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Here’s the Altfurry blocklist – a powerful tool to reduce hate spam. | Dogpatch Press //

Have you ever hung up the phone on a jerk? Frozen out a bully who acted like a wasp in your hair?  Rejected a stalker who can’t stop asking to sniff your socks?  Shut the door on a creep who wants to get you into a crackpot religion, or to sign a petition to legalize hunting at zoos? Blocked spam to sell you a miracle cure for crotch rot, made from the powdered toenails of a peruvian jungle sloth?

Good. You stood up for yourself like an adult and moderated a nuisance. And now the power is yours to do it better than before. At least with one hate group.

The Altfurry Twitter blocklist (updated 9/24/2017 – now on Blocktogether)


  • Download the file. Go to Twitter: Settings > Blocked Accounts > Advanced > Import.
  • Preview allows screening by eye.  It’s your choice to verify each block.
  • The blocklist is often updated. Check this page for fresh info or subscribe to Blocktogether.

Sophie Weiner // Indiana Synagogue Vandalized With Nazi Graffiti – According to the Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council, the temple, Congregation Shaarey Tefilla, was vandalized either Friday night or Saturday morning; the vandalism was discovered on Saturday. It was spray-painted on a brick wall that surrounds the temple’s garbage bin. There was a burn mark on the ground in front of the graffiti, and one on the wall as well.

“We are deeply disappointed in the horrific vandalism that occurred at our congregation,” Shaarey Tefilla Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow said in a statement. “Intolerance, hatred, and violent acts against Jews are significant realities today. The response to this heinous act affirms that America is collectively outraged at these hateful acts in our neighborhoods.”

Doktor Zoom // Because 2018 Was Mysteriously Lacking In … Bigfoot Porn – Wonkette – The Republican in question is Denver L. Riggleman III, the GOP candidate for Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District. Yes, Denver Riggleman (he doesn’t use the “III” in his campaign stuff, because he’s a populist, you see). He’s running for the seat held until May by Tom Garrett, who abruptly retired after Politico reported he had a habit of day-drinking and demanding his congressional staff do all manner of personal errands for himself and his wife. Those tasks also included keeping an eye on the family dog, which roamed Garrett’s office, completely forgotten by the congressman, and sometimes clean up when the poor dog pooped on the floor, as will happen when a dog is left locked up in an office all day.

Riggleman’s Sasquatch sexytimes came to light after a couple of Sunday evening tweets from the Democrat in the race, Leslie Cockburn, who found the images on Riggleman’s Instagram account (which has since been set to private, go figure):

Katherine Krueger // The GOP Is Officially Running a Nazi For Congress – Arthur Jones is described as a “vocal white supremacist” and a “long-time neo-Nazi,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. In a February interview with CNN, he insisted “I don’t call myself a Nazi” despite formerly being involved in the American Nazi Party. His campaign website also features a lengthy section titled “Holocaust?” And he is now the official Republican candidate in the race for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.

The Illinois Republican Party denounced Jones’ campaign earlier this year, saying there’s “no place for Nazis” in their party. “We strongly oppose his racist views and his candidacy for any public office, including the 3rd Congressional District,” Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider said in a statement.

Stephen Robinson // Black People, Please Run Away From The Stupid, Fake #WalkAway Campaign – Wonkette – Democrats also “insidiously” inform burning people that they are, in fact, on fire. So, yeah, the whole #WalkAway hashtag is a transparent scam.

Despite all the glee from the right over the possibility, there’s no evidence — not even anecdotal — that minorities are defecting to the Republican Party. Not that the Republicans even care. They don’t need black people to vote for them. They just want us to stay home, maybe go watch Black Panther again — anything but actually voting. They also appreciate the plausible deniability that the GOP, in the Trump era, is racist. Such reality-based theories could turn off white moderates, who might work or socialize adjacent to a minority.

The #WalkAway campaign “founder” and new BFF of the right is Brandon Straka, a gay hairstylist and “former liberal.” His Twitter bio states he wishes to “Red Pill humanity,” because apparently Straka, along with men’s rights activists, loves co-opting the intellectual property of two trans women more than he wishes to avoid irony.

Luke Barnes // Far-right rally attendees may be allowed to carry guns at Portland protest – ThinkProgress – Joey Gibson and his Patriot Prayer group have held repeated rallies in Portland, Oregon over the last year, often clashing with counter-protesters. At one such rally in June, Portland Police were forced to declare a riot as violence broke out between anti-fascists and the Proud Boys, a far-right men’s group who had traveled to Oregon in support of Gibson. Nine people were arrested.

Gibson — who describes himself as a “moderate Libertarian,” according to Portland NBC affiliate KGW — announced on Facebook last week that the location for his August 4 “Freedom March” rally had been set for the Salmon Street Springs water fountain at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. In the past, the group has convened at Terry Schrunk Federal Plaza in downtown Portland, across from city hall.

According to OregonLive, the venue allows attendees to bring handguns, because, although Portland city code prohibits weapons in public parks, “guns carried by those with a valid Oregon concealed handgun license are allowed.” The city is now looking into whether restrictions can be placed on carrying weapons at the waterfront.

Gibson announced that several buses worth of supporters would be coming to Oregon from Vancouver, Washington, including armed security “on each bus that are on call for any sort of emergency situation.” Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has also said he might attend.

