IPR released a report May 31. It found that police had more robust communication with Patriot Prayer organizers by exchanging frequent text messages, and officers viewed the protesters on the left as “volatile.”

Now WW has obtained the longer, draft versions of that report via a public records request. In those drafts, a Portland police officer told investigators that Patriot Prayer was “much more mainstream” than their leftist counterparts.

Andrew Selsky // ACLU, other groups say Portland police targeted counter-protesters, used ‘excessive force’ | – Olivia Katbi Smith, the co-chair of the Portland Democratic Socialists of America, told KGW an investigation isn’t enough. She called on the Portland Police Bureau to end use of force tactics at protests.

“It seems to keep getting worse, and I think someone is going to die,” she said. “And their blood will be on the hands of Mayor Ted Wheeler and Chief Danielle Outlaw.”

The head of the Oregon branch of the American Civil Liberties Union also criticized the way police handled the demonstrations.

“The Portland Police Bureau’s response to protest is completely unacceptable in a free society,” David Rogers said in a statement issued Sunday night. “The repeated use of excessive force, and the targeting of demonstrators based on political beliefs are a danger to the First Amendment rights of all people. We call on the Portland Police Bureau, Mayor Wheeler, and Chief Outlaw to immediately end the use of weapons, munitions, and explosives against protesters.”

Andrew Jankowski // Satanic Portland Splits With Satanic Temple Over Alt-Right Affiliation – Blogtown – Portland Mercury – The freelance journalist Mike Bivins, who first tweeted about Satanic Portland’s announcement, linked to stories by Vox and Jezebel, which point to a deeper division at the national level over Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves’ decision to hire Marc Randazza to represent them in their religious discrimination lawsuit against Twitter, who allegedly suspended their accounts for reporting that a woman encouraged people to burn down their headquarters. Randazza has previously represented Alex Jones and the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer.

“We cannot stand idly by while Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, and other white supremacist groups march in our city,” the statement concludes, noting that the group is now going by the name under which it originally founded. Satanic Portland says those who still belong to The Satanic Temple may still partake in Satanic Portland activities, which include community service, potlucks and participating in Portland LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations.

Satanic Portland is not the first group to split from the Satanic Temple over their involvement with Randazza: the Los Angeles chapter also broke off ties with the organization and appear to have deleted their dedicated Facebook page, according to Jezebel. The Satanic Temple does not appear to have made any kind of announcement regarding the separation of either chapter.

Brett Barrouquere // Head of National Alliance, Will White Williams, convicted of attacking employee | Southern Poverty Law Center – Will W. Williams II, the head of the neo-Nazi hate group National Alliance (NA) faces sentencing Oct. 10 in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, after being convicted Wednesday of misdemeanor battery on one of his former employees.

Williams, a 71-year-old who lives near Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee, is barred by the conditions of his bond from contacting the victim, a former clerk for the National Alliance group, Garland DeCourcy, or returning to the group’s compound near Mill Point, West Virginia in the southeast part of the state, about four hours from where he currently lives.

The charges and conviction stem from an incident on Sept. 30, 2015. Police said Williams allegedly attempted to beat and strangle DeCourcy, a slight but scrappy middle-aged woman who had been employed as a clerk at NA headquarters since April 2015.

Vic Ryckaert and Justin L. Mack // Carmel synagogue vandalism leads to arrest of Cloverdale man – Nolan Brewer was charged with conspiracy to violate civil rights in the July 28 defacement of Congregation Shaarey Tefilla.

“His intention was not a prank,” U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler said.

Brewer and a 17-year-old girl are accused of painting Nazi flags and iron crosses on the walls of a trash enclosure at the synagogue at 3085 W. 116th St., federal and Hamilton County authorities said.

The Hamilton County prosecutor’s office said the girl is accused of criminal mischief and arson. A small fire was set at the synagogue, as well. Arson, the most serious charge, is a Level 6 felony punishable by up to two and half years in prison when committed by an adult.

Sarah Manavis // How architecture-themed Twitter accounts became a magnet for white nationalism – On the face of it, ArchitecturalRevival seems like your average architecture account. It posts photos of traditional buildings from around Europe, some many people are familiar with and others that are more niche. It writes that it aims to celebrate “Beauty, Tradition, and Heritage” through the account, which of course is not in and of itself problematic. But a racist dog-whistle may lie in the things the account likes, retweets, and most importantly, omits.

On one occasion, the account retweeted notorious YouTuber JonTron, who is widely known for his anti-immigrant views and more specifically for saying he took issue with white people being a minority in the United States (to clarify – they aren’t). The account has also shown a preference for cultural conservatives in its “likes”, which these include tweets quoting Theodore Dalrymple, a famed anti-multiculturalist; Roger Scruton, a man known for making a career out of his prejudice; and Leon Krier, a disciple of Hitler’s chief architect Albert Speer.

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