Hannah McNeish // As conflict rages in Burundi, reports are mounting of women being raped as punishment for their political affiliations.

Burundian Women Flee To Tanzania To Escape Rape As Weapon Of War | HuffPost – KIBONDO, Tanzania – The men who stormed into Sophie’s home in Burundi’s capital Bujumbura shot her husband dead and then gang-raped her on the floor beside his body. They told Sophie that they had killed her husband, a senior army figure, for not supporting Burundi’s embattled President Pierre Nkurunziza and that she would “pay for his mistake.”

“They told me, ‘Now you will also see,’” and then three men raped her until she blacked out, she says, speaking in hushed tones as she sits in a tent in Tanzania’s packed Nduta refugee camp.

Sophie woke up in hospital to be told that she should flee Burundi, because the men who had left her for dead wanted to finish the job. In March, she made it across the border to Tanzania.

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