Another Charlottesville? Threats of violence loom over upcoming Portland Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer rally | Southern Poverty Law Center – Since early last year, the far-right groups Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys have held more than a dozen rallies throughout the Pacific Northwest under the banner of “freedom” — and with talk of bringing weapons and declarations that “this is war,” members are threatening to make next weekend’s march the most combustible yet.

These events have always been about exhibiting machismo, but — as political divisions in the country have grown — they’ve developed a more targeted purpose: far-right activists taking out their aggression on political opponents. As Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes once put it, “Fighting solves everything.”

Or, as their slogan goes, “Fuck around and find out.”

The glorification of violence was indisputable late last month, when the Proud Boys found a new hero on the streets of Portland. At a rally hosted by Patriot Prayer, 28-year-old Ethan Nordean — a burly member of the “Western chauvinist” group who goes by the moniker Rufio Panman in a reference to Stephen Spielberg’s Peter Pan film Hook — knocked out a black-clad counter-protester in a single swift punch.

Unite Against Fascism | Stockton sees off far right Anne Marie Waters hate campaign – Ex UKIP leadership candidate and friend of fascist Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters brought her ‘For Britain’ anti muslim campaign to Stockton, in the North East last Saturday.
It was as part of a ‘Gays Against Sharia’ series of islamophobic ventures which various fractions of the far right have long promoted. Waters national turnout of around 50 was bettered by local anti racists who ensured that Waters goons did not have things all their own way.
Unite the union, Unison and the Teeside People’s Assembly, alongside anti fascists, ensured that a strong anti racist message was heard. The nature of For Britain’s politics were clear from the appearance of Teesside local Tommy English, aka Tommy Cook, an ex EDL member and fan of Tommy Robinson.

Jared Holt // Spotify Hosts Infowars Podcasts Despite Clear Rule-Breaking | Right Wing Watch – Spotify, the music and podcast streaming service, hosts Infowars content in its podcast section, despite the fact that Infowars host Alex Jones has repeatedly violated the guidelines that Spotify declares on its website. The service began hosting Infowars programming as early as 2015 and carries daily episodes of “The Alex Jones Show.”
In addition, Spotify users can also find Infowars’ “RealNews with David Knight,” “War Room” and a program called “ Freedom Nuggets,” which are one-minute Infowars dispatches formatted to be plugged into other radio programs. As a result, numerous Spotify users have threatened to leave the platform unless Infowars content is removed.

Nyet // How Twitter Collaborates With Neo-Nazis – Little Green Footballs – I was suspended on Twitter a few days ago for calling a neo-Nazi Holocaust denier a nutjob.

Here’s how it happened.

The guy was harassing people around and spreading Holocaust denial. As a very typical example, here are his tweets harassing a Jewish woman and people confronting him (all reported, of course):

Archie Bland, Wed 18 Nov 2015 // Rats: the history of an incendiary cartoon trope | Art and design | The Guardian – Cartoonists have often come in for this kind of criticism: Gerald Scarfe, Dave Brown and this newspaper’s Steve Bell have all been accused of leaning on antisemitic imagery – dripping blood, baby-eating, puppeteers – when making points about Israel’s conduct. Your view of the validity of these claims is likely to depend on your view of whether such images rise to the level of trope – a persistent visual association that a casual viewer will have somewhere in the back of his mind – or are just part of the cartoonist’s general armoury that happens to have been deployed in a particular context.

“You cannot get away from the fact that, in cartoons, certain images have certain associations,” acknowledges O’Brien. “In the past, the rat has been an image. But I don’t think it’s been used so much recently. So I don’t think it means that the audience will draw directly on that, to conflate the rats with all refugees.” Others might ask whether that argument does enough to acknowledge the presence of the armed silhouette in the background. More generally, there’s the view of Chris Elliott, readers’ editor of the Guardian, who wrote in his assessment of the complaint against Bell’s “puppeteer” cartoon of Benjamin Netanyahu (which also cleared Bell of the charge of intentional antisemitism): “The image … echoes past antisemitic use of such imagery, no matter the intent.”

ERIC HANANOKI // Right-wing conspiracy theorist Ximena Barreto finally leaves HHS after outlets document her toxic rhetoric – Hours after Media Matters’ report, HHS issued a statement saying Barreto “has been placed on administrative leave while the matter is reviewed.”

Media Matters originally found out about Barreto’s federal employment because ProPublica added her name to Trump Town, its database of Trump administration political appointees.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, Chris Massie, and Nathan McDermott reported on April 13 that Barreto “shared an image in 2017 that said ‘our forefathers would have hung’ Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for treason,” “repeatedly used the hashtag #BanIslam and twice shared conspiracy theories about the death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich,” among other conspiracy theories.

The Trump administration decided to allow Barreto back to work in early May but said she would “not to return to the public affairs department and will serve in a different role where she will work to complete several projects.”

On June 21, Mediaite’s Caleb Ecarma reported that Barreto attacked CNN for purportedly conducting a “smear campaign” against her (CNN did not smear Barreto). Mediaite also “conducted an extensive review of her social media posts and found that the HHS appointee pushed the baseless Pizzagate conspiracy theory even more than previously reported,” finding that she tweeted variations of the conspiracy theory “at least 17 times.”

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