Emma Anderson, Gabriela Galindo // Italian opposition warns government of being ‘complicit’ in racist attacks // Criticism follows attack on a black national athlete.

Italian opposition warns government of being ‘complicit’ in racist attacks – POLITICO – Daisy Osakue, an Italian discus thrower born in Turin to Nigerian parents, said Monday she was hit in the face with an egg in what she believed was a racist attack. She was left with an injured cornea and required surgery, according to Ansa news agency.

“They did it on purpose,” Osakue said, according to Ansa. “They didn’t want to hit me, as Daisy, they wanted to hit me as a young woman of color.”

“There is racism everywhere,” Osakue said. “I hope that this will make it clear that the situation is not slowly deteriorating — it has already reached its limits … A person should be able to walk freely at night without fearing that something might be thrown at their face.”

The attack follows a series of incidents believed to be racially motivated in recent months, including a man shooting a Roma baby with a pellet gun last week, leaving her at risk of becoming paralyzed for life.

Though police said race may not have been a factor in Osakue’s case as there had been other egg attacks in recent days, according to Ansa, opposition politicians have used the attack to criticize the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the government, especially the populist League party.

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