Gregory Pratt //Bank wouldn’t deposit #WrongfullyConvicted man’s check from the state for 23 years in prison

Bank wouldn’t deposit wrongfully convicted man’s check from the state for 23 years in prison – Chicago Tribune – The exonerated man, Darryl Fulton, said he was “proven innocent” and expressed frustration with the ordeal.

“I’m just trying to deposit my check,” Fulton said. “I just wanted to be treated like anyone else.”

Kathleen Zellner criticized Chase for not allowing Fulton to deposit a $169,876 check from the state at its bank branch on 79th Street and Cicero Avenue, questioning whether racism played a part. The first time Fulton tried to deposit the money, Zellner said, the bank said she would have to endorse the check because her firm’s name was under his, though Fulton’s name was on the “pay to the order of” line.

Zellner said the law firm’s name was on the check because it was mailed to her office.

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