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J. Lester Feder, Mark Di Stefano, Alex Spence // Boris Johnson Has Been Privately Talking To Steve Bannon As They Plot Their Next Moves – During a visit to London this month, which overlapped with Trump’s working visit to the UK, Bannon spoke glowingly of Johnson in several interviews and urged him to challenge Prime Minister Theresa May for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

A source who spent time with Bannon during the trip said Bannon was in private contact with Johnson while he was in Britain.

It is unclear exactly what the two men discussed, but the source said, “I’m sure they weren’t discussing the cricket scores.”

A former UK government source told BuzzFeed News that Bannon and Johnson have known each other for some time, and exchanged text messages as far back as when Johnson was foreign secretary and Bannon worked in the White House.

When contacted, Bannon would not comment on the record.

Bis alle frei sind. –

Wir kommen zurück mit der „Weltweiten Woche der Solidarität mit anarchistischen Gefangen“. Seit dem letztem Jahr, hat sich in unseren Ländern viel verändert. Aber die allgemeine Tendenz ist, dass sich die Situation noch verschlimmert. Es gibt mehr Repression, die nicht nur in Europa, sondern weltweit gegen Anarchist*innen eingesetzt wird. Davon ausgehend, rufen wir zur 6. jährlichen Woche der Solidarität auf!

Im letzten Jahr haben uns viele Leute aus verschiedenen Teilen der Welt ihre Berichte gesendet und wir hoffen, dass dieses Jahr die Tradition sogar noch mehr wächst. Wir müssen unsere Gefährt*innen unterstützen! Nutzt diese Woche, um Informationen über Anarchist*innen hinter Gittern zu verbreiten. Ihr habt keine Gefangenen in eurem Land? Keine Sorge, unterstützt in eurer Region Gefangene aus anderen Ländern oder nutzt diese Tage, um über Repressionsmechanismen aufzuklären und wie anarchistische Gemeinschaften gegen sie kämpfen können!

Israeli minister sees Gaza-style measures for U.S.-Mexico border | Reuters – Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan last month hosted his U.S. counterpart, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, among aides to President Donald Trump who have been tasked with making good on his vow to clamp down on illegal immigration.

To that end, Trump says the United States needs a wall along its 3,200-km (2,000 mile)-long border with Mexico. But he has been stymied by domestic dissent and uncertainly about funding.

During her visit to Israel, Nielsen inspected the hi-tech fences it has used to seal off the 230-km (143-mile) Egyptian frontier as well as its 60-km (37-mile) boundary with Gaza, a Palestinian enclave controlled by Hamas Islamists.

Conor Mason // The lethal border wall that the mainstream press is shamefully silent about | The Canary – Turkey has built a massive wall on its border dividing Kurdish communities that live in northern Syria and southern Turkey. Human rights campaigners and refugee advocates have slammed Turkey over this, but mainstream media outlets have largely ignored the story.

Completed in June 2018, the 764km wall is built from seven-tonne concrete blocks, topped with razor wire. It is reminiscent of the barrier erected by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Turkish state media agency Anadolu, meanwhile, has boasted that the wall possesses an array of military hardware including “thermal cameras, land surveillance radar [and] remote-controlled weapons systems”.

DEO // How White Nationalism Courts Internet Nerd Culture – DEO – Medium – Isolated, lonely, insecure, unfulfilled, bitter young men who feel that society at large has abandoned them and denies them the opportunities they feel entitled to are prime targets. White supremacist recruiters approach these angry young men and tell them that they are special and have a greater destiny. They are told that every white man carries this legacy mantle of superiority because every white man bears the lineage of advancements and accomplishments of all white men throughout history. That every white man is imbued by his fore fathers with an important destiny to defend the white race. Thus the lonely NEET need not achieve anything himself to still hold this position of power and supremacy, his accomplishments that the recruiter can flatter him for is simply that he was born with white skin. These tactics transform nerdy bullied young men into proud white warriors, making them useful tools for the promotion and growth of the white supremacist ideology and agenda. Neo-Nazi groups know utilizing the insecurity and loneliness in their targets is an effective recruiting and radicalizing tactic especially when tailored to the large audience of socially awkward internet nerds.

