Solidarity with Ramona Africa

ramona-18-08-15_07-30-48.pngSolidarity with Ramona Africa The MOVE… – Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism // The MOVE Organization is informing our supporters, sympathizers and all those in solidarity with the cause of revolution, that Ramona Africa, MOVE’s Minister of Communication, survivor of the May 13, 1985 holocaust, has been hospitalized as a result of health complications coming from a condition called PTSD {post traumatic stress disorder}. A direct result of the ongoing war waged on our MOVE Family by this government {we’ve lost 24 members to date}. Two died in prison under suspicious circumstances termed “cancer”. Now Ramona is diagnosed with “cancer” and she’s again battling again.

If there’s any questions or concerns people want to address please contact
Alberta Africa or Sue Africa at this number: 215-387-4107 or

OnTheMOVE Long Live John Africa!

Via Michael Africa Junior

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