Pacific Northwest Antifascism Notes // July 26th 2018

Rolling Stone, “The Untold Story of Syria’s Antifa Platoon” – Agency – “A capitalist society is a shit society,” he said, “just as Egyptian society with the pyramids and pharaohs was a shit society. What we’re fighting for in Rojava is a socialist alternative.”

Franceschi was one of a motley mix of anarchists, Marxists and eccentric humanitarians who had come to take part in an obscure armed struggle known as the Rojava Revolution, the Kurds’ improbable attempt to establish an egalitarian democracy in a Belgium-size region just south of Turkey, known as Rojava. Like a lot of the volunteers, he saw it as his generation’s version of the Spanish Civil War, another conflict that attracted radical leftists from all over the world. But while tens of thousands of foreigners fought in the anti-fascist International Brigades between 1936 and 1938, 500 at most had showed up to defend the Kurds against the Islamic State, their chief nemesis. “In this revolution, the Western volunteers are basically a joke,”Franceschi told me. “A historic moment is being lost.”

Constitution du Comité Antifasciste SP Lyon – – Manifeste et présentation du Comité Antifasciste SP Lyon, groupe étudiant antifasciste, anticapitaliste et autonome lyonnais.
Manifeste du Comité Antifasciste SP Lyon

Il y a maintenant 78 ans se terminait le conflit le plus meurtrier de l’Histoire : la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Entre 1939 et 1945, la barbarie a atteint son paroxysme et a marqué à jamais le monde : 6 millions de juifs, des milliers de tziganes, d’homosexuels, de communistes et d’autres personnes appartenant à des “groupes indésirables” ont été traqués, déportés, assassinés.
Le mot d’ordre à la sortie du conflit fut “plus jamais”. Plus jamais d’idées pareilles. Plus jamais de folies meurtrières d’une telle ampleur. Plus d’individus fanatiques à la tête d’un Etat. Les années d’après-guerre ont donc été marquées par un recul, en apparence, ainsi qu’une mise en clandestinité “forcée” de ces idéaux. Pourtant, cette période s’est rapidement terminée et on a vu le retour de groupes se revendiquant, haut et fort, des idées nazies, fascistes et vichystes.

James Queally and Paige St. John // After Virginia violence, far right and white nationalists turn to a familiar target: California – Joanna Mendelson, an investigative researcher with the California branch of the Anti-Defamation League, said far-right groups hold events in historically liberal cities because they expect, and desire, a confrontational response. When their events gain strong media coverage, they tend to return, according to Mendelson, who said such tactics have made several cities in California, as well as Seattle and Portland, Ore., prime targets.

“Targeting progressive bastions is a strategic approach by these groups,” she said. “For where there are flashpoints and conflict, there is media attention and publicity.”

The Bay Area is certainly familiar with that result. In April, hundreds of protesters representing forces aligned with and opposed to President Trump clashed before a “Patriot’s Day” rally that ended with 21 arrested and countless people injured by pepper spray, improvised weapons or thrown rocks. A similar clash erupted in March, and violent protests at UC Berkeley led to the cancellation of a speech by far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

Gibson’s rally is set to take place on federal land, in Crissy Park. The National Park Service has issued a permit to the group but is conducting a public safety review in conjunction with local officials before making a final decision, according to a statement released by the agency.

Jake Offenhartz // UPDATE: NYC Hospital Says Alleged White Supremacist Doctor Isn’t Suspended, Just ‘Off Duty’: Gothamist – The article, which has since been removed by Medium, identified Dov Bechhofer, a resident radiologist at Montefiore Medical Center, as a prolific commenter known as “Dov” on the blog for white nationalist publishing house Counter-Currents. According to the post, both Bechhofer and the user “Dov” have several notable similarities, including their birthplaces, occupations, taste in obscure films, and shared connection to white nationalist figures like Jared Taylor, Gregory Hood, and Spencer Quinn. “On Facebook [Bechhofer] is friends with roughly a dozen white supremacist authors,” the anonymous author of the post noted.

As a result of the article’s allegations, Bechhofer has been “taken off duty,” Montefiore confirmed on Wednesday (this is distinct from being “suspended,” the spokesperson noted, but did not clarify the distinction).

“As soon as we learned of the article, the employee was placed off duty pending the results of a thorough investigation,” the hospital said in a statement. “The views expressed in the article are in no way reflective of Montefiore, our mission, how we conduct ourselves, or the care we deliver each day.”

YouTube Deletes Videos Posted by Infowars, Suspends Alt-Right Channel From Live-Streaming – Google’s YouTube pulled down four videos posted by Alex Jones’ ultra right-wing Infowars for violating policies banning hate speech and graphic content.

YouTube’s penalizing of Infowars, a notorious source of conspiracies and misinformation, is the latest development in the ongoing challenge internet platforms face in trying to balance free speech with enforcing standards to block hateful and disturbing content.