Another key strategy in white supremacist recruitment are online communities that warmly welcome in new members. Once lured into such a group the recruit is given a surge of support, validation, and esteem boosting. The new members are told they belong, that they may not fit in real life social cliques but that they fit into this group, and that the other group members care about them. Hours will be invested in grooming the new recruit, befriending and talking with them. Active chats are appealing to those who are bored and isolated and only want some human contact but have trouble getting it elsewhere due to social awkwardness. The white supremacist group offers a sense of community and belonging and slowly cultivates in the recruit into a sense of loyalty towards the group. For those desperate for friendship or to feel included this is an incredibly potent lure. These groups can have darker tactics as well, with leaders telling their members that they cannot leave or return to people outside of the group. Many reasons are given but most commonly this inability to leave is posed as there being some boogeyman outsider, like “SJWs”, will eventually toss them out, bully them, ostracize them, or attack them. Leaving the group is framed to members as ruining their only chance at fun, true friendship, or inclusion. Members are told they must remain in the group because within the group is the only place it is safe to express themselves freely, that their opinions are too radical to be accepted elsewhere, or that their ‘truth’ will be brutally suppressed by outsiders, and within the group are the only people who will ever accept them. The outside world is cast as some nebulously ominous power that is held back from harming the member only by the protection of the group. All of this forges fear and friendship together into chains that trap people into toxic white supremacist spaces.

Israel demolishes al-Araqib Bedouin village for 131st time – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities along with military vehicles demolished the Bedouin village of al-Araqib in the Negev desert in southern Israel for the 131st time, on Wednesday.

According to local sources, Israeli authorities and military vehicles stormed the village and evacuated the women, children, and the elderly of the village, leaving them without shelter.

Wednesday’s demolition of the Bedouin village marked the fourth time that the community was targeted since April 2018.

Rightwinger Neil Coyle condemned for sneering at Chris Williamson reading the Star | Morning Star – Mr Coyle, who is MP for Bermondsey & Old Southwark, reposted a picture that Mr Williamson had tweeted of himself, wearing glasses over his sunglasses, reading Friday’s paper.

Mr Williamson captioned the picture: “Quick pit stop on the way to today’s Democracy Roadshow event in Redcar. And yes, I could do with some prescription sunglasses.”

Mr Coyle seemingly saw the image as an opportunity to have a pop at the former shadow fire minister, captioning his retweet: “Someone please tell this man he has a constituency to try to keep … Lost it before. Need to keep every seat. Redcar better without him.”

Readers were not amused, however and jumped to the Derby North MP’s defence.

The Alt-Right is Taking Over Renaissance Fairs – Kelly Weill
07.27.18 11:43 AM ET

Ten days before the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville last year, Paul Walsh was telling fellow neo-Nazis how to build and carry shields. “Carrying it like that it will flop around and be a pain in the ass,” Walsh scolded a member of his chat group, who suggested a hands-free shield modification.

How did Walsh know how a shield would work in action? “I do a lot of nerdy LARP [live action role play] shit with shields,” he explained.

He wasn’t kidding. Before Unite the Right, Walsh was an active participant in Dagorhir, a medieval fantasy role-playing game in which players dress as knights or orcs (one of Walsh’s preferred costumes) and bash the hell out of each other with foam swords. Nor was he alone. Since the 19th Century, white supremacists have bought into a fictionalized vision of medieval Europe, which they interpret—incorrectly, according to medieval scholars—as an all-white world. Now, with white supremacist extremism on the rise, those medievalist influences are leaking into the real world, from allegations of neo-Nazism in the LARPing community and the professional sword-fighting realm, to Renaissance Faire-loving bombers and fascist cults who encourage recruits to read Lord of the Rings.

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