In two of the Infowars videos deleted by YouTube, Jones railed against Muslims and asserted that they were taking over control of European countries. Another video, titled “How To Prevent Liberalism,” depicted a man shoving a young boy to the ground, while in the fourth video Jones compared the creators of a show featuring animated drag queens to Satanists.

“We have long-standing policies against child endangerment and hate speech,” YouTube said in a statement. “We apply our policies consistently according to the content in the videos, regardless of the speaker or the channel.”

The Infowars violation of YouTube policies count as one so-called “community strike.” Channels that receive three strikes within 90 days are subject to termination, per the video platform’s rules. In addition, channels that receive a strike are suspended from live-streaming for 90 days “or until the associated issue(s) are resolved.”

In a post on Infowars’ website titled “Sharia-Compliant YouTube Removes Videos Criticizing Islamic Immigration,” the site wrote, “YouTube could have simply slapped an age restriction on the videos but instead leapt straight to a copyright strike, further illustrating how this is part of a wider assault to remove the Alex Jones Channel.”

Nicole Goodkind // Jews Should Concern Americans More Than Russian Influence, Nigel Farage Says – Farage in a Monday interview singled out the so-called “Jewish lobby” as an overwhelming power in America during a discussion about Russia’s interference in U.S. politics.

“There are other very powerful lobbies in the United States of America, and the Jewish lobby, with its links with the Israeli government, is one of those strong voices,” Farage said on his London-based radio show.

He turned the conversation to Jewish lobbies after a caller had suggested the pro-Israel lobby was as dangerous to the U.S. as the Kremlin.

EurasianTiger // James Allsup, White supremacist and alt-right figurehead, who attended the White Nationalist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia in August, 2017, is part Filipino by his own admission; filmed on camera saying horrific things about blacks and Asians, proving that mixed Asians with White paternal lineage are more racist than their fathers – “I’m not racist; my wife is Asian!” Why are there so many racist, conservative, alt-right, right wing, anti-black, anti-Asian, anti-social, anti-feminist, conspiracy theorist, pro-white, white nationalist, creepy, weird, rejected, unattractive white men who fetishize and marry Asian women? How many times have you seen racist white men fetishize asian women as an alternative to “feminist”, slutty Western women? If the overwhelming majority of half Asians have white fathers, with white men fetishizing Asian women as “submissive and pro-white,” (and to take back power against blacks, “mudsharks,” and ‘degeneracy’) and Asian women preferring white men for status and integration and to “feel beautiful” and to have “white” children – what happens to the children of these race-based, white-supremacist fetishistic couples – especially if they look asian or non-white, feel ashamed to be Asian, and still face racism? a website written by concerned half-asians worried about the threat these men, women and their children will pose to the future of progress. – At 0:30 seconds, what appears to be Chuck C. Johnson, another White Nationalist with an Asian wife, also shows up. (Edit, video has been taken down, but Chuck C. Johnson’s behavior has been well documented on

Allsup is, by his own admission, part Asian, or at least part Filipino.

White men oftentimes see Asian women as being a way to validate white supremacy, or feel “powerful,” when White women refuse (and in turn pursue relationships with minority men); i.e., because White men have white supremacist values and believe in traditional society and Western hegemony, they feel angered that White women do not want to submit and instead embrace “Jewish influenced” feminism and “race mixing.”

Facing being celibate and alone, and having extremely hostile white nationalist viewpoints, White men will in turn seek out Asian women, who will validate them for their whiteness, and desire white features in themselves, and will provide the image of a “stable and traditional” family home. Their children, oftentimes confronted with the idea that Asianness and Asian men are undesirable, and fail to compete even compared to racist, bottom of the barrel white men, internalize the idea that whiteness is superior, especially when their own fathers are parroting white nationalist views, and their mothers are saying horrible things about Asian men, while praising the child’s “white” features.

Jason Wilson // How a gun-carrying, far-right activist plots a run at the US Senate | World news | The Guardian – Gibson, 34, is a far-right activist who has come to prominence under the Trump presidency, staging political rallies across the Pacific north-west under the banner of his Patriot Prayer group. He is now running for Congress in a crowded Republican field.
After Charlottesville: how a slew of lawsuits pin down the far right
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Three days after 10 people were killed in a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, last month, the officers who arrested Gibson were acting on a complaint from someone on the UW campus in Seattle who said they had seen a man brandishing a gun.

A cellphone video was taken by one of Gibson’s companions, Tusitala Toese, a hulking 21-year old who goes by the nickname “Tiny”. It showed Gibson and five other men lying on the ground, under the gaze of several police officers.

The police report said the men had three rifles (including an AR-15 assault rifle) and two handguns. All but one of the weapons were in one of two cars. One handgun, a Springfield XD, was in a holster carried by Ethan Nordean, 27. The police report named the group and carried pictures of symbols of the patriot movement that adorned the men’s vehicles.